Engineering in India Vs Abroad 

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Engineering in India vs abroad

Pursuing Engineering has been a top course choice among Science students. Doing it from a good institute is extremely important as it opens the door to many lucrative career options and helps get exposure. Even though India is home to some of the greatest engineering schools like the IITs, NITs, or BITs, earning an engineering degree abroad has its benefits, including the best infrastructure, the lack of entrance examinations, and a wide range of employment options.


It sometimes gets overwhelming for students whether to go for Engineering in India Vs Abroad. If you are also a student who is struggling to make a choice then keep on reading this blog further. 

Engineering in India vs Abroad: Major Differences

Students need to consider a lot of factors before coming to a decision regarding their course and university choices. Talking about Engineering in India vs Abroad, there are many key differences which can be considered before you make your decision:

Engineering is considered to be a highly interactive course which helps students to pursue internships from great companies and also connect with brilliant minds. Whereas, pursuing engineering abroad is like icing on the cake as it helps students to get global exposure with international students.
Pursuing Engineering in India can be a mix of both theoretical and practical studiesHowever, studying Engineering internationally can motivate you to focus solely on practicality 
The technical skills that a person gains during the program also place them in a higher salary bracket in comparison to other traditional career optionsEngineering abroad helps students to gain a broader and more clear perspective on things which can help them in their personal and professional development

Top Engineering Universities Abroad 

Choosing a college can be quite a daunting task for students as it is one of the most important decisions of their life which can have a significant impact on their professional journey. Following is the list of popular colleges that offer Engineering courses and their QS Rankings for the year 2023. 

University Name QS Rankings 2023 
Delft Institute of technology 61
University of California, Berkeley USA 27
National Technological University, Singapore 19
ETH Zurich – Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, Singapore 9
University of Oxford, UK4
National University of Singapore 11
Stanford University, USA 3
University of Cambridge, UK 2
Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA 1

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Top Engineering Colleges in India 

The following table represents the list of top colleges, their NIRF rankings and fee structure.

College Name NIRF Rankings Fees 
IIT Madras 1INR 10 Lakhs 
IIT Delhi 2INR 8 Lakhs 
IIT Bombay 3INR 8 Lakhs 
IIT Kanpur 4INR 8 Lakhs 
IIT Kharagpur 5INR 8 Lakhs
IIT Roorkee 6INR 8 Lakhs 
IIT Guwahati 7INR 8 Lakhs
NIT Trichy-National Institute of Technology 8INR 5 Lakhs 
IIT Hyderabad9INR 8 Lakhs 
NITK Surathkal – National Institute of Technology 10INR 5 Lakhs 

Engineering in India vs Abroad: Entrance Exams 

The criteria for the entrance examination may vary depending on whether the student is enrolling in Engineering in India vs Abroad.

  • Similar to JEE, standardised exams like the SAT are required for admission to engineering programmes abroad. This is a significant distinction between the entrance standards of foreign universities and Indian colleges. Some schools may also accept ACT scores in place of SAT scores for admission.
  • In terms of its syllabus, acceptance rate, and quantity of applicants, SAT is far more flexible and regarded as being simpler to qualify for than JEE Mains.
  • Joint Admission Exam (JEE) and JEE Advanced are the two entrance exams that are most frequently needed to pursue an engineering degree in India. Some institutions hold additional entrance tests other than JEE for admission, including BITS, VITEEE, OUCET, WBJEE, etc.
  • While JEE Advanced is necessary for admission to IITs, higher JEE ranks will allow you to enrol in Top NITs and IIITs.
  • After passing the entrance exam, students must participate in counselling to select the college that best fits their JEE rankings.

Engineering in India vs Abroad: Course Structure 

One of the important factors to consider while choosing between Engineering in India vs Abroad is the course structure as it defines the students’ academic journey. The following table compares the course structure of Engineering in India vs Abroad.

Basis of Comparison Engineering in India Engineering in Abroad 
Teaching MethodThe course mainly teaches the theoretical aspects and not lays emphasis on the practical side of things. The emphasis of the course is to provide deep knowledge of theoretical and practical aspects of things. 
Specialisations Automobile Engineering, Electronics and Communication Engineering, Information Technology, Electrical Engineering, Computer Science Engineering etc. Chemical Engineering, Aerospace Engineering, Civil Engineering, Computer Engineering, Mechanical Engineering etc. 
Study Duration Full-Time Full-Time, Part-Time, Online 
Course Duration 4 years 3-4 years 

Career Scope 

There are ample amount of career opportunities in every branch of Engineering. The table below represents the branches of engineering and the job profiles available in them. 

Branch of Engineering Job Opportunities 
Electrical & Computer Engineering Electrical Engineers 
Computer Engineers 
Software Engineers 
Hardware Engineers 
Cyber Security Engineers 
Electronics & Communications Engineering Electronics Engineer
Field Test Engineer
Network Planning Engineer
Electronics and Communications Consultant 
Customer Support Engineer
Aircraft Maintenance Engineer Licensed Aircraft Engineer in sectors like –
Airlines, Maintenance, Repair and Overhauls, Aircraft Manufacturing Companies, Flying clubs etc. 
Information Technology Computer Programmer
Web Developer
Software Analyst 
Software Engineer
Information Security Analyst 
Mechanical Engineering Mechanical Engineer
Structure Design Specialist
Manufacturing Executive 
Materials Engineer
Civil EngineeringBuilding Control Surveyor
 CAD Technician 
Consulting Civil Engineer 
Contracting Civil Engineer 
Design Engineer 
Technology Engineering Cloud Infrastructure Engineer
Cloud Architect
Cloud Enterprise Architect
Cloud Software Engineer
Data Science Engineering Data Scientist
Machine Learning Engineer
Machine Learning Scientist
Applications Architect
Enterprise Architect

Top Recruiters 

There has been a lot of demand for engineers by companies to help them run their operations smoothly. The table below contains top recruiting companies in various fields of engineering. 

Engineering Branch Name Top Recruiters 
Computer Science Engineering Facebook, Google, Twitter, Moody, Meryl & Lynch, Poor & Standard, HSBC, City Bank etc. 
Mechanical Engineering Sectors like Railways, Heavy Engineering, Shipyards, Ports, Mining, Defense Forces, National Highways, Metro Rail Corporation etc. are the top employers for Mechanical Engineering professionals. 
Electrical Engineering Power sector organisations like NTPC, PSUs, Railways, Defense Forces, the Manufacturing sector etc require Electrical and instrumentation engineers, as Electrical and electronic and Electrical engineers. They are also hired for ERP solutions and software development by IT companies.
Electronics and Communication Engineering Airtel, Vodafone, Idea, Aircel etc. 


Q1. Is pursuing Engineering from India worth it? 

Ans. Ans-  India is home to some of the greatest engineering schools like the IITs, NITs, or BITs and also comes in the top 5 countries in the world which are highly preferred among students to pursue an Engineering degree. 

Q2. Which country is considered to be the best for Engineers?

Ans. Ans- Canada is considered to be the best country for students who want to become Engineers. The reason behind it is Canada has a strong economy and natural resources in abundance. 

Q3. Which Engineering branch offers a lucrative salary and has high career prospects?

Ans. Ans- The highest-paying engineering position is that of a petroleum engineer. Designing and creating methods to extract oil and gas from the Earth is the main task of petroleum engineers. They either work in offices or on construction sites.

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