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University of Brighton Admissions Guide (1)

The UK is known for its education system, renowned universities and global culture. The student cities in the UK offer opportunities to international students like no other country. One such city is Brighton situated on the south coast of England. Fondly known as the London-on-the-sea, Brighton is a remarkable city with its pebble beaches, artistic lanes,  top universities and proximity to London makes studying and working in Brighton perfect for international students.

Why Study in Brighton?

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There are many reasons why Brighton has become an upcoming city in the UK to study for international students. Some key reasons are- 

  • Student-friendly– Brighton is home to two big universities which tells us that the inflow of international students is also high. As a result, over the years, Brighton has developed to cater more to students and become a student-friendly city. 
  • Something for Everyone– Some students enjoy a walk along the beach and some prefer festivals and concerts to dance their hearts out. Well, Brighton has something for everyone. 
  • Education– The top universities in Brighton are well-known for providing theoretical education supported by real-world exposure which ensures the holistic development of the student. 
  • Close to London– Brighton is 47 miles away from London which is a 90-minute journey. This way you get to experience the big city life along with Brighton’s fresh breath of air. 

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Top Universities in Brighton

Brighton is a part of the City of Brighton and Hove which is a small town in England. Therefore, Brighton is home to 4 universities and colleges- some of which are highly ranked. 

University of Brighton 

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The University of Brighton is the top university to study in Brighton. It was first started as a Brighton School of Art in the rooms beside the kitchen at the Royal Pavilion in Brighton in 1859. The university has 4 campuses and offers 400 programs in pharmacy, engineering, ecology, computing, mathematics, architecture, geology, nursing, teaching, sports science, journalism, criminology and business

Fun Fact: The illustrator of the Harry Potter books, Cliff Wright, is an alumnus of the University of Brighton!

University of Sussex

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Located on the city boundaries of Brighton, the University of Sussex is a high-ranking university in the UK. According to the QS World University Rankings 2022, it stands joint 226th globally and 30th in the United Kingdom. Every 1 in 3 students is of international background which tells us how welcoming the campus is to international students. The acceptance rate of this university is 83% which is a fairly good rate. Festus Mogae (President of  Botswana), Thabo Mbeki (President of South Africa), Guy Scott (President of Zambia) and Carlos Quesada (President of Costa Rica) are a few of the illustrious alumni of this university. 

Greater Brighton Metropolitan College

Popular for offering vocational education to students over 16 years of age, the Greater Brighton Metropolitan College is one of the top colleges for further education in the UK. You can pursue a diploma of various levels in arts, music, accounting, design, medicine, carpentry, travel and tourism, education and many more fields. 

BIMM Brighton 

The British and Irish Modern Music Institute is a college in Brighton that provides creative education in the field of music. It is an amalgamation of 8 independent colleges that now has campuses in Brighton, Bristol, Manchester, Dublin, Birmingham, Berlin, Hamburg and London. It offers courses in Music, Musical Instruments, Media Management, Teaching Music and much more.

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Student Life in Brighton 

Like we’ve said before, Brighton has something for everyone. You can always find yourself something to do or visit on weekends to spend time learning more about British culture and history. If you are an international student in Brighton, this is what you can do-

  • Seaside Chilling– Picnic on the beach with your friends while hearing the sound of waves is the most fun way you can spend your weekend! 
  • Brighton Pier– The Brighton Pier or the Palace Pier is a sight to your eyes. With numerous arcade games, restaurants and a sea view, an evening at the Pier sounds like a great plan. 
  • Museum and Art Gallery– The times when you are low on budget and can’t spend your last pound of survival on leisure, you can visit the Museum and Art Gallery which are free for the students of the University of Brighton
  • Fine Dining– When you are constantly on a budget, you can afford to give yourself a treat to fine-dine at the Brighton Marina. The Brighton Marina has some of the best restaurants in Brighton, one or two Indian too!

Fun Fact: You can always visit London which is just 90 minutes away and see Big Ben. 

Student Accommodation in Brighton

As an international student away from home to study in Brighton, you have two choices of accommodation- halls of residence (university) and private renting.

