7 Reasons Why You Need Career Counselling Today! 

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Career Counselling

With every new day, new opportunities are turning up. In a rapidly advancing world where new fields of study are emerging and reshaping the job market each day importance of career counselling has deepened worldwide. The likelihood of career counselling in India was very meagre a decade ago, but now with each passing year career counsellors has become a field in the job market itself. Isn’t it surprising?

The scenario of studying abroad has also changed on a global scale. Students now want to move abroad because of better career prospects, well-structured coursework and even to be a part of multicultural global societies. Exposure has become an inseparable part of education in the modern world. In this scenario, it is essential that the students get appropriate guidance to improve their chances of success in the fields of their choice. 

What is Career Counselling?

Career counselling is the process of seeking help from experts to guide a person towards the most appropriate career paths that they should follow. It involves various stages and considers all possible options and scenarios available that are best suited for a student. Considering the budget, time, course, level of education, passion and dream the counsellors at Leverage Edu ensure that the student never faces disappointment in their future. 

Career Counselling can be taken at any point in life, be it to change career path or take an educational break everything needs planning and explanation. The most crucial time to avail of career counselling is at the time of higher education, it is also when most people need counselling as their career paths may now be far from the help of their parents and beyond the reach of their own experience. 

The idea of studying abroad in world-class universities with mesmerizing architecture and inclusive classrooms with revolutionary learning techniques crosses the mind of every student at least once. There are some myths about the process being difficult and overpriced and a lot of doubts that only a good career counsellor could resolve. Here are 7 Reasons Why There is a Growing Need for Career Counselling. 

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Busting Myths Around Higher Studies Abroad

Thoughts like, ‘Studying abroad is too costly’, ‘I will be lonely and homesick abroad’, and ‘My child will get completely westernised by the culture’ are very common stigmas around abroad studies in India. Most of them are myths that can be resolved by getting in contact with the right counsellors

Higher education abroad can be feasible and there are lots of scholarships and part-time work opportunities that can ease the burden. The tuition fees of certain colleges are really surprising. A proper career counsellor can resolve all specific doubts and myths to clear the career path for abroad studies. 

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Rapidly Diversifying Courses

What can be done as a Medical Student? The list is so long that one could be searching for a full stop but that also makes it difficult for a student to choose among the various options. Whether one wants to pursue a career in Anthropology or Cosmetology, Genetics or Dentistry can be a big question in Graduation and Post Graduation. 

Based on the scores, interests, educational background and budget of the candidates a career counsellor can present solutions to these problems in just a call. Noting how many students change streams after Class 12th or Graduation in respective fields is a demarcation of confusion in the student’s mind. Career counselling in India, therefore, is necessary to save a student’s time and passion. 

Availability of Free Online Guidance 

Gaining career counselling online may sound less but it is ideal and is now more common in the lives of students than ever. Remember when Rani Mukherjee returned after studying abroad in London in Kuch Kuch Hota Hai? That was the time when people started to think of it as a real possibility and that’s where counselling starts online, by breaking the myths. 

Today, there are videos, blogs and webinars to help students shape their career paths with clarity and ease. Students can call the counsellors for free study abroad counselling sessions and avail of a detailed career-building session with Leverage Edu Counsellors and Coaches. 

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Building Confidence and Morale

Offering Career Counselling for Students from all backgrounds is an ambitious but possible task that takes a lot of research and knowledge about the opportunities abroad. There is a wide world of possibilities out there that does not stop students from dreaming big and achieving bigger. Students can find opportunities based on their budget, eligibility and interest, this builds in them the confidence of being global citizens.

Most foreign countries are friendly towards multicultural international students and have welcoming societies and social provisions for different traditions. There are provisions for students from socio-economically disadvantaged backgrounds. Right student career counselling provides details of partially and fully funded Scholarships offered by Universities, Governments and Organisations abroad. 

Global Skill Development & Job Competitiveness

Career Counselling is not only to designate a course and university but a layered attempt to build a competitive mindset in students so that they can focus on their skill development while studying abroad. This increases their employability in a foreign environment. 

Even to gain part-time jobs abroad the students must possess a required skill set. Perfect counselling includes preparing the students for the same if they are planning to work while studying and the conditions in which it is possible. If the students are not working they can join some voluntary tasks or short courses to enhance and add to their skill set. This always helps in finding better-paid jobs as the resume stands out with additional skill sets. 

Connecting Education with Career Goals

Students often face difficulty in finding the right job after pursuing a course. While consulting an experienced study abroad counsellor, the students trust an expert. As an expert, the person makes sure that they know about all the jobs that they can pursue with a particular course. 

Also, telling how some cool professions can be pursued and what courses are required to kickstart a career in those fields is the responsibility of a career counsellor. It is easier to know which country, university, course and specialisations are suitable for a particular job with a career counselling session. 

Develop Strategies and Manage Career Transition

It is essential to know the right step at the right time to keep the study abroad journey hassle-free. For every student, it is the first time they are applying but every counsellor has gone through the admission process each time they have helped a student to fulfil their dreams. 

Career counselling will help students in developing the right strategies to plan their studies and professional careers. All worries like ‘Whether  the right time to study or take a break and gain experience?’, ‘How to justify the gap in education? can be resolved by taking the help.  

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How is Career Counselling Done?

Nowadays Career counselling is mostly offered free online at the beginning. The counsellors analyse the basic educational qualifications of the students and try to match them with their dream prospects. 

The choice of country, course, available budget and eligibility constitute the determining factors of initially making a list of universities. The students can then talk with their coaches to shortlist universities according to job requirements and future prospects. 


1. Why is career counselling important?

Ans. Career counselling is important because it helps students and professionals to gain clarity on their career path and resolve obstacles in their educational or professional careers. 

2. Is career counselling worth it?

Ans. Yes, career counselling helps people to know those prospects of their chosen paths that cannot be accessed through research. A career counsellor provides personalised solutions and career paths for each individual. 

3. Which counselling is best for abroad studies?

Ans. There are many career counsellors in India, and the best career counsellor for studying abroad in India is Leverage Edu. The counsellors and coaches at Leverage Edu help students from application to accommodation till the students start their courses abroad. 

4. Will studying abroad help my career?

Ans. Yes, Studying abroad provides practical-oriented coursework, exposure to opportunities, global networking and access to placement drives. The candidate becomes a global competitor for jobs and opportunities. 

Going for student career counselling halves the burden of the student who is looking for help in their years of higher education. Leverage Edu hosts around 7.5 Million students every month to help them kickstart their study abroad journey.

If you are planning to study abroad in the upcoming intakes get in touch with our study abroad experts at 1800-57-2000.

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