Best Engineering Courses For Future

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Best Engineering Courses for Future

Engineering is one of the most opted degree courses after class 12th. With its roots widely spread in the majority of domains like Civil, Computer Science, Electrical, Mechanical, etc, the career prospects in this field are immense. But with more students enrolling in the above-mentioned courses, the competition both in terms of securing admission and getting a job has inevitably increased. There is an array of emerging courses that offer a plethora of job opportunities. Thus, in this blog, we will shed light on some of the best engineering courses for the future!

Best Engineering Courses for Future

Looking for the best engineering field for the future? Engineering has become a diverse and broader area of study with a wide range of branches and specializations! Here are the best engineering branches and courses for the future:

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20 Best Engineering Jobs for the Future 2022

Engineering is filled with numerous job opportunities and prospects that are in high demand presently and the future. As per a 2018 report by US Bureau of Labor Statistics, nearly 140,000 new jobs are expected in the field of engineering boosting the employment growth in 2016-26.

As per US Bureau of Labor Statistics, here are the topmost demanding engineering jobs in Engineering which will increase even more in the future:

Role Average Salary in India
Civil Engineer ₹3,08,747
Mechanical Engineer ₹3,50,334
Solar Photovoltaic Installer ₹4,85,877
Wind Turbine Service Technician ₹5,00,000
Industrial Engineer ₹4,05,963
Electrical Engineer ₹3,66,801
Electronics Engineer ₹3,99,537
Petroleum Engineer ₹8,00,000
Software Developer ₹4,98,024
Robotics Engineer ₹4,37,857
Environmental Engineer ₹4,46,835
Computer Hardware Engineer ₹2,46,439
Aerospace Engineer ₹8,36,782
Chemical Engineer ₹4,89,511
Health and Safety Engineer ₹3,95,430
Biomedical Engineer ₹3,59,625
Marine Engineer ₹7,09,859
Naval Architect ₹6,72,299
Mining and Geological Engineer ₹5,87,968 – ₹15,50,000
Materials Engineer ₹7,02,464
Agricultural Engineer ₹4,90,819
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Most In-Demand Engineering Branches in Future

Want to know the most demanding engineering field in the future? Check out the top 10 in-demand Engineering branches for 2022 and beyond:

Let’s explore some of these best engineering fields and courses for the future:


Being a multidisciplinary field, it encompasses the elements of Physics, Chemistry, Biology, and math to alter the properties of materials at the atomic and sub-atomic levels to fabricate various systems. The structures typically range between 1-100 nm in size and show remarkable properties due to an increase in surface area.

The candidates enrolled in the course get to study subjects like the synthesis of nanomaterials, quantum mechanics, material science, statistical mechanics and thermodynamics, properties of nanomaterials, carbon materials, electronic and optical properties of materials, etc. Nanotechnology is one such broad field that has the potential to bring changes in the world. The application of nanotechnology is breathtaking in the fields of medicine. After acquiring a degree in one out of the many nanotechnology courses, the graduates can get employed in the profiles like- Microfabrication Engineer, Nanotechnologist, Scientist, MEMS Device Physics Engineer, Professor, Scientific Editor, etc.

Petroleum Engineering

A program in Petroleum Engineering imparts knowledge in an array of topics like fluid mechanics, thermodynamics, transport phenomena, material properties along with the strength of a material. The program aims to equip students with the skills to analyze and design well systems, well techniques, drilling procedures, and optimize resource management and development. To be a petroleum engineer, the candidates must possess the capabilities to put into practice the fundamental concepts of the course. With Reservoir Engineer, Environmental Engineering, Production Engineer, etc, as most opted work profiles, Petroleum Engineering has become one of the best engineering courses for the future.

Machine Learning

One of the top mentions in the list of best engineering courses for the future, Machine Learning is becoming a popular field choice amongst students who want to design highly equipped machines using analytical software and data science. The Machine Learning Engineering course strives to equip the students with the necessary skills so that they can design and create programs that can make the machines perform specific functions without directing them to do so manually. For the duration of the course, the students are made to study languages like C, C++, Scala, JavaScript, Julia, etc. The most famous AI-driven job profile is that of a Data Scientist, Machine Learning Engineer, Data Engineer, Data Analyst, and Data Infrastructure Engineer.

Biomedical Engineering

Biomedical Engineering is the innovative amalgamation of the techniques involved in the field of Engineering with the domain of Biology and Medicine. Counted amongst the best engineering courses for the future, the field focuses on various new strategies that can be applied in the healthcare sector. Through the journey of the course, the students will be provided detailed knowledge on the subjects like Neuromodulation, Biomechanics, Orthopedic Repair, Biomaterials, etc. Upon completing the course, you can find ample Biomedical Engineering jobs in work profiles like Biomedical Engineer, Installation Engineer, Researcher, Maintenance Engineer, Instrument Engineer, and many more.

