GMAT Accepting Colleges in Germany

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GMAT Accepting Colleges in Germany

GMAT stands for Graduate Management Admission Test. It is an exam administered by the Graduate Management Admission Council for individuals who wish to pursue business and management programs in their professional career path. Many universities around the world require students to submit the desired GMAT scores from students to pursue a business and management program. Universities only accept the specified GMAT score stated by them to allow students to pursue a program. Similarly, GMAT-accepting colleges in Germany also follow these standards.

Why Study in Germany?

Germany is a popular study-abroad destination among students for the following reason

  • The visa acceptance rate in Germany is 92%
  • Germany is the hub of many top-notch universities which offer high-quality education to many international students with multiple opportunities for growth
  • Studying in Germany is quite affordable as many universities have low course fees 
  • Germany offers a supportive and friendly  environment for students to focus on their studies

Colleges Accepting GMAT

The following is the list of universities and GMAT scores accepted in Germany:

UniversitiesGMAT ScoresQS World Ranking 2023
Technical University of Munich640 points49
RWTH AACHEN University560 points147
ESMT Berlin640 pointsN/A
EU Business School640 – 710 pointsN/A
GISMA Business School650 points or aboveN/A
University of Gottingen560 points215
Goethe University – Frankfurt560 points328
Mannheim Business School600 points541-550
Ludwig-Maximilians-Universitat Munchen600 points59
ESCP Europe, Berlin600 – 700 pointsN/A

GMAT Score Requirements

Different universities have different GMAT score requirements. However, one must remember that when applying for the desired business or management the minimum total score required is 550 points in Germany.  GMAT is a crucial exam that is conducted to assess an individual’s quantitative, analytical and critical aptitude required for the program.

A GMAT exam has four integral components i.e. Quantitative Reasoning, Verbal Reasoning, Integrated Reasoning and Analytical Writing Assessment. Given below is the score range for each section:

Quantitative Reasoning: 6 – 51

Verbal Reasoning: 6 – 51

Integrated Reasoning: 1 – 8

Analytical Writing Assessment: 1 – 8

Germany Visa Requirements 

To obtain a German student visa, you will be required to submit the following documents for your German student visa application:

  • Photocopies of the filled visa application form
  • Proof of visa application fee payment
  • A valid passport
  • You will need to provide proof of admission into a German university including your letter of acceptance or enrollment
  • If your course is German-only or in a mixed language you will need to provide proof of German language proficiency including TestDaF, DSH or GDS
  • You will need to submit your English language proficiency test scores, IELTS: 5 – 6.5, to  pursue a program that is English-only or in a mixed-language
  • academic transcripts and certificates of your previous education
  • An updated CV
  • Proof of your financial ability to support your education and expenses abroad
  • A student health insurance is valid for at least 3 months and covers at least EUR 30,000 or INR 24.04 Lakh.
  • A motivation letter

Cost Of Living in Germany

One of the reasons why Germany is a popular study-abroad destination is because of its affordability. It is a cost-effective country for international students compared to other European countries. The average cost of living in Germany is EUR 850 – EUR 870 or INR 68,078 – 69,680 per month. However, this cost may vary depending on the city of your stay. Given below is the list of basic amenities and their cost in Germany:

Category Cost in EURCost in Rupees
Accommodation€ 411 ₹ 32,898
Food and Beverages€ 154 ₹ 12,326
Transportation€ 72 ₹ 5,763
Entertainment€ 52 ₹ 4,162
Clothing € 514 ₹ 41,143

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What is the average cost of living in Germany?

The average cost of living in Germany is EUR 850 – EUR 870 or INR 68,078 – 69,680 per month for an international student.

What is the minimum GMAT score accepted by colleges in Germany?

When applying for the desired business or management programs, the minimum total score required is 550 points in Germany.

What are the top GMAT-accepting colleges in Germany?

Technical University of Munich, RWTH AACHEN University, and Ludwig-Maximilians-Universitat Munchen are some of the top GMAT-accepting colleges in Germany.

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