How to Get Selected for Business Analytics Jobs in UK?

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How to Apply and Get Selected for Business Analytics Jobs in UK?

A business whether online or offline, small scale or large scale unarguably rules the economy. Due to the continuously increasing use of data in modern times business analytics courses becomes quite popular among industry professionals. Business analytics help the industry to decipher and analyse the overall performance of the business, receive insight and recommend measures based on data or statistics to meet the targeted growth scale. Due to massive working opportunities Business Analytics courses are in huge demand in the UK. This course mainly involves subjects namely business studies, mathematics, statistics, economics and finance. Here, in this blog, we will study the process of how to apply for a business analytics job in UK.

Course NameBusiness Analytics
DurationBSc- 3 years
MSc- 1 year
PhD- 4 years
Tuition Fee
GBP 23000- 34000 (INR 22.96 Lakh- INR 33.94 Lakh) Annually 
Average SalaryGBP 45000- 75000 (INR 44.91 Lakh- INR 74.85 Lakh) Annually
RecruitersCitibank, Amazon UK, J.P. Morgan, Azets, London Stock Exchange, Lloyds Banking Group, Vodafone, Morgan Stanley, NatWest Group

Top 3 Reasons to Study Business Analytics

United Kingdom is home to top-ranked leading universities in the world. The UK is a popular study-abroad destination for the international student community. World-class education from industry leaders and subject matter experts, post-study working opportunities and focus on student knowledge growth and personality development give UK education system an edge over others. Here are the top 3 reasons to study Business Analytics in the UK.

  • Business analytics courses in UK universities are equipped with fundamental learnings of business analytics and its practical use with modern tools and techniques.
  • Multiple universities offering business analytics courses in the UK schedule industrial visits to offer practical case study-based exposure and learning. 
  • Business Analytics Courses in the UK focus on analytical and operational knowledge with case studies and real-time problem-solving approaches.

Business Analytics Jobs in the UK

Universities in the United Kingdom offer UG, PG and PhD programs in Business Analytics to international students. Business analysts contribute to an organisation to achieve its desired goals by data analysis, problems or issues assessment, offering feasible solutions and growth planning for the future. Business Analytics courses in the UK have more than a 95% employability rate. These programs are designed in a highly practical manner to teach both updated theory and practical case studies. After successful completion of these UG, PG and PhD courses deserving candidates are successfully able to fetch well-paying profile-based jobs. Currently, there are approximately more than 10,000 business analyst jobs available in the UK.

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How to Apply & Get Selected?

Here are multiple ways to apply for a business analytics job in the UK. Some of them are mentioned below:

  • Social Media Platform

At present official social media platforms of the organisations like LinkedIn, Instagram, and Twitter are the most powerful sources to get informed and proceed to depend upon the job opportunity available. These platforms can surely be regularly checked by the students to get updated.

  • University Recruitment Drive

On-campus university recruitment drives are one of the major sources to apply and get selected for the domain-specific job role one is looking for. Students get ample opportunity due to the presence of dozens of companies normally for recruitment purposes.

  • Off-campus Job Opportunities

Off-campus job opportunities include both offline and online job fairs organised by recruitment agencies with the collaboration of universities and organisations. Students can also directly apply to the company portal based on the vacancy shared by the recruiters on their official website.

  • Personal Networking

Personal networking through social or community networking groups plays an important role for the student looking to get aware of the job opportunity available in the market. Students should not only become part of that group but also actively participate in both online as well as offline events organised by them.

  • Internship References

Performance in the internship programs also creates the path to getting working opportunities for deserving candidates. Recruiters while hiring freshers mostly show interest in a candidate who has done an internship in their field. Projects or initiatives completed during the internship also give an edge to the applicant over others.

Tips to Get Selected for Business Analytics Course in UK

Here are the following tips which help applicants to get selected for a Business Analytics job in the UK.

  • Domain Knowledge

Sound domain knowledge is a must to get selected for the job of Business Analytics in the UK. Applicants are advised to brush up on important course learning before appearing for the interview.

  • Tools Expertise

Applicant must be well-versed with all the latest software or key tools used by professionals in the field of Business Analytics. It will help the candidate to be confident in their interview process.

  • Market Analysis

A proper market analysis related to the field of Business Analytics, challenges and opportunities related to this field are aware applicant regarding the market scenario. It gives an edge to the students over other applicants in the selection process.

  • Research about Recruiter

One of the important tasks for an interviewer is to research the recruiters. Knowing properly about their key business market, working style, challenges and future roadmap always help the candidate to perform well in the interview.

  • Internships & Projects

Students should take internship or project opportunities seriously and gain maximum learning from them. Internships, assignments or projects related to business analytics help them to answer complex questions related to their field and increase their chances to get selected.

Top Universities to Study Business Analytics in UK

The following are the top universities in the UK for business analytics:

Universities QS World University Ranking 2023
University of Warwick64
Imperial College London6
University of Manchester 28
University of Edinburgh15
Loughborough University256
Aston University 561-570
University of Bath179
University of Leeds86
University College London8
London School of Economics and Political Science561-570

Top Business Analytics Courses

Business analytics is a diverse field. It covers all the sectors be it Finance, Business, Marketing, Human Resources, Data Science, Risk and Strategy. The top business analytics course in the UK are mentioned below:

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Career Prospect & Average Salary

The following are the popular career paths with average annual salary after studying Business Analytics in the UK:

Job ProfileAverage Salary (Annually)
Business Analyst ManagerGBP 50000 (INR 49.84 Lakh) 
StatisticianGBP 35000 (INR 34.89 Lakh)
Strategy ManagerGBP 55000 (INR 54.83 Lakh) 
Big Data AnalystGBP 40000 (INR 39.87 Lakh)
Database AdministratorGBP 40000 (INR 39.87 Lakh)

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What is the employability rate for Business Analytics courses in UK?

Business Analytics courses are high in demand in the United Kingdom due to massive job opportunities. The employability rate for Business Analytics courses in the UK is more than 95%.

What are the top three UK universities to pursue Business Analytics courses?

The top three universities to pursue Business Analytics courses in the UK are Imperial College London, University College London and the University of Edinburgh.

Is GMAT or GRE necessary to pursue a Business Analytics course in the UK?

Not all but some premier universities in the UK may require applicants to provide their GMAT or GRE scores. The management test score should be in the range of GMAT: 600- 650, and GRE: 156.

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