Student Life in University of Edinburgh: Freshman at the University of Edinburgh

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We know how difficult it can be to settle and start a new journey in a new environment for any student. They have to adapt to the culture, the rules, the climate, the food, the city, university and whatnot. The UK has been one of the world’s top destinations especially for those who are wanting to pursue their higher education abroad. The country has been home to world-famous and oldest universities that are counted as a heritage of education and learning worldwide by students all across the globe. One such great name on the list is the University of Edinburgh. It is the sixth-oldest university and one of Scotland’s ancient universities founded in 1582 and is located in Edinburgh, UK. The University offers various courses which are divided into three colleges. The courses extend from the sector in Humanities, Arts and Social Science to medicine, Veterinary Medicine and Engineering. Ever wondered how the life of a freshman or as a student at the University of Edinburgh is? Check out the video by Leverage Edu to learn more.

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