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BSc Artificial Intelligence: Pursue Your Goals in the Booming Field of AI

The technically dexterous individuals have catered the automatic devices which are now capable of performing tasks as that of human capabilities or even beyond that with bare minimum commands. With astounding innovations taking place rapidly, Artificial Intelligence has become a hotspot of youthful tech-savvies. Over the past decade, a strong inclination has been seen towards higher-level programs like Masters in Artificial Intelligence or PhD in Artificial Intelligence. If you are allured with the fascinating insights you can gain from the course and further want to contribute to the domain of AI, have a look at our blog which aims to enlighten about the various aspects of postgraduate course in AI. 

What is Masters in Artificial Intelligence?

A Masters in Artificial Intelligence course equips you with creative thinking, algorithmic design, and coding skills required to build modern AI systems. The curriculum gives you a comprehensive framework for artificial intelligence with Computer Vision, Intelligent Interaction, Machine Learning, and Knowledge Management and Reasoning.

Maters in Artificial Intelligence Courses

AI being one of the most advantageous fields offers a variety of Artificial Intelligence Course in India and abroad at the masters level. The global exposure that one encounters at the universities abroad along with the quality education becomes one of the vital aspects towards achieving career aspirations. Thus, a vast variety of Masters in Artificial Intelligence courses is available. Let us take a look at them: 

  • MSc in Artificial Intelligence 
  • MSc in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning 
  • MSc in Cyber Security and Artificial Intelligence    
  • MSc in Artificial Intelligence with Industrial Experience 
  • MSc in Machine Learning for Visual Data Analytics 
  • MSc Artificial Intelligence with Speech and Multimodal Interactions 
  • MSc in Advanced Computer Science (Artificial Intelligence)
  • Master of Software Engineering (Artificial Intelligence) 

Masters in Artificial Intelligence Subjects

Independent of the multitude of courses available for Masters in Artificial Intelligence, the core elements of the syllabus remains to be the same. Majorly, the syllabus strives to deliver the insights of the field and cater the foundational knowledge into advanced level theories. On the journey of the course, students will explore subjects like:

Framework of AI Data Science TheoriesDeep Learning
Foundations from Scratch
Introduction to AIKnowledge Representation
and Reasoning 
Machine LearningNatural Language Processing Law and Governance
of Artificial Intelligence 

Top Universities for Masters in Artificial Intelligence

The chosen university for a program must provide the students with the right direction to get on to the desired career path as soon as they complete the program. Thus, if you dream to attain overseas education, you must make that you thoroughly research the institution and its offered program before the enrollment process. Here are some of the popular institutes of abroad which offer Masters in Artificial Intelligence: 

Eligibility Criteria 

To get enrolled in the leading programs of abroad, it is mandatory to possess some requisites. Those wanting to pursue a masters course must have a bachelors degree in Artificial Intelligence or some related fields. Majority of universities would demand a good GRE score. Along with the aspirants have to qualify English language proficiency tests like IELTS, TOEFL, etc. Some universities may prefer candidates who possess 1-2 years of work experience in this field however, this is not a mandatory requirement. To make your application shine out from the bunch, it is essential to have LORs (Letter of Recommendation) and SOP (Statement of Purpose).

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Admission Process

You can make the complicated admission process easy by reaching out to Leverage Edu:

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  • Documents such as SOPs, Essays, LORs and IELTS, TOEFL etc. are an important part of your university application. So you’ll have to gather and compile all the necessary documents.
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  • The time has come to wait for your offer letter which usually takes around 4-6 weeks. 

Documents required

Here’s a list of the documents required for pursuing Masters in Artificial Intelligence at any of the above-mentioned universities:

Career Scope 

An astonishing Career in Artificial Intelligence awaits you once you grab a postgraduate degree in the domain. The AI course will prep you as a professional executive equipped with some great intricacies of the field. With such in-depth knowledge of AI, you turn out to be the perfect candidate for a majority of esteemed firms and organizations. Following are some of the leading job profiles which you can acquire after Masters in Artificial Intelligence to kick start your career.

  • Cloud Engineer
  • Natural Language Processing
  • Machine Learning Engineer
  • Robotics Engineer
  • Computer Vision Engineer
  • Network Analytics 


What is Masters in Artificial Intelligence?

A Masters in Artificial Intelligence course equips you with creative thinking, algorithmic design, and coding skills required to build modern AI systems.

How long is a Masters in Artificial Intelligence course?

Masters in Artificial Intelligence is a 1-2 year long graduate program.

Which are the best universities for Masters in Artificial Intelligence?

Massachusetts Institute of Technology
University of Cambridge
The University of Queensland
Technical University of Munich, Germany
University of Michigan
University of Leeds
The University of Melbourne

Thus, we hope that this blog on Masters in Artificial Intelligence has helped you get a better hold of the varied details of the field. If you want to kick start your career in the emerging field of AI, visit our website Leverage Edu and use our AI tool to shortlist the best masters variant of the field and the most suitable university in your dream study destination!

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    1. Hello,

      To study artificial intelligence, make sure you complete your bachelor’s degree and apply for master’s degree.

    1. Hello,

      To study artificial intelligence, make sure you complete your bachelor’s degree and apply for master’s degree.