Mannheim Business School

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mannheim business school
mannheim business school

In the heart of Europe, rests Germany’s best organization for management education, the Mannheim Business School. Established in 2005, Mannheim Business School has consistently made it to the list of top B-Schools around the world by several national and international rankings. The consistent quality management and innovative teaching methods at the school result in excellent academic conditions. Some of the success factors for the school involve world-class research & training, strong practice orientation, and resolute quality management. It is the leading German B-School and has been setting benchmarks for others consistently since its inception. Let us find out how.

Program Highlights

  • No day is like another when you’re doing an MBA from Mannheim Business School, as they call it. The reason being the mix of numerous different program elements.
  • The school offers multiple international MBA programs, including:
    1. The Mannheim Masters of Business Administration (part time & full time).
    2. The ESSEC & Mannheim Executive MBA (weekend and modular)
    3. The Mannheim & Tongji Executive MBA
  • There’re 2 options available to the students to pursue the program. They can either complete their MBA in 12 months and start with a job thereafter, or prolong the program by 3 months and proceed with an exchange with one of the partner institutions abroad.
  • Each program is theoretically based and practice-oriented to help the students get the best of both worlds. The school houses Germany’s best business faculty in order to generate future business leaders.
  • Renowned guest speakers visiting the campus on a frequent basis teach content with practical relevance, during the program. Also, to prepare the students for future challenges, there is a 3-month team project at the end of the program.
  • Most of the graduates find their preferable job at a top company with an average salary of USD 113,829, which is definitely a highly positive return on investment.

Class Structure

  • Out of the total 640 students at Mannheim Business School, nearly 55% are international and 40% are females. This is an indication of diversified batches. You can expect to meet people from all around the globe and exchange your culture, traditions, and mindsets.
  • The program features small class sizes with only 50-55 students per cohort, though pretty diversified representing more than 20 nationalities. This is an excellent way to facilitate effective learning.
  • Getting into Mannheim Business School’s full-time MBA program has been rated as the most selective one in Europe, with an acceptance rate of just 20%, with the average GMAT score of the cohort being 671 and 3.4 GPA.
  • Though it requires a work experience of at least 3 years to get into Mannheim Business School, the average work experience of a student at the school today is 5 years and his/her average age being 29 years.


  • The outstanding ambiance of Mannheim Palace and the adjoining buildings provide an ideal arena for an excellent educational experience. Facilities such as the IT infrastructure and the libraries are at par with the highest standards. Everything is situated in close proximity to the campus. Also, the neighboring city center has a rich variety of cultural offerings and shops.
  • Most of all the University of Mannheim itself has so much to offer. It includes the university choir, sporting activities, and theatre groups, which invite students to join in the fun. And of course, there is no problem as far as nightlife is concerned. There are plenty of options near the campus to serve the purpose.

Prerequisites for Mannheim Business School

  • An internationally recognized degree in any discipline or a bachelor’s degree
  • At least 3 years of work experience
  • Leadership potential
  • English Proficiency (IELTS or TOEFL)
  • It is recommended to have a score of minimum 600 in your GMAT, (though the average score has been around 670 in the last batch)

We know the path to the school is not straight, it’s full of twists and turns and complexities. But once you reach there, every complexity seems long gone. If you plan everything accurately, and convert it into corresponding actions, believe us it will no more seem difficult to get into

Mannheim Business School.

Our experts know exactly what steps must be taken in order to achieve your goals and when. Contact us right away and let us start working towards it immediately.

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  1. I will like to have a proper guidance from your consultant regarding the application procedure and the loan assistance.

    1. Hi Ayan
      Give us a call on 1800572000 and book an e-meeting to discuss all your queries about higher education abroad.

  1. I will like to have a proper guidance from your consultant regarding the application procedure and the loan assistance.

    1. Hi Ayan
      Give us a call on 1800572000 and book an e-meeting to discuss all your queries about higher education abroad.