Cost of Studying in Germany

Cost of Studying in Germany

The primary factor of overseas education that we often ponder upon is the tuition fee of the program along with the cost of living in the chosen country. Sometimes, it is not feasible for everyone to choose a course which is easy on the pocket as well. Known as the land of poets and thinkers, Germany has set a unique example for other countries by providing free education. With an aim to provide education to children belonging to the varied background, the Government of Germany, since 2014, has been offering free education across its public universities without compromising the quality of academic programs. This blog will elucidate the varied details regarding the cost to study in Germany at both public and private institutions of the country.

Cost of Studying in Germany: Public Universities

Education is a virtue which everyone deserves. Germany believes in the fact that education should not be commercialized and that’s why the cost of studying in Germany when it comes to the public universities is zero. Earlier, the country offered its academic programs at minimal tuition fees but in the year 2014, the German government declared the education as absolutely free only at the public institutions. By availing free basic and higher education, the government of Germany aims to offer equal educational opportunities for everyone along with ensuring commercial and economic growth of the country. Even for international students, the academic programs do not charge any tuition fee and that has invested massively to the popularity of the country as a study destination. Other than this, the immigration procedures for foreign students are quite simplified.

Cost of Studying in Germany: Private Universities

Just as the other world-famous universities spread across the globe, private universities of Germany charge tuition fees from local as well as international students. Although the cost of studying in Germany for a particular course varies from one university to another, private institutions in the country are renowned for their specialised programs in order to potentially pose competitions against those offering free education. The average cost of programs offered by private universities is around 16,00,000 INR and the cost of accommodation is approximated at 1,00,000 INR. 

Living Costs

While the tuition fee cost of studying in Germany’s public universities has been exempted, the living expenses are still unavoidable. While the university accommodation costs might vary from one institution to another, if you are planning to stay on your own, the monthly rent of an apartment (depending upon whether you are living within the city centre or outside) can range from 722.37€ (16,000 INR) to 722.37€ (21,000 INR) as per Numbeo. The following table shows the breakup of the monthly expenditure of a student, irrespective of the cost of studying:

Type of Expense Cost of Expense
Food  168 Euros (14,021 INR)
Clothes  42 Euros (3,509 INR)
Transport  94 Euros (7,851 INR)
Telephone & Internet  31 Euros (2,589 INR)
Study Materials  20 Euros (1,667 INR)
Others 60 Euros (5,012 INR)

Cost of Studying in Germany: Key Points To Remember

Since the country offers free education to all at both higher and basic level, the admission process has been made quite rigid and complex. Candidates who are aspiring to study in the country must check the eligibility criteria of their chosen courses and clear the required exam like GMAT, GRE, TOEFL, IELTS etc. As the cost of studying in Germany has been exempted or made affordable to an extent, German institutions have set particular qualifying bands for each eligibility exam which the candidates need to clear in order to apply for a program at the public university of their choice. However, if you are planning to pursue a program at a private institution, the eligibility requirements are quite simplified as compared to public universities.

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UG Cost of Studying

Although top universities in Germany do not charge any tuition fee from candidates making higher education affordable for international students. However, these universities do charge for the registration, confirmation and administrative fee from candidates which is near about 250 Euros (20,000 INR). Study abroad students also need to get a hold of Semesterticket which is a public transport ticket valid for 6 months. 

PG Cost of Studying

Masters courses in Germany is free of cost only when candidates opt for consecutive programs, wherein they continue Masters in Germany just after completing a Bachelor’s degree from the country. Students taking a gap in their education or have pursued undergraduate course from any other country do not get a chance to avail this opportunity. For non-consecutive programmes, the cost of studying is approximately 20,000 Euros (1670760.00 INR) in public and 30,000 Euros (2506140.00 INR) in Private colleges.

List of German Universities Offering Free Education

Offering a perfect combination of free and quality education, students don’t have to worry much about the cost of studying in Germany. Here is a list of universities that provide courses at no tuition fees in the country: 

Why Study in Germany?


Q1: How much does it cost to study in Germany for international students?
Ans: Every semester, international students need to pay a sum of 250 Euros approximately, to the university. Along with that, candidates need to pay a sum of 50 Euros as an administrative fee to the authorities. Making the overall cost of studying in Germany close to 300 Euros i.e 25000 INR (Approx.).

Q2: Is University in Germany free for international students?
Ans: Colleges in Germany do not collect tuition fee from international students. Learners only have to pay the administrative fee per semester which is approximately 100 to 300 Euros (8,000 – 25,000 INR). 

Q3: Is studying in Germany worth it?
Ans: Yes, Germany is an excellent study destination for candidates who want to study abroad keeping affordability in mind. German universities provide a great deal of exposure to international students, ranging from free education to high quality training, especially for STEM courses

Q4: Is it worth studying in Germany for Indian students?
Ans: Germany is definitely a great option for Indian students. There are many free universities in Germany offering excellent programmes at a very affordable cost of studying. 

Thus, we hope that this blog provided you with the key aspects of calculating the cost of studying in Germany. Providing quality education at null or lesser costs, the country has become a popular study destination for international student. If you are planning to study in Germany and don’t know where to start, reach out to our experts at Leverage Edu and we’ll guide you in selecting a suitable course and university as well as throughout the admission process to get you successfully shortlisted.

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