Mechanical Engineering Books

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Mechanical Engineering Books

The field of Mechanical Engineering encompasses the study of a vast variety of concepts and theories ranging from areas of heat, thermodynamics, machines, computer-aided design, fluid mechanics and engineering mechanics to skill-oriented disciplines of programming, management and business amongst others. To cover this huge range of subjects that are a part of the Mechanical Engineering syllabus taught in a BTech or BSc degree in this field, a student must have a few essential reference books. These Mechanical Engineering books can be used for both academic and competitive exams. Through this blog, we will take a look at the list of books you must consider while studying Mechanical Engineering or while preparing for competitive exams in the same.

List of Mechanical Engineering Books

The following table elucidates some of the major Mechanical Engineering books that are a must-have for those wanting to master the concepts under this specialization:

Name of the AuthorMechanical Engineering BooksSource
Dr. R K BansalA Textbook of Fluid Mechanics
and Hydraulic Machines
Buy Here
R S Khurmi & J K GuptaA Textbook of Machine DesignBuy Here
R S Khurmi & J K GuptaTheory of MachinesBuy Here
Richard Feynman,
Robert Leighton &
Mathew Sands
The Feynman Lectures on Physics:
Mainly Mechanics, Radiation and
Heat – Vol. 1
Buy Here
Richard Feynman,
Robert Leighton &
Mathew Sands
The Feynman Lectures on Physics:
Volume 2:
The New Millennium Edition:
Mainly Electromagnetism and Matter
Buy Here
Richard Feynman,
Robert Leighton &
Mathew Sands
The Feynman Lectures on Physics
– Vol.3
Buy Here
David Kleppner &
Robert Kolenkow
An Introduction to Mechanics
Buy Here
Narasimha Siddhanti
Essential Engineering Mechanics:
with Simplified Integrated Methods
of Solution
Buy Here
SS RattanTheory of MachinesBuy Here
G K GroverMechanical VibrationsBuy Here
P K NagBasic & Applied ThermodynamicsBuy Here
Stephen TimoshenkoStrength Of Materials Part 1
Elementary Theory and Problems
Buy Here
Er R. K. JainProduction Technology: Manufacturing
Processes, Technology and Automation
Buy Here
Yunus A Cengel &
Afshin J Ghajar
Heat and Mass Transfer: Fundamentals
and Applications
Buy Here
S S BhavikattiEngineering MechanicsBuy Here
V B BhandariDesign of Machine ElementsBuy Here
Munsun, Okiishi,
Huebsch & Rothmayer
Fluid MechanicsBuy Here
Claus Borgnakke &
Richard E Sonntag
Fundamentals of Thermodynamics
Buy Here
Richard G Budynas &
JJ Keith Nisbett
Shigley’s Mechanical Engineering
Buy Here

Best Mechanical Engineering Books

BookDescriptionBuy Here Link
A Textbook of Fluid MechanicsThis book by RK Bansal is a compact book that contains the content in a precise and well-explained manner. All topics of fluid mechanics are covered to provide an easy understanding.Buy Here
A Textbook of Machine DesignThis book is divided into 32 chapters and begins with an introduction to the machine design process and engineering materials. The book provides easy and clear analysis of major topics such as manufacturing considerations in machine design, simple stresses in machine parts and internal combustion engine parts.Buy Here
An Introduction to MechanicsWith 572 pages, this book aims to clarify concepts of the mechanics of Physics. The format of the book is easy to understand from the standpoint of the student.Buy Here
Mechanical VibrationsThis book by GK Grover is also highly preferred by students of Mechanical Engineering. And covers important topics in a precise, easy-to-understand manner. Buy Here
Engineering Mechanics Engineering Mechanics is a core subject taught during the tenure of the course. This book helps students develop the capacity to model actual problems into engineering problems and find a solution using the laws of mechanics. Buy Here
Design of Machine ElementsWith over 944 pages, the book aims at clearing the basic concepts of students by providing case studies. Contents of this book are presented in a precise easy-to-learn manner for students. Buy Here
Theory of MachinesThe book provides easy and clear analysis of major topics such as manufacturing considerations in machine design. it helps in clearing key confusion around the theoretical concept of machines. Buy Here

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How To Make The Best Use of Mechanical Engineering Books?

It is important for students to realise that the best use of Mechanical Engineering books can only happen through a combination of preliminary, intermediate and advanced-level books. In other words, books generally fall into three of the above-mentioned categories. While the preliminary-level resources focus on building a solid foundation of basic Mechanical Engineering concepts and notions, the intermediate level aims to build further on this foundation by giving an introduction to advanced concepts. Further, advanced-level study resources like books by award-winning researchers and professors must be kept in order to refer to for further reading and references. Complete mastery of advanced level is not required but it helps to have a rough idea of what to expect in higher-level studies. Whether you are preparing for academic, semester or competitive exams, having a mixed rack of Mechanical Engineering books helps you give your preparation a much-needed edge.

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Other Study Resources

In addition to the best Mechanical Engineering books, students must also use other tools and methods to accentuate the learning process in a multidimensional way. This includes online video tutorials, exam mock papers and concise notes. These resources not only help you make your understanding clearer but also aid in setting a benchmark level in terms of your preparation. Moreover, it is highly recommended that students use these resources along with Mechanical Engineering books to develop their own tips and tricks that will prove helpful on the day of your exam. Tests like GATE, JEE, etc, require an advanced level grasp over diverse technical concepts and that’s when mechanical engineering books come in quite handy in the preparation phase.

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Mechanical engineering books serve as an important resource for students not only in the preparation phase but also to gain knowledge of diverse disciplines. If you are planning to pursue a master’s degree in Mechanical Engineering and don’t know where to begin, consult our experienced counsellors at Leverage Edu through a free 30-minute session and let us help you in finding a suitable program and university that can equip you with the right knowledge and exposure required to build a rewarding career in this field.

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