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Ranked amongst the top 5 cities for students around the world by QS Rankings, the city of Berlin is also a major hub in the European continent in terms of business and finance. Drawing parallels with cities like Paris, New York and London, not only in the field of Science and Technology but also when it comes to arts and design along with rich local culture and exquisite architecture. Add to that, the favourable overall tuition fee structure at free universities In Germany and it becomes an ideal study abroad destination. In particular, universities in Berlin are recognised for their industry-focused curriculums as well as emphasis on practical training and this blog aims to summarise a few of the top ones that you must consider while planning to pursue a course in this renowned German city.

Universities in Berlin: Overview & Admission

Home to 18 public and private highly rated universities according to Study in EU, Berlin has a student population of close to 150,000 out of which around 15% hail from other countries. These students enrol in degree programs across disciplines, especially in STEM courses. The admission procedure is roughly the same requiring applicants to possess a prior qualification in an allied field along with submission of GRE/GMAT and IELTS/TOEFL scores, wherever specifically stated. Furthermore, as part of the application package at universities in Berlin, individuals may be asked to submit official transcripts, Statement of Purpose (SOP) and 

Letters of Recommendation (LOR), amongst others. You can also refer to the DAAD Scholarship for a comprehensive guide on how to study in Germany.

Free University of Berlin

Founded in 1948, the Free University of Berlin has international agreements with Saint Petersburg State University, Fudan University, National University of Singapore, etc and is also an integral part of the pan European Erasmus+ program. It is not only considered amongst the leading universities in Berlin but also in Europe as well. Its 38,000-strong student body is engaged across highly revered courses, including dual degree programs, in the fields of Literature, North American Studies, Mathematics, Geography, Education, etc. It 

Humboldt University of Berlin

Offering close to 189 degrees and diploma courses through 9 specialised faculties spanning across diverse fields of interests, Humboldt University of Berlin was established in the year 1810 by Wilhelm von Humboldt. Currently, its degree programs in Philosophy, Arts and Humanities, Classic and Ancient History, Geography and Sociology are especially well recognised. Amongst its list of eminent alumni are included 29 Nobel Prize winners, Karl Marx, Frederich Engels, etc.

Technical University of Berlin (TU Berlin)

A public university situated in the heart of Germany, Technical University of Berlin is an internationally acclaimed technical institution. Named amongst the top universities in Berlin, TU Berlin boasts of a student population of 34,500 spread across 100 courses in disciplines including Architecture, Engineering and Computer Science, amongst others. It is also a part of the eminent TU9, a collaboration between technological universities in Berlin and Germany.

European School of Management and Technology 

Ranked as the topmost business school in Germany and in the top 10 across the globe by Financial Times Rankings 2019, the European School of Management and Technology (ESMT) is a management-oriented institute. Its offers four specialised courses, namely, Full Time MBA, Part Time MBA, Master’s in Management and Executive MBA. Its global partners include University of Virginia, Beijing University Business School, etc.

Berlin School of Economics and Law

Considered as one of the largest Applied Sciences universities in Berlin, the Berlin School of Economics and Law offers specialised degree courses in the fields of Business, Accounting, Engineering, Finance, Economics and much more. It has forged partnerships with over 176 institutions and 700 corporations around the world.

Berlin School of Business and Innovation

Focusing on high-quality education in the fields of Business, Economics, Finance and Allied disciplines, the Berlin School of Business and Innovation offers industry-oriented and flexible learning options. London School of Business and Finance is one of its partners.

Hertie School

Established as a private university in early 2000s, the Hertie School offers Programs such as Master of Public Policy, Master of International Affairs and executive programs in the Public Policy realm. It also dual degrees in association with universities such as Syracuse University, Bocconi University and LSE, amongst others.

Thus, we hope that this blog has helped you explore the wide range of academic institutions situated in Berlin. If you are planning to apply at any of the above-listed universities in Berlin, but are not sure how to go about it, consult the experts at Leverage Edu with our exclusive free 30-minute counselling session and we’ll assist you in choosing the right institution to pursue you dream course from!

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