Telecommunication Engineering

The Telecommunication discipline revolves around the exchange of information through different channels using wired or wireless means. Being one of the best engineering courses for the future, it incorporates different elements of Computer, Electrical, and other systems to improvise telecommunication. Telecom engineers are skilled to design, develop, and maintain voice communication systems that comprise satellites, fiber optics, and wired and unwired channels, along with encoding and compression of data. Some of the prominent sectors offering numerous job opportunities to telecom engineers are Mobile Communication, Computer Communication and networking, TV and radio broadcasting, Optical Networking, Remote sensing, and measurement control.

Top Recruiters for Engineering Students

Reliance HP
Microsoft JAVA
GAIL Toshiba
Adobe Lenovo
Canon IBM

Required Skills for Engineering Students

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  • Information Security & Ethical Hacking
  • Red Hat Certified Engineer
  • C, C++, Java, .NET, SQL
  • Web Designing
  • Software Testing
  • Networking Professional
  • Borland Database Engine (BDE) Embedded Technology
  • Robotics
  • Very-Large-Scale Integration (VLSI)
  • Nanotechnology
  • Electrical Distribution System
  • Statistical Quality Control (SQC) Courses
  • Six Sigma
  • Kanban Certification
  • Primavera Training
  • ISO Lead Auditor Courses
  • Building Design Certification
  • Technical Drawing & Designing
  • Construction Supervisor Certification
  • Interior Designing

Eligibility Criteria For Best Engineering Course

  • Candidates must have completed Class XII with Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics as their main subjects from a recognized board.
  • They must pass the 12th grade with a minimum of 60% aggregate.
  • To be eligible for admission to BTech courses in engineering colleges across the country, students must score at least 50% in Class 12. Students from reserved categories, such as SC/ST, receive a 5% reduction in the minimum qualifying marks.
  • Students who studied Biology as one of their subjects in Class 12 are also eligible for engineering streams such as Biomedical Engineering and Biotechnology.

Universities for Pursuing Best Engineering Courses of Future

University Best Engineering Courses For Future
Duke University MEng Microelectronics, Photonics, and Nanotechnology
Stony Brook University BE Engineering Science in Nanoscale Engineering
University of Southampton MEng (Hons) Electronic Engineering with Nanotechnology
University of Houston Masters of Petroleum Engineering
Cape Breton University Bachelor of Engineering Technology in Petroleum
University of Surrey BEng (Hons) / MEng Chemical and Petroleum Engineering
University of Aberdeen BEng Petroleum Engineering
University of Hertfordshire BEng in Robotics and Artificial Intelligence
Imperial College London MEng Computing (Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning)
Cornell University MEng Biomedical Engineering
King’s College London BEng/MEng Biomedical Engineering
University of Strathclyde BEng (Hons) Biomedical Engineering
University of Essex BEng Communications Engineering
RMIT University BA (Hons) Telecommunications Engineering
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Career Scope In Engineering Course

After finishing the B.Tech course, candidates can choose to either pursue higher education (one prominent test for this is GATE) or look into finding a career after B.Tech in the sector of their choice. Even though an MBA is a common choice after finishing a B. Tech degree program, M. Tech is a logical next step for many students nowadays.

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Which engineering is the best for the future?

Here are the fastest-growing engineering sectors:

1. Software engineering jobs
2. Aerospace engineering jobs
3. Civil engineering jobs
4. Environmental engineering
5. Biomedical engineering
6. Computer engineering
7. Electrical engineering
8. Plastic engineering

Which engineer has the highest salary?

The following engineers get the highest salaries:

1. Computer Hardware Engineer
2. Aerospace Engineer
3. Nuclear Engineer
4. Systems Engineer
5. Chemical Engineer
6. Electrical Engineer
7. Biomedical Engineer
8. Environmental Engineer

Which engineer is most in demand?

Engineers of all kinds are in demand, but some are more popular than others depending on the need of employers and technology. Check out the list of engineers who are more popular than others:

1. Automation and Robotics Engineer
2. Alternative Energy Engineer
3. Civil Engineer
4. Environmental Engineer
5. Biomedical Engineer
6. Systems Software Engineer

We hope that this blog has helped you gain an insight into the best engineering courses for the future. If you want to pursue programs abroad in these emerging fields but are not sure about the admission process then the experts at Leverage Edu will lend you a helping hand. Not only will the counselors guide you in completing the admission-related formalities but will also help you with finding the right course and the best-fit university abroad with the help of our AI Course Finder tool.

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