Career in Ecology and Environment

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Ecology and Environment

In contemporary times where air pollution, global warming, plastic waste, forest fire and multiple other factors are changing our surroundings, Ecology and Environment courses are gaining popularity like anything! Environmental studies is a career blend various aspects of conserving the ecosystem with the traditional fields of education like Chemistry and Biology with budding areas of studies like Environmental Law, Environmental Accounting. If you belong to the category of people who want to put in efforts in bettering the existing conditions of the earth then this blog will help you in marking the territory! 

Understanding Ecology and Environment

Ecology and Environment are the subjects which are very closely related to each other. Ecology can be defined as the study of the relationship between living organisms, including human beings, plants and animals with the physical environment and world around them. It provides vital information on the benefits of Ecosystem and how Earth’s natural resources can be used in special ways to keep our environment healthy and safe for the future generations. Whereas,  Environment refers to the sum total of all living and nonliving components, including physical, chemical and other natural forces that surround us!

A Career in Ecology and Environment
A career in Ecology and Environment

List of Ecology and Environment Courses 

There are various Ecology and Environment courses that students can pursue from Universities and Colleges abroad. Below is a list of some of the popular programs in Ecology and Environment that are available at different levels:

  • B.Sc in Ecology and Environment Science
  • M.Sc in Ecology and Environment Science
  • B.Sc in Ecology
  • M.Sc in Ecology
  • B.Sc in Environmental Sciences
  • PhD in Environment and Sustainable Development
  • Bachelor of Social Ecology
  • Bachelor in Environmental Sciences – Natural Sciences
  • Bachelor in Ecology Engineering and Pure Sciences

Given below are some of the leading courses which can help you build an excellent Career in Ecotechnology.

Bachelor of Science (B.Sc) in Ecology and Environment Sciences 

B.Sc in Ecology and Environment Sciences is an undergraduate course that deals with intense study of the ecosystem. This course is designed to provide knowledge to students on social and cultural factors of human activities on the environment. This undergraduate program covers topics such as Biodiversity Components, Physico Chemical Environment, Pollution Control, Hazardous Waste Management, Water Supply and Water Management, Toxic Materials Control, Ecosystem Dynamics, Natural Resources as well as Forest Management, Environmental Techniques and Impact Assessment etc.

Master of Science (M.Sc) in Ecology and Environment Sciences

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Master of Science (M.Sc.) in Ecology and Environment Sciences is a postgraduate degree program for those who want to gain in-depth knowledge in the field. The course provides theoretical awareness of contemporary environmental issues. The aim of the course is to develop professionals who are trained to fix the ongoing ecology and environment issues. Subjects which are covered in this program are- Fundamentals of Environment, Environmental Biology and Geology, Environmental Physics and Chemistry, Environmental Pollution and Degradation, Environmental Policy and Sustainable Development, etc.

Master of Science (M.Sc) in Environment Science

Master of Science in Environmental Science is a 2 years postgraduate program which aims to provide students with accurate knowledge of how to become an Environmental professional and deal with the legal, scientific, technological, socio-economic and policy-based concerns related to the ecosystem. The subjects covered in this program are- Geo Environment, Ecological Principles, Solid Waste Management, Environmental pollution and Analysis, Environmental technology and Biotechnology, etc.

Top Universities offering Ecology and Environment courses

There is a wide range of educational institutions across the globe that offer an array of Ecology and Environmental courses. Below is a list of top universities and colleges providing the same to students around the world:

Career Prospects 

After completion of a Bachelor’s and Master’s programme in Ecology and Environment sciences, students can work in Private and Government organisations or can get engaged in research-oriented work. Some of the employment areas in this field are Research Labs, Content Writing, Zoological Parks and Colleges and Universities, etc. One can also pursue Forestry Courses from universities abroad to widen the vision of environmental protection. Job profiles give to the students may range from organisation to organisation, enlisted below are some popular ones:

  • Associate Professor (Environmental Sciences)
  • EnvironmentalEnvironmentalEnvironmental Scientist
  • Field Assistant-Environmental Sciences
  • Environmental Health Safety- Executive/Officer
  • Research Associate
Ecology and Environment
Ecology and Environment

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