Computer Science vs Software Engineering

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Computer Science vs Software Engineering

Ever thought how we are able to make phone calls, use personal computers and smartphones? Yes, it’s all a mechanical dynamism which takes countless efforts of a Computer Scientist or a Software Engineer to execute their professional skills into scientific innovation. Tech-savvy experts from Computer Science or Software Engineering are well versed in programming language development, systems software, software architecture as well as application development. While both these areas of study are closely linked, how would one decide which one is better? In this blog, we will do a critical analysis and comparison of computer science vs software engineering and its related components!

What is Computer Science Engineering? 

Computer Science Engineering is a full time UG degree which is 4 years or 8 semesters long in duration. The field of computer science involves prime knowledge of mathematics, logic and specialized subjects like artificial intelligence, machine learning, security and graphics. The field is growing exponentially with prestigious universities around the world offering a fully-fledged course in it. We cannot ignore the fact that the field of computer science prepares students with problem-solving skills and research development pertaining to technology. 

What is Software Engineering? 

Just like Computer Science, Software Engineering is also a bachelor’s level degree that is divided into 8 semesters or 4 years. Major topics are covered in software engineering include project management, quality assurance as well as software testing. This profession provides hands-on experience and approach to learn the complete life cycle of software and their maintenance. 

Computer Science vs Software Engineering: Subjects

Across most of the universities, 1st year subjects for both Computer Science and Software Engineering remain the same. As the student gets a hang of what Engineering is all about, specific subjects are introduced in the curriculum. Based on that we have drawn a comparative measure of subjects that are taught in these courses: 

Computer Science  Software Engineering
Designing Functional Programs Software Engineering Principles 
Algorithm Design and Data Abstraction Introduction to Database Management
Algebra Logic and Computation
Linear Algebra 1 Operating Systems
Calculus 1 Requirements analysis and specification
Calculus 2 Software design
Information assurance and security Software verification and validation
Information management Software process
Intelligent systems Digital Computers
Networking and communications Programming Principles
Operating systems Electricity and Magnetism
Platform-based development Electricity and Magnetism
Parallel and distributed computing Chemistry for Engineers
Programming languages Methods of Software Engineering
Software development fundamentals Advanced Mathematics for Software Engineers
Systems fundamentals Statistics for Software Engineering
Social issues and professional practice Engineering Economics: Financial Management for Engineers

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Computer Science vs Software Engineering: Careers

The field of Computer Science and Software Engineering is truly achieving milestone witnessing its increasing demand in the market. Glance through what are the top profiles in these Engineering courses: 

Computer Science Software Engineering
Web Developer/Architect Software Developer
Programmer Software Manager
Mobile/Cloud Developer Software Engineer
Software Engineering Technical Product Manager
Software Development Engineering Consultant
Agile Engineer Implementation Consultant
Business Analyst
Developer Advocate
Product Manager

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Top Universities

Even though there are differences in subjects and careers pertaining to the field of Computer Science and Software Engineering, the top universities across the world for both these programmes remains constant. Given below are some of the popular universities that can be considered as a great option to study for both of these courses: 

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Name of the University  Name of the country
Massachusetts Institute of Technology US
Stanford University US
Carnegie Mellon University US
University of California, Berkeley US
University of Cambridge UK
University of Oxford UK
Harvard University US
EPFL Switzerland
ETH Zurich – Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Switzerland
University of Toronto Toronto, Ontario

We hope this blog helped you draw a conclusion to your Computer Science vs Software Engineering: a better option dilemma. Both the courses are very closely liked with each other and the major differences one can find is in the subjects taught and career pathway. Make a choice based on how you want your future to be. If you can’t make the decision on your own and need expert advice, then reach out to Leverage Edu and we will help you with it. Book an E-meeting with us and resolve all your 

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