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Hi! I’m Astronaut Alex 👨‍🚀🚀, and today, we’re talking about Short Courses in New Zealand. Do you know what are some top Short Courses in New Zealand? Well, don’t fret if you feel confused about these programs. I’ll help you understand what it is all about. 

New Zealand is an island country located south of Australia and Fiji in the South Pacific Ocean. Comparatively a smaller economy, however, it is a developed nation. With the second rank in the Global Peace Index 2018, New Zealand is one of the few safest countries to study in. Globally recognized institutions and an interactive education system make the right combination of culture, nature, and opportunities for a student. Being an island country and moreover one of the last inhabitant nations, New Zealand offers a perfect blend of unspoiled nature, adventure, and serenity. New Zealand offers an excellent education system with internationally accredited and highly ranked academic institutions. Students studying in New Zealand have ample opportunity for research and innovation. Academicians and Scholars in New Zealand support students in holistic personal as well as professional development. Let’s read about Short Courses in New Zealand that will be an adventurous study experience.

Hope you have a gist of Short Courses in New Zealand. This is just the beginning! Join me as I take you on a journey of understanding about these programs in full detail. Let’s go!🚀

📖Why Study Short Courses in New Zealand

Short courses offer a great variety of subjects for a short and fixed period of time. This period can vary between a week to six weeks, depending on country, institution and courses. Short courses provide an excellent opportunity to gain academic, cultural and social experience if one is not able to access long-term study opportunities. It also gives you an opportunity to learn a language or to gain knowledge on a related topic.

Some additional advantages some term courses offer are mentioned below.

  • Light on the pocket
  • Ideal for working professionals
  • Offers better Return On Investment
  • Give Competitive Edge over others.

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🎓Short Courses in New Zealand

The following short-term courses are available for international students to study in New Zealand.

Global Advance Diploma in Professional Cookery

InstituteDuration- ModeFee
International Culinary Studio Canterbury36 weeks- Full-TimeUSD 2999 (INR 2.37 lacs)

Diploma in Audio Engineering

InstituteDuration- ModeFee
SAI Institute New Zealand1  year- Full-TimeNZD 12,371 (INR 6.20 lacs)

Diploma in Film Making

InstituteDuration- ModeFee
SAI Institute New Zealand1  year- Full-TimeNZD 11,497 (INR 5.76 lacs)

PG Diploma in Business Administration

InstituteDuration- ModeFee
Auckland Institute of Studies1 year- Full-TimeNZD 21,800 (INR 10.94 lacs)

Graduate Diploma in Tourism Management

InstituteDuration- ModeFee
Auckland Institute of Studies3 semesterNZD 18,920 (INR  9.49 lacs)

Vehicle Inspectors Preparatory Course

InstituteDuration- ModeFee
Unitec Te Pukenga Institute of Skill and Technology, Newzealand2 weeks- Offline$ 950 (INR 75k)

First Aid and CPR 

InstituteDuration- ModeFee
Unitec Te Pukenga Institute of Skill and Technology Newzealand3 days- Offline$200 (INR 15.8k)

Focus on English

InstituteDuration- ModeFee
Unitec Te Pukenga Institute of Skill and Technology Newzealand16 weeks- Offline$ 460 (INR  36.4k) per week

Electrical Appliance Serviceperson

InstituteDuration- ModeFee
Unitec Te Pukenga Institute of Skill and Technology Newzealand1 week- Offline$1,150 (INR 91k)

Installing and Commissioning Commercial Water Heaters

InstituteDuration- ModeFee
Unitec Te Pukenga Institute of Skill and Technology Newzealand1-2  days- Offline$ 426 (INR 33.7k)

TePukenga is New Zealand’s largest tertiary education provider. It has a regional and national reach with long-term skills training partnerships with firms and industries. The prime objective of Te Pukenga is to bring together on-the-job, on-campus, and online vocational education and training in a sustainable manner. 

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📄Admission Process for Short Courses in New Zealand

The general steps one needs to follow are to study in New Zealand.

  • Choosing the institution and programme.
  • Enquiring for fees and entry procedures, one would need to submit evidence for meeting English language requirements.
  • Gathering the required documents.
  • Submission of an application fee.
  • One needs to wait for the declaration of the final result.

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✅Eligibility Criteria for Short Courses in New Zealand

Short course eligibility criteria depend upon the type of course and institute demands. For the above-mentioned short diploma & certificate courses in New Zealand,  aspirants must pass matriculation and higher secondary examinations with more than 50% marks. Language proficiency test (IELTS) minimum overall score of 5.5 in some courses and 6.0 in other courses is required.

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✅Documents Required

Here are a few general documents that students need to submit while applying to study in New Zealand:

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💸Cost of Living in New Zealand

The cost of living in New Zealand varies depending upon the city one lives in. In general, the cost of living in New Zealand includes monthly rent of $500-1000 (INR 39k- 79k) depending upon the type of accommodation facilities. Transport charges are between $100-300 (INR 7.9k- 23.7k). Food and Snack charges cost up to $400-$900 (INR 31.7k- 71.3k). Finally, miscellaneous charges cost between $100-$300 (INR 7.9k- 23.7k).

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Mr. Astronaut👨‍🚀🚀- “ Kiddos, I have answered all your queries with the utmost precision that I was capable of. Now, I will be taking my leave, but if you think that I might have missed something do check out the FAQ section or drop a comment. I always respond!”


What type of Visa issues by government of New Zealand?

There are four types of visa issued by the New Zealand government i.e., Electronic Travel Authority (ETA), New Zealand Visitor Visa, New Zealand Student Visa, and New Zealand Work Visa.

What are the different criteria on to get the PR point in New Zealand?

Age, Employment, Education, Work Experience and Family Ties are the main criteria to get PR points in New Zealand.

Is part time work option available for students studying in New Zealand?

Yes, a part-time work option is available for international students studying in India. It is usually restricted up to 20 hours/week during the academic period and 40 hours/week (full-time) during the vacation period.

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