Electrical Design Courses

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Electrical Design Courses

We often get to see the marvels of Engineering, from Burj Khalifa to the Venice Tide Barrier Project, Palm Islands, Chandra X-ray Observatory and a lot more. Engineering is perhaps the most sought-after career option and with the progression of technology and rise in businesses, the number of students opting for specialised Engineering fields like Architecture, Aeronautics, Robotics and Automation, Nanotechnology, etc. has surged up at an unprecedented level. However, students often get confused between Electrical Engineering and Electrical Design courses, so we have formulated this blog for you to strike out the key aspects of Electrical Design programs.

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What is Electrical Design?

You might have seen a circuit diagram associated with an electronic device that explains the different electrical components attached to that device and how does the electric current flow through them. This is exactly what an electrical design is for, from planning to designing, creating and testing of electrical equipment, professionals are engaged in installing and repairing electrical equipment. Behind every successful electronic device, is an Electrical Design Engineer who is driving the forces behind modern technological innovations and ensuring that the electronic device is up to the mark. There are different projects like Robotics, Control Systems, Electronic Circuit Design and Computer and Digital Circuit Design that are managed by engineers.

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Top Universities

Electric Design is not a different field but a sub-discipline of Electrical Engineering. So, students who are planning to pursue a career in the same can consider the following universities as a prime destination to study abroad:

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Established in 1861, the university has an unbeatable reputation in the realm of technology and is renowned for pioneering in Artificial Intelligence. In the QS ranking for top universities in Electrical Engineering in the world, MIT ranks No. 1. The university offers a Master of Engineering in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science (MEng) and the research include Bioelectrical Engineering Circuit Design. On average, the graduates from MIT earn 60-70 lakh per annum as a base salary. With a minimum score of 7 in IELTS, you can easily seek admission to this American institute.

Study at Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Stanford University

Located in the heart of California in Silicon Valley, Stanford University is in proximity to tech giants like Google, HP, Yahoo, Apple, etc. Securing the second position in the QS global universities for Electrical Engineering, the university has a history of imparting quality education in the field of technology. Founded in 1885, Stanford has 18 interdisciplinary research institutes which makes it one of the largest universities in the US. It offers a comprehensive MS in Electrical Engineering spanning over 1.5 to 2 years to students across the world. Among the leading Electrical Design courses, the master’s program at the university is much sought-after.

Study at Stanford University

ETH Zurich

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Boasting to have 20 Nobel Laureates including Albert Einstien himself as the alumni, the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology founded in 1855, is one of the best universities for Science and Technology. Known for innovative research and leader in cutting edge technology concepts, the institute offers a Master of Science in Electrical Engineering and Information Technology degree program with specialisation in fields such as Communications, Computers and Networks, Electronics and Photonics, Energy and Power Electronics, etc. 

University of California, Berkeley

A public university founded in 1868, UCB has 99 Nobel Laureates and 14 Pulitzer Prize winners as its alumni. The department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science at the University of California, Berkeley offers a specialized M.Eng program that focuses on equipping students with professional and industry-oriented skills in Electrical Engineering. Revered among the top universities in the world, the QS ranking for 2019 shows UCB on 4th position in Electrical Engineering. 

University of Cambridge

Founded in 1209, the university located in North London has a reputation for imparting excellence in education for nearly 800 years. It has an abundance of educational resources with 100 libraries housing more than 15 million books. The University of Cambridge has a robust Engineering department with cutting edge technologies for the use of students.

Study at the University of Cambridge

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Electrical Design Course Syllabus

The syllabus could vary depending on the university. However, the basics include the following topics:

  • Engineering Fundamentals
  • Industrial Programming
  • Industrial Graphic Designing
  • Real Time Project for the Industry
  • Industrial Robot Programming
  • Universal Control System
  • Electrical Designing
What are the popular universities for electrical designing?

The following are the popular universities for electrical designing:
University of California
University of Cambridge

Why pursue Electrical Design courses

Electrical Design Engineer who is driving the forces behind modern technological innovations and ensuring that the electronic device is up to the mark. There are different projects like Robotics, Control Systems, Electronic Circuit Design and Computer and Digital Circuit Design that are managed by engineers.

What is the average salary of electrical design engineer?

The average salary of an electrical design engineer is 3.8 Lakh

Hopefully, this blog has given you an insight into the best options for pursuing Electrical Design Courses abroad. For assistance in choosing the right university, let Leverage Edu’s experts handle it for you. We can easily guide you throughout the application process to help you settle in a top engineering university abroad.

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