General Science

General Science

To pursue higher education or to work at your dream company, qualifying competitive exams has now become an important component. Majorly, such exams evaluate candidates’ knowledge related to Logical Reasoning, English Language, General Science, and Mathematics. Though all sections are equally important, Science is considered trickiest, and with thousands of candidates appearing every year, it is essential to build a strong foundation and hit the bull’s eye to get your candidature highlighted from the hoard.

What is General Science?

General Science includes an array of basic topics from the three branches of Science namely, Physics, Biology, and Chemistry [BiPC subjects]. Generally, the topics covering the practical aspects of the common principles of the 3 subjects are put under this section. Be it the SAT exam or SSC exams, it is important to clear concepts in order to obtain the perfect score. Mentioned below are some of the important topics in General Science:

  • Common drugs and their usage 
  • Common names of chemical compounds
  • Scientific laws and theories
  • SI units 
  • Atomic Structure
  • Important facts about the human body
  • Plant and animal tissues
  • Viscosity and Surface Tension
  • Gravitation
  • Important inventions, etc

General Science Questions Part-1

  1. White Blood Cells are produced in which part of the human body?
  2. How many chambers are there in a human heart?
  3. Name the substances which act as both acid and base?
  4. At what temperature the reading of the Celsius scale will be the same as that of the reading of the Fahrenheit scale?
  5. Which is considered as the larget part of the brain?
  6. Ayurvedic system of medicine was discovered by?
  7. Which chemical is used at the tip of the safety match stick?
  8. Who discovered electron?
  9. What is the name of the instrument used by the captain of a submarine or the commander of a tank to observe objects above or around them? 
  10. Total how may bones are there in an infant?
  11. Diesel Engine was invented by?
  12. Watt is the unit of the quantity called?
  13. Which is considered as the longest/largest bone in the human body?
  14. Name the metal used as the filament of the incandescent lamp?
  15. Which gas is used as LPG?
  16. Name the gas used in refrigerators?
  17. To measure the intensity of the light, which instrument is used?
  18. Who invented the thermometer?
  19. X-rays were invented by?
  20. What is the quantity of blood in the human body?

General Science Questions Part-2

  1. Cataract is a common disease that affects_____?
  2. What is the pH value of a basic substance?
  3. What is the full form of RDX?
  4. What makes the colour of blood red?
  5. How many chromosomes are there in the human body?
  6. “Dioptre” is the unit of?
  7. Name the metal that can be cut from a knife?
  8. Why is sodium stored under kerosene?
  9. Name the gas which is also called the laughing gas?
  10. Vaccination was developed by?
  11. How are the small current measured?
  12. Name the gas used in fire extinguishers
  13. Name the gas usually responsible for the greenhouse effect.
  14. Which acid is used in car batteries?
  15. One of the most common diseases, Typhoid affects which part of the body?
  16. Red blood cells in the human body are produced in which part?
  17. With the help of what are nutrients transported in the human body?
  18. Soybean is a source of?
  19. Which mirror is used by motorists?
  20. Bolometer is used for?

General Science Questions Part-3

  1. How many salivary glands are there in the human body?
  2. Name the particle required to continue the chain process of uranium fission.
  3. Potato is a source of?
  4. Blood cancer is otherwise known as?
  5. Who built the first modern motorcar?
  6. The chemical name of vitamin E is?
  7. Which mirror is used by the dentists?
  8. Pulses are a source of?
  9. “Farad” is the unit of?
  10. What type of electromagnetic waves are used in the remote control of television, etc?
  11. What kind of carbohydrates (or sugar) is present in milk?
  12. The chemical name of rat poison is?
  13. Name the process through which plants get water through the roots. 
  14. How is the sun’s energy produced?
  15. Does BCG vaccination provide immunity? If yes, then from what?
  16. Where is the pituitary gland located?
  17. Which substance is called liquid gold?
  18. Bile is secreted by?
  19. Name the metal used for galvanizing iron.
  20. Which disease is caused by iodine deficiency in the human body?

Science is a very broad subject and requires conceptual clarity in order to clear a competitive exam. Basic knowledge and logical thinking are what is assessed in the SAT Subject Test, the scores of which are required by some of the major universities in the USA and Canada for undergraduate courses. Join Leverage Edu‘s Live online SAT classes where all your doubts, queries, and concepts will be cleared by domain experts through updated study material, one-on-one sessions, and scores of practice questions!

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