Top Universities in Germany

Top Universities in Germany

While talking about study abroad opportunity, Germany is a leading name that tops the lists of all study abroad students. It is a country of rich culture and vibrant lifestyle that also provides excellent financial aids to international students. Top universities in Germany offer a wide range of courses to candidates ranging from STEM courses to professional programs. A total of 8 universities in Germany are ranked in top 150 universities in the world featured in the list of QS 2020, making it one of the best study abroad country for Indian Students. Through this blog, we aim to list down top universities in Germany along with internationally renowned courses they offer to students across the globe.

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List of Universities in Germany

Germany is a hub of world-class academic institutions which offers various diploma, bachelors, masters and doctoral program to its domestic and international students. Given below in the tabular form, is a list of top universities in Germany as per THE & QS World Universities Rankings 2020:

Universities in GermanyTHE World
Ranking 2020
QS World
Rankings 2020
THE Country
Rank 2020
Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich=32631
Technical University of Munich43552
Heidelberg University44663
Humboldt University of Berlin74=1204
Charité – University of Medicine Berlin=801245
University of Freiburg86=1696
Eberhard Karls University of Tübingen=91=1697
RWTH Aachen University=991388
University of Bonn=1052439
Free University of Berlin=11713010
University of Göttingen12519711
Ulm University141=34012
University of Hamburg=149=227=13
Technical University Of Berlin=149147=13
University of Cologne=157308=15
University of Mannheim=157314=15
TU Dresden=157=179=15
University of Würzburg16346218
Bielefeld University=166751-80019
Karlsruhe Institute of Technology=17512420

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Why Study in Germany
Why Study in Germany

Technical University of Munich

Incorporated by King Ludwig II in the year 1868, it is one of the leading and among the best universities in Europe. It is the maiden institution recognised as one of the top universities in Germany, TUM offers various undergraduate and postgraduate courses in Architecture, Science, Commerce, Medicine and Social Sciences. Given below is a list of some of the courses offered by this university:

  • Master of Science in Electrical Engineering and Information Technology
  • PhD in Management 
  • Bachelors in Civil Engineering 
  • Master of Arts in Architecture
  • Master of Science in Computational Mechanics

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Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich

Also known as the University of Munich, this institution was founded in the year 1472. Entitled as “ Elite University of Germany” by the German Universities Excellence Initiative, its campus comprises of various research institutes and colleges. Here is a list of some of the popular programs offered by leading universities in Germany: 

  • BSc in Computer Science
  • Master of Business Administration
  • BA in Political Science
  • MS in NeuroSciences
  • MSc in Economics
  • BSc in Business Administration

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Charité – Universitätsmedizin Berlin

Dating back to 1710, the Charité – Universitätsmedizin Berlin was actually a hospital constructed as an emergency response to the plague that was happening in Eastern Prussia. Then, rebuilt and given a new name by 2003, it got merged with medical instituted in the country and given its present name. Presently, it is amongst the largest university hospitals in Europe as well as leading medical universities in Germany and has partnered with numerous research centres around the country. Initially it only provided clinical training for medical practitioners and dentists but now also offers an undergraduate program in Health Care Sciences as well as 11 postgraduate degrees for those wanting to explore managerial roles in the health care industry.

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Heidelberg University

Incorporated in the year 1386, it is an open public research university located in the beautiful city of Heidelberg. An interesting fact about this university is that it is built on the model of the University of Paris. It offers various courses in Law, Biosciences, Medicine, Earth Sciences, Chemistry, History, Mathematics and Modern Languages. Just like other top universities in Germany, Heidelberg university offers the following courses: 

  • BSc in Applied Computer Science
  • MSc in Economics
  • Masters in Mathematics
  • PhD in Astronomy and Physics
  • Masters in Physics
  • Bachelors in Chemistry

Karlsruhe Institute of Technology

Established in 1956, it is one of the top universities in Germany with the largest research and educational institutions in Germany.  The university has 11 faculties in the field of Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and Biology, Humanities and Social sciences, Architecture, Mechanical Engineering, Chemical and Process Engineering, Electrical Engineering and Information Technology, Economics and Management, Computer Science, and Civil Engineering, Geology, and Ecological Sciences. Some of the courses offered here are:

  • Master of Science in Energy Technologies
  • Master of Science in Resources Engineering
  • M.Sc. in Resources Engineering
  • MSc in Optics and Photonics
  • MSc in Production and Operation Management

RWTH Aachen University

This leading university in Germany was established in the year 1870, is a renowned open public research located in the city of Aachen. Its campus is situated nearby some famous tourist attractions. While talking about top colleges in Germany, one cannot skip this one. Enlisted below are some of them: 

  • MSc. in Automotive Engineering
  • BSc. in Mathematics
  • Master’s in Physics
  • BSc. in Environmental Engineering
  • MSc. Mineral Resources Engineering
  • MSc. in Metallurgical Engineering

University of Freiburg

Amongst the prominent public universities in Germany, the University of Freiburg is home to a striking student population 1ith 16% foreign nationals belonging to 120 nationalities. It provides a whopping 180 bachelor’s, master’s and professional degree courses spread across 11 faculties. Tuition fee is exempted for all students and only a minimal administrative fee estimated around 600 EUR is charged from students. Some of the popular programs offered include,

  • BSc Computer Science
  • MEd in Computer Science
  • MA in International Economic Relations
  • MSc Nursing Sciences

University of Tübingen

Established in 1477 by the first Count Eberhard of Württemberg, the University of Tübingen is home to 14 schools offering 280 courses at undergraduate, postgraduate and doctorate level of study out of which mainly postgraduate programs are English-taught. It has also maintained strong associations with more than 150 foreign institutions in more than 62 states across the globe and some of these include, the University of North Carolina, University of St. Andrews, amongst others. One of the well-known universities in Germany for programs in Humanities, Natural Sciences and Theology, some of the prominent courses it avails are:

  • Master of Science in Physics
  • Master of Science in International Business
  • Master of Science in Chemistry

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These were some of the top universities in Germany that offers research-oriented courses. If you still cannot decide Why Study in Germany? Let Leverage Edu help you out, book a free career counselling session with us to know how to avail free education from the country. Your dream university is just a call away!

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