Halls of residence are assumed to be much safer, guaranteed and affordable. The rent per week includes the utility cost and also gives you benefits in food, using open spaces, study areas and other amenities. For example, the University of Brighton offers accommodation with rent starting at INR 13,810 per week. The rent depends upon whether you are sharing your room or not. 

In turn, private renting has its own merits. The average rent for a shared apartment is INR 12,200 per week but doesn’t include any other costs. You can use the services offered to find private renting by your university. If you want to stay alone in a one-bed apartment, the average rent is INR 23,090 per week in Brighton. 

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Types of Transport in Brighton 

Wondering how you can get around and in Brighton? Well, Brighton is a small town with a compact transport system. Let’s look at the various modes of transport-

  • On Foot– Since Brighton’s most famous attractions are the beaches and the pier, you can cover them on foot too.
  • Bus Service– If you aren’t a big fan of walking, you can always take the public bus ride to whichever part of Brighton and Hove. Students get an additional 25% off with a valid student ID. One day pass on the bus costs GBP 3.45 or INR 347 and one-month pass costs GBP 14.50 or INR 1462. 
  • Taxis– Brighton does have public taxi transport and you hail one on the street. The taxi fare is higher at night than during the day. To understand it better, you will have to pay INR 1,000 for a distance of 4 km from the University of Brighton and the Brighton Pier. 
  • Car Hire– If you are over 23, you are allowed to hire a car in Brighton. The average charge of hiring a mini car per day can be INR 10,000. 

Cost of Food in Brighton

When it comes to food while studying in Brighton, an Indian student has many options. While settling in your accommodation, you often try to eat outside and explore. There are many Indian restaurants in Brighton near the Marina like Malika, The Chilly Pickle, Indian Summer, etc. The average cost of one meal at a restaurant in Brighton is GBP 14.50 or INR 1,462. 

After you have settled in, you can start cooking for yourself as it is healthier and cheaper to do so. The cost of groceries is broken down and given below- 

study in brighton
Source- Numbeo

Eligibility Requirements 

If you wish to study in Brighton as an Indian student, you have to fulfil the following requirements- 

Eligibility CriteriaMinimum Requirement
Academic Undergraduate- Passed 12th grade from a recognised institution in India
Postgraduate- Have a bachelor’s degree in the respective field from a recognised institution in India
English TestsIELTS– 6.0, TOEFL– 80 to 85
Other entrance tests GMAT for MBA
Documents RequiredAll academic transcripts, Statement of Purpose, Letter of Recommendation

Application Process

The application process to study in Brighton is given below- 

  • Choose the university in Brighton that you wish to study in. 
  • Make a list of courses that you wish to apply to. You can use the AI Course Finder
  • Note down the entry requirements and application deadlines. 
  • Give your English tests and entrance exams required according to the course. 
  • Attach all important documents required for admission in the UK and submit the application form. 
  • It will take 4-6 weeks for your application to be processed. 
  • Universities will send you a conditional or unconditional offer if you have been accepted.
  • Once you accept the offer letter, you can then start looking for accommodations, scholarships and start the UK Student Visa application.

Cost of Studying in Brighton

Now that we have discussed all the important aspects that need to be considered while choosing to study in Brighton, let’s look at the overall cost of living in Brighton along with the tuition fees. 

Type of Cost Average Expenses (INR)
Tuition FeesUndergraduate- 15.59 lakhs per year
Postgraduate- 13.57 lakhs per year
TOEFL14, 242
UK Tier 4 Visa 35,088
Accommodation13,000 per week
Food 10,080 per month (home-cooked)
Transport 1,462 (monthly bus pass)
Utilities 22,585 per month
Clothing and Leisure 10,080 per month

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Is Brighton a good place to study?

Brighton is one of the most preferred cities among the students to study abroad because of its location, cost and universities present in this city.

Is Brighton an expensive place to study?

According to the reports, studying in Brighton is comparatively less than studying in the main cities and locations of the country.

What are some top universities in Brighton?

Some of the top universities in Brighton are the University of Brighton, University of Sussex and The BIMM Brighton.

That’s all you need to know if you wish to study in Brighton! Want to study in one of the student cities in the UK? Call our Leverage Edu experts at 1800-572-000 and book your 30-minute counselling session for FREE!

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