What Students Can Expect In Their First Week Abroad?

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Getting admission to abroad universities in countries such as the USA, Canada, and Australia, is undoubtedly one of the most fulfilling experiences in any student’s life. Though all students need to go through numerous examinations and documentation processes, the light at the end of the tunnel keeps them motivated. As it is also a daunting process, given the multiple interviews held by the universities, many students forget to pay attention to their new surroundings. Shiny accolades and brochures aside, there are some essential things that the students need so that they can settle in the new country. Most students become frightened after landing on the new continent. But there are some specific things that will help the students settle without any problems. So what students can expect in their first week abroad? Here are some common things students can expect while studying abroad.

You Might Face Problems Moving to Your Accommodation

Going to your accommodation from the airport might prove an extremely stressful process. As an international student, everything will seem unfamiliar at first as you’re not accustomed to the rules and systems of the new country. But some specific universities offer buddy programs and airport pick-up for their new international students so that they don’t feel helpless. If your university doesn’t offer such things, it’s best if you research Uber and other public transport in advance. 

You also need to fill out some paperwork when you reach your accommodation. But the process might not be extensive as you’ve done all the formalities during the admission process. Many international students use modern accommodation processes that help them with their housing needs. You might also need to live with other students if you’re willing to share the room. 

Contacting the University

There are some specific administrative requirements provided by the university that you must fulfil before you attend their classes. These are basic paperwork and forms that will help you get registered with the university system. The admins will collect the necessary contact details, assign you a student ID, and give you a tour of the university. Make sure you have an ample amount of time and bring all the documents asked by the university. 

You also need to pay close attention to the fresher’s week programs. Some specific universities encourage their new international students to take part in college and city tours. Don’t miss these programs as they will help you understand the culture and new surroundings. You will also get to know the history of the country. Even though attending the programs isn’t mandatory, you’re suggested to do so. 

Creating a Bank Account and Registering with the Locality 

This is one of the most important steps you should remember while starting your student life abroad. Creating a valid bank account is an important step and you need to undergo it as soon as possible. Most banks have specialized student schemes with different benefits as per your credit limits, duration of stay, and forex rates. The paperwork to open a new bank account will entirely depend on the country. But some of the most common things required by the banks are:

  • Visa 
  • Passport 
  • Offer letter from the university 
  • Proof of residence 
  • Proof of enrolment 
  • Insurance details 

If you’re applying to a European college, you might have to register with the city government or local council to confirm your location as well as your duration of stay. But if you contact Leverage Edu, you don’t need to worry about any hassles as our professionals will handle everything on your behalf. 

Getting to Know about Transportation and Connecting Digitally

Most international students rely on public transportation as it’s not only convenient but also cost-effective. If you’re living in an expensive city, it’s extremely crucial to register for a bus or train pass. These passes will undoubtedly help you save a significant amount of money in terms of living expenses. 

Additionally, you need to understand the importance of a proper internet network connection over fancy meals. This is why you need to register with a network connection as soon as possible. Consider asking the other students or building administrators to learn the processes of getting internet access. You also need to purchase a valid sim card. Consider making a couple of phone calls to make sure the sim works properly. From your parents to your professors and friends, everyone will contact you through the phone number. 

Learning the Language and Culture

In the initial period, you will realize that this new country will be your home for the next few years. Hence, you need to familiarize yourself with the language, culture, and rules of the new city. Consider knowing about the landmarks, the famous hangout places, the boroughs, and other social activities that will prove valuable to you. 

These steps might seem daunting at first, but they will undoubtedly help you adapt to the new environment as well as your surroundings. 

These are the things students can expect in their first week while studying abroad. Make sure you contact us if you have any questions. Call us immediately at 1800 57 2000 for a free 30-minute counselling session.

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