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London, the busy metropolis of the United Kingdom, is more than simply an economic and cultural hub. It’s also an important educational centre for both domestic and international students. London is home to more than 125,000 of the 340,000 international students in the UK. In and around London, several universities offer low-cost degree programs to international students. We’ve compiled a list of the cheapest universities in London that will easily fit into your budget in this blog.

Why Study in London? 

Before we get into some of the cheapest universities in London, let’s have a look at why you should consider studying in London in the first place:

  • When you study in London, you will be in the center of one of the world’s top cities for meeting your educational requirements. Several libraries, local businesses, and support organizations may be able to assist you with your studies
  • While your academic experience is important, you also want to ensure that it is helping you prepare for a bright future. Studying in London opens up a wide range of employment opportunities, from part-time cash jobs to graduate degrees. There are also creatives and tech start-ups in this neighborhood, so there is something for everyone
  • London is the place to be if you want to live in a bustling metropolitan city. In one metropolitan area, there are about 7000 pubs and taverns, over 5000 restaurants, and over 350 music venues!

Cheapest Universities in London

Numerous universities in London offer international students lower tuition fees. Some of London’s cheapest institutions are listed below:

University of East London (UEL)

Credits: University of East London
  • Undergraduate fees: (GBP 12,100)(12,19,591 INR)per year
  • Graduate fees: (GBP 13,450)(13,55,661 INR)per year

The University of East London was founded in 1892 as the West Ham Institute and became an official university a century later. The School of Education & Communities, the School of Health Sport & Bioscience, and the School of Psychology are currently housed on the Stratford Campus. Despite having a relatively modest student body of about 10,000 students, UEL boasts a large international community. Almost a third of the students (32 per cent) are from other countries.

Middlesex University London

Credits: Middlesex University London
  • Undergraduate fees: (GBP 13,000)(13,10,305 INR) per year
  • Graduate fees: (GBP 14,500)(14,61,494 INR) per year

This public research institution, sometimes known as MDX, is located in London’s western end. St. Katharine’s College, which was founded in 1878. It became the Middlesex University we know today by merging with numerous lesser universities. International students are well aware of MDX’s reputation since nearly half (45%) of the university’s 15,000+ students are from outside the United Kingdom.

University of Greenwich

Credits: University of Greenwich
  • Undergraduate fees: (GBP 12,700)(12,80,067 INR) per year
  • Graduate fees: (GBP 13,942)(14,05,251 INR) per year

Greenwich University is a public university with campuses in London and Kent. It was founded in 1890 as Wool Polytechnic before being renamed Thames Polytechnic in 1970. After merging with the Thames College of Healthcare Studies in 1992, it became the University of Greenwich. This low-cost institution in London is well-known for its comprehensive educational program. As a result, according to the QS 2020 rankings, it has been named one of the best universities in the world. A silver medal was also awarded for its Teaching Excellence Framework.

University of Westminster

Credits: University of Westminister
  • Undergraduate fees: (GBP 12,524)(12,62,327 INR) per year
  • Graduate fees: (GBP 13,942)(14,05,251 INR) per year

The institution was founded in 1838 as the Royal Polytechnic Institution and is regarded as the UK’s first polytechnic school. Since then, a lot has happened, and the University of Westminster now has many campuses. Regent (the main campus), Marylebone, Fitzrovia, and Harrow are among places where they may be located. A total of 14,000+ students attend these campuses, with more than a third (38%) of them being foreign students.

London South Bank University

Credits: London South Bank University
  • Undergraduate fees: (GBP 13,242)(13,34,696 INR) per year.
  • Graduate fees: (GBP 14,500)(14,61,494 INR) per year.

LSBU is a public university in the Elephant and Castle neighborhood of London. Borough Polytechnic Institute was created in 1892 and became South Bank University a century later. LSBU was selected as the Entrepreneurial University of the Year in 2016. It is also regarded as one of the best schools in the country, particularly for the study of law. LSBU is a popular choice among locals and tourists due to its high-quality education and low tuition. More than 3,000 international students are now enrolled at the institution.

Other Cheapest Universities In London

The list isn’t finished yet! If you want to study in London on a budget, here are some additional choices.

Universities  Minimum Tuition(GBP)
Ravensbourne University London 15,900 (16,02,603 INR)
University of London 13,942 (14,05,251 INR)
Coventry University London 12,924 (13,02,644 INR)
London Metropolitan University (LMU) 12,700 (12,80,067 INR)
University of West London (UWL) 12,500 (12,59,908 INR)
Staffordshire University 15,500  (15,62,286 INR)
Leeds Beckett University 14,000  (14,11,097 INR)
Teesside University 14,500  (14,61,494 INR)

Cost of Living in London

Tuition, as well as food, accommodation, and other living expenses, are all included in the cost of attending a University in London. Some of the costs associated with studying in London are listed here.

Expense Amount(GBP)
Accommodation 3,828 (INR 3.82,000)
Internet and phone service 324 (INR 32,300)
Transportation 924 (INR 92,200)
Food 2,004 (INR 2,00,000)
Personal Expenses 1,164 (INR 1,16,000)
Miscellaneous Expenses 240 (INR 23,900)

Top Universities in London

Now that you’ve learned about the top scholarships for studying in London, here are some fantastic colleges where you may begin your dream degree and further education in 2022:

University Acceptance Rate
Brunel University 73.60%
Queen Mary University of London 43.60%
Coventry University, London Campus 39%
Middlesex University 57%
Greenwich University 15.89%
University of West London 4%
St. Mary’s University, Twickenham 78.60%
Chester University 20-30%
Anglia Ruskin University (London)
University of East London 60%
Kingston University
Westminster University 17.24%
London South Bank University 17%
Royal Holloway University of London 16.98%
City University of London
King’s College 13%
University College London 63%
London Metropolitan University 84%
University of Roehampton
Newcastle University 87%
University of Huddersfield, London Campus 20%
Birkbeck, University of London 76%
Loughborough University of London 65%
Regent’s University London 84%

Student Life in London

  • Plethora of Student activities – Being an exciting and diverse European city, London is a sought-after landmark for international students due to its academic reputation and lucrative job opportunities. With 400,000 registered university students, London boasts of a highly diverse young crowd and a place where you can enjoy multiple activities along with your academics.
  • Active Nightlife – With a vast number of trendy and stylish venues, you can never run out of visiting a new night place in London. As a student, you can also get access to numerous free or discounted events on any night of the week. Other than visiting the famous British pubs, you can also enjoy versatile activities such as comedy nights, musicals, and theatre performances in London.
  • A melting pot of diverse cuisines – From authentic Chinese to mainstream British cuisine, London offers a variety of international cuisines through its multiple street stalls and cafes which are very much budget-friendly for students.  

If you want to know more about the bustling student life in London, check out this video:

Hear from the Experts!

In an exclusive Ask Us Anything session, we met down with officials from Queen Mary Institution of London and King’s College London to learn how to get into the UK’s best university!

These are some of the low-cost universities in London where students may begin their quest to study in the ideal city of London. If you need any more assistance with institutions, the application process, finances, paperwork, or anything else, call the Leverage Edu professionals at 1800572000 and let them give you outstanding end-to-end mentorship and advice to help you make your goal a reality in no time!

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