Oenology: Top Courses, Universities, and Careers

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Oenology Top Courses, Universities and Careers (3)

Oenology is the scientific study of wine and distilled winemaking. It involves studying different kinds of grapes and investigating the grape’s metamorphosis into wine. From studying vine physiology, health, wine sensory science, supply chain to production, Oenology courses train professionals and researchers for a career in wine-making. According to the Global Wine Market Report of 2022, the global wine market is projected to reach a revised size of US$434.6 billion by 2027! So, if you are looking to gain expert expertise on the diversity of the vineyards and become a wine mogul then here is everything you need to know about Oenology certification, universities, and more.

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What is Oenology?

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Oenology, or enology, is the science and study of all elements of wine and winemaking, except vine-growing and grape-harvesting, which falls under the viticulture area. “Viticulture and enology” is a term used to describe training programs and research institutions that cover both “outdoors” and “indoors” components of winemaking. An oenologist is a specialist in the area of oenology.

Who is an Oenologist?

The term oenologist, which has been recognized in France since 1955, refers to a person who shows wine science. An oenologist performs a variety of tasks, ranging from technician to chemist, but they are most known for being an excellent wine taster who oversees the many phases of wine production from the vine to the table. As a result, this experienced professional with a passion for wine oversees the winemaking process, distillation, blending, and bottling. An oenologist must have a scientific understanding of the chemical and biological processes that occur throughout the winemaking process since they are responsible for evaluating the quality of the wine. An oenologist must continue to improve their nose, taste, and memory to stay a champion of wine tasting. However, an oenologist should not be confused with a sommelier: whereas the former oversees wine production and advises winegrowers, the latter speaks about wine, advises clients, and specializes in wine service and selection.

Oenology Top Courses

If you’re interested in learning how to become an oenologist, here are several good courses to consider.

  • Bachelor of Viticulture and Oenology (BSc Hons) 
  • Master of Viticulture and Oenology (MSc)
  • Master in Fermented Beverages
  • Master Course in Italian Cuisine and Oenology
  • Graduate Diploma in Viticulture and Oenology
  • Master in Innovative Oenology
  • Master of Food and Wine Journalism
  • Master in Wine Culture and Communication

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Although eligibility varies from course to course and university to university, the following are the general requirements for Oenology courses:

  • For undergraduate studies, a 65 percent to 75 percent aggregate percentage in XII or 10+2 standard inapplicable streams, or an upper second class degree with 6.0/10.0 CGPA (60 percent) or a lower second class degree with 5.5/10.0 CGPA (55 percent) is required (55 percent ). English, Math, and Science are among the subjects covered.
  • Relevant Bachelor’s degree or equivalent in a science-related discipline, such as agriculture, biology, microbiology, biochemistry, chemistry, plant science, and general science and engineering (For PG courses).
  • A passing grade or better on the WSET Level 2 Award in Wines is also required for this course.
  • Applicants will often be expected to attend a brief intensive bridge course covering the concepts of vine-growing and winemaking right at the start of their degree.

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English Language Requirements

To study oenology courses abroad, you must pass an English language test to demonstrate your ability in the language. Because the scorecard for these examinations is valid for two years, students should familiarise themselves with the university schedule and apply for admission carefully.

Test Average Score Required 
IELTS 6.0 or above
TOEFL  79 or above
PTE 58 or above

Documents Checklist

Top Universities to Pursue Oenology Courses 

You should be aware of the best universities offering oenology courses. It will make finding universities a lot easier. The following are the best colleges and institutes that offer Oenology Courses

University  QS Rankings 2022
Charles Sturt University #801-1000
lincoln University #372
Washington State University #427
The University of Adelaide (UoA) #108
Kent State University #1001-1200
California State University, Fresno #6
Melbourne Polytechnic
MiraCosta College

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Cost of Studying Oenology Courses 

The cost of pursuing a degree in oenology varies depending on which university you attend. The table below displays the average tuition fees for various institutions’ oenology courses.

Course  Average Tuition Fees (USD)  Average Tuition Fees (INR) 
Undergraduate  12,253 – 43,500  9,13,767- 32,44,012
Postgraduate  13,615 – 47,500 10,15,338 – 35,42,312

Career Scope of Oenology 

You’ll be able to manage a vineyard, direct and carry out vineyard activities, direct winemaking operations, and manage the winery after graduation. You’ll be able to direct and develop winemaking and viticultural techniques in fields like winemaking and viticulture as a trained viticulturist and oenologist.

  • Viticultural Management
  • Winemaking and Winery management
  • Food and Beverage Technology
  • Hospitality and Tourism

Jobs And Salary 

The sorts of occupations and typical salaries you may expect after completing Oenology courses are shown below.

Jobs  Average Salary (INR)
Winemaker INR 6,00,000
Brewer INR 353,749
Vineyard Operator INR 10,00,000
Vineyard Supervisor INR 10,00,000 – 15,00,000 
Beverage Technologist INR 3,00,000 5,00,000 
Viticulture Officer INR 17,12,482
Wine Scientist INR 10,00,000 – 15,00,000
Horticulturist INR 403,365

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This was all about Oenology. If you need any more assistance with institutions, the application process, finances, paperwork, or anything else, call the Leverage Edu professionals at 1800-572-000 and let them give you outstanding end-to-end mentorship and advice to help you make your goal a reality in no time!

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