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countries with free education

A lot of students today prefer pursuing their studies abroad in order to benefit from the world-class educational facilities provided in global universities. Studying abroad can also have a positive impact on increasing your job opportunities along with giving you a global outlook. The only downside which discourages many students is the high cost of studying that comes along with it. But what if you could pursue your degree from a top global university at a low cost or even free? Yes, that is possible! Many countries around the world offer free or low-cost education for international students. Want to know more about them? Take a look at this blog for more information about the countries with free education around the world.

Best Countries with Free Education

Here is a list of some of the best countries with free (or low cost) education where you can pursue your studies:

Cheapest Countries to Study Abroad


Germany is among the most popular study destinations for international students along with being one of the best countries with free education. Most of the public universities in Germany do not charge any tuition fees from both domestic and international students enrolled in any undergraduate course. Students are only required to pay a small fee to cover administrative and semester costs. Here are some of the top universities in Germany that do not charge any tuition fees from their undergraduate students:

Free Universities In Germany For International Students


Another popular study destination, Norway is also among the countries with free education for both international and domestic students. No tuition fees are charged from any student enrolled in a public university in Norway, irrespective of the course or level of study. Similar to Germany, students only need to pay a nominal fee to help cover administrative costs. The only problem is that most of the undergraduate courses are taught in the Norweigian language at the undergraduate level, so you would need a certain level of fluency to be admitted to the course. But a large number of postgraduate and doctoral courses are taught in English, thus you can pursue those programs without paying any tuition fees. Some of the Popular public universities in Norway include:

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Another popular country with free education, public universities in Sweden do not charge any tuition fees from students belonging to the countries within EU/EEA and Switzerland. Other international students are not exempted from paying tuition fees at the bachelor’s or master’s level. But, PhD courses in Sweden are fully funded for international students from any country around the world, thus you can pursue your doctoral degree in Sweden for free! Here are some of the top universities in Sweden:


Counted among the countries offering free or low-cost education, Austria is one of the top study destinations for international students. Students from the EU/EEA countries do not pay any tuition fees in Austria except a nominal charge for administrative and semester costs. Students from other countries do have to pay a tuition fee, but the amount is comparatively cheaper than some other European countries. Also, some public universities may not charge any fees from students belonging to a developing country. Some of the top universities in Austria include:

  • University of Vienna
  • Medical University of Graz
  • Medical University of Vienna
  • University of Klagenfurt
  • Vienna University of Technology

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France is among the best countries with free (or low cost) education, although that is generally targeted towards students from the EU/EEA countries. For international students from all other countries, the tuition fees at a public university in France is comparatively higher. But there is still a way in which you could study in France for free! The French government offers a large number of scholarships for international students, and recently has tripled the number of scholarships offered. So, it is still possible to study in France at a reduced or no cost even if you do not belong to the EU/EEA countries! Here are some of the top universities in France:

Universities in France

Top Universities Offering Free Education for International Students 

Here is a list of the top universities which offer free education for students abroad:

Name of Institution Country QS World University Ranking 2022
University of Helsinki Finland 104
Universität Hamburg Germany 214
Tampere University Finland 414
University of Cologne Germany 311
Technical University of Munich Germany 50
University of Jyväskylä Finland 358
University of Bergen Norway 199

Hope you found this blog on the best countries with free education interesting and informative. Want to pursue your studies at a top institution in any of the countries above? Reach out to our experts at Leverage Edu who can help you in selecting the perfect course and university as per your requirements and interests. Sign up for a free session today!

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