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Are passionate about aviation and traveling? What about we tell you, you can choose travel and tourism as your career? Yes, you heard it right. We are talking about the courses provided by the International Air Transport Association, popularly known as the IATA courses. IATA courses and diplomas allow you to be the best that you can be. Every year, 100,000 participants place their confidence in the unique industry knowledge provided by these courses. Keep digging throughout this blog and you’ll get to know everything about the famous IATA courses.

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What is IATA?

The International Air Transport Association shortly, IATA, is a global trade organization for air transport having its headquarters in Montreal, Canada. IATA is a prime association that helps in leading, representing, and serving the aviation industry having over 290 member airlines, both in the cargo and the passenger segment.

IATA also runs various courses in travel and tourism. These internationally recognized courses are accepted globally and add an extra plus point to the resume of the students. The IATA-qualified professional can gain employment at the front line or entry-level operations of airlines and travel agencies across the globe.  

Courses Offered by IATA

IATA provides you with around 450+ courses and diplomas which will help you get really good work across the globe. The IATA courses target the following sectors or fields of study in the aviation sector, namely:

  1. Air Navigation
  2. Airlines 
  3. Airports 
  4. Cargo
  5. Civil Aviation Authority 
  6. Corporate
  7. Ground Services 
  8. Travel Agency

The duration of these courses ranges from 5 days to 1 year on average. Some of the famous courses offered by IATA are:-

  1. Foundation course in travel and tourism
  2. Diploma in travel and tourism consultant
  3. Advanced Cargo rating and marketing course
  4. Aviation security screening diploma
  5. Ground operations diploma
  6. Accounting and Financial Management for Travel Agencies
  7. Advanced Airport Operations Diploma
  8. Advanced Skills in Journey Pricing and Ticketing
  9. Air Cargo Advanced Marketing Course
  10. Air Cargo Business Development Diploma
  11. Air Cargo Business Strategy and Planning
  12. Air Cargo Customer Service 
  13. Air Cargo Diploma 
  14. Airline Competition Law
  15. Airline Customer Service for the Leadership & Management Training Program
  16. Airline Business Diversification: Generating Ancillary Revenues
  17. Aircraft Weight and Balance
  18. Aircraft Marshalling and Ramp Hand Signals
  19. Airline Marketing
  20. Airline Operations Diploma

Now let’s check about some of these courses in-depth:-

Foundation Course in Travel and Tourism

The course is perfect for students who keep interested in learning what is travel and tourism? They focus on learning travel and tourism for airline reservation agents, tour operators, and for sales and marketing staff of travel agencies. The student will have to pass at least 10+2 to be eligible