IELTS and GMAT Scores to Study in UK

IELTS and GMAT scores to study in UK

Home to the British Royal Family, the UK has always been a prominent study destination as it is home to some of the oldest and most prestigious universities in the world! From the University of Oxford to the University of Cambridge or the Imperial College of London, the United Kingdom, every deemed university in the UK has nurtured some of the world-famous leaders and personalities. Thus, it won’t be wrong to say that the UK is the leading ambassador for the leading and most esteemed universities in the world. While IELTS is one of the popular language proficiency exams accepted by the UK universities, you will have to submit your GMAT scores as well in case you are applying for MBA in UK! Scroll through this blog to know all about IELTS and GMAT score to study in UK.

IELTS Score to Study in UK

IELTS and GMAT are one of the main eligibility exams you need to clear especially if you aim to study MBA in UK. IELTS is also accepted for various undergraduate, postgraduate and doctoral programs in the UK as well as to apply for a student visa in the country. For international students whose native language is not English, it is mandatory to give the IELTS exam to prove that the individual is having a satisfactory standard of spoken and written English as a medium to study in UK. You will also need a student visa (Tier 4) to pursue higher studies in the UK which will be granted only if you meet the eligibility criteria for English proficiency standards set by the Universities. Before moving to the GMAT scores, let’s first take a look at the minimum IELTS score required for the UK student Visa:

Level of CourseMinimum IELTS score required
Foundation courses/programs 4.5
Bachelor’s courses/programs 6.5
Masters and PhD. courses/programs 6.5-7

Apart from this, universities across the UK have their own eligibility criteria and minimum IELTS score for international students to qualify for.

Here are the top 10 universities in the United Kingdom and their respective IELTS scores.

Universities/CollegesUK Ranking QS World University Rankings 2021IELTS Score to Study in UK
University of Oxford157.0- std. level
7.5- higher levels
University of Cambridge277.0
Imperial College of London386.5-6.0
University College London4106.5
University of Edinburgh5206.5-7.0- Master’s 
6.0-6.5- 10-week programs
6.5-7.0- 7 weeks programs 
The University of Manchester6276.0
King’s College London (KCL)7316.5
London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE)8497.0
University of Bristol9586.0
University of Warwick10626.5

Note- apart from IELTS score, these Universities also accept other English proficiency standardised exams like TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) and PTE (Pearson Language Tests) for getting admission into their respective colleges. 

Fun Fact- The top 5 sending countries for international students to the UK in 2017-2018 were China, India, USA, Hong Kong and Malaysia.

GMAT Score to Study in UK

The UK is also one of the popular student destinations for MBA courses as it offers a wide range of affordable MBA programs across a large number of specialisations. An MBA degree from the UK is globally recognised and valued thus giving more international work opportunities to choose from. To pursue MBA from the United Kingdom, it is mandatory to have a good score in GMAT exam (graduate management admission test) to match up with the eligibility criteria and further to get admission in top B-schools in the UK. Thus, now that you are familiar with the IELTS scores, here are the GMAT scores to study MBA at top business schools in the UK.

Universities/ colleges UK Ranking QS Global MBA Rankings 2021GMAT Score Minimum IELTS Score 
London Business School17Min: 600 Avg: 7017.5
University of Oxford Said Business School216Not Required6.5
University of Cambridge, Judge Business School317687 with the median at 7007.5
City University, Cass Business School475An average score of 638 or above 7.0 
University of Warwick, Warwick Business School534An average GMAT score of 660 or above7.0
Alliance Manchester Business School648Range of 580 to 760 is acceptable 7.0
University of Edinburgh Business School752A score of 600 as a minimum to qualify for their MBA or Executive MBA. 7.0
Imperial College London Business School822An average GMAT score of 642 or above 6.5- standard
7.0- higher
Durham University Business School984GMAT score of a minimum 6007.0
University of Bath School of Management10151-200GMAT score on average of 6106.5

Apart from the GMAT score, these universities also accept GRE (Graduate Record Examinations) scores for MBA programs in their colleges. 

[Bonus] MBA in UK without GMAT

No GMAT score? Check out the following business schools in the UK that don’t require GMAT score for MBA:

  • Ashridge Business School
  • Henley Business School – University of Reading
  • Saïd Business School – University of Oxford

Fun Fact: The percentage of international students that account for the UKs total student population is almost 20%.

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