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One of the prominent research institutions founded as the College of Aeronautics, Cranfield University is a British postgraduate public research university. Established way back in 1946 Cranfield University specialised in science, technology, design and management. This institution grew mainly in the 1950s to 1960s with the research on the development of aircraft. Another factor responsible for the popularity of Cranfield University is the Notable alumni. An array of Cranfield University graduates are employed in various sectors extending from science to law. If you want to know more about Cranfield University, the list of notable Alumni of Cranfield University and much more then keep reading! 

Why Pursue Studies at Cranfield University?

Established way back in 1946 Cranfield University specialised in science, technology, design and management. This institution grew mainly in the 1950s to 1960s with the research on the development of aircraft. One of the prestigious Universities in the United Kingdom, Cranfield University is commonly known as a public research university. Two wonderful campuses located at the heart of Cranfield and Oxfordshire are unique and well known for having their own airport and their own aircraft are known as Cranfield University which is basically used for teaching and research. Moreover, Cranfield University is one of the 1% institutions that have notable alumni at the world’s top companies as CEOs.

The List of Notable Alumni of Cranfield University

There is an array of notable alumni of Cranfield University who are successful individuals. Some of these distinguished people from Cranfield University are:

  1. Sarah Willingham
  2. Siddhartha Lal
  3. Charles Ingram
  4. Dewan Rabindranath Soni
  5. Winnie Byanyima
  6. Raghbir Singh Bhola
  7. Andy Palmer 
  8. Nader-al-Dhabi
  9. Simon Gicharu
  10. Ahmed Lawan

Sarah Willingham

Cranfield University Notable Alumni: Sarah Willingham

Born on 21 December 1973, Sarah Louise Willingham is better known as  Sarah Willingham is a successful businesswoman who is known as a British entrepreneur, consumer champion and investor. Willingham started her career managing some of the restaurants such as Chessageed Delights, Pizza Express and Planet Hollywood. She rose to popularity for management of high-street restaurants such as Pizza Express, Planet Hollywood and for her tenure as a “Dragon” on the thirteenth. Willingham pursued her MBA degree from Cranfield University School of Management in 2004. She is one of the most successful and inspirational notable alumni from Cranfield University. 

Siddhartha Lal

Cranfield University Notable Alumni: Siddhartha Lal

Another well-known personality who got successful and pursued studies at Cranfield University is Siddhartha Lal. Born in October 1973, Siddhartha Vikram Lal is better known as Siddhartha Lal. Siddhartha is popular as an Indian Businessman and a former chief executive officer of Eicher Motors. Currently, Siddhartha is a Managing director of Eicher Motors, chairman and MD of VE Commercial Vehicles and a director of Eicher Goodearth Limited. Moreover, Siddhartha is also credited with the turnaround and revival of Royal Enfield. He is another notable alumni from Cranfield University who pursued a Diploma in Mechanical Engineering from Cranfield University and passed with flying colours.

Charles Ingram

Cranfield University Notable Alumni: Charles Ingram

One of the famous personalities who are graduates of Cranfield University is Charles Ingram. Born on 6 August 1963, Charles William Ingram is better known as Charles Ingram. He is popular around the globe as an English fraudster, former British army major, computer repairman and novelist. Charles rose to popularity for his appearance on the ITV television game show named Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? He became one of the three contestants in the history of the show to win a prize of 1 Million after answering all 15 questions correctly but unfortunately, he was denied the prize money due to suspicion of cheating. Charles pursued his studies at Cranfield University and became one of the successful students.

Dewan Rabindranath Soni

Cranfield University Notable Alumni: Dewan Rabindranath Soni

One of the prominent figures in the history of the Indian Army, Dewan Rabindranath Soni or Lieutenant General Dewan Rabindranath Soni. Another successful and inspiring story from Cranfield University, Dewan is alumni of the National Defence Academy and Indian Military Academy. He pursued a postgraduate degree in Global Security from Cranfield University and passed with flying colours. He has undergone and has completed various missions while serving in the Indian Army as a Lieutenant General.

Winnie Byanyima

Winnie Byanyima

Winne Byanyima is better known as Winifred Byanyima is one of the most prestigious figures in the history of Uganda. Born on 13 January 1959, Winifred Byanyima is well known as a Ugandan aeronautical engineer, diplomat and politician. She pursued a bachelor’s degree from the University of Manchester in aeronautical engineering and became the first female Ugandan to pursue aeronautical engineering. She is another notable alumni of Cranfield University who pursued a master’s degree in mechanical engineering with energy conversation as a specialisation. 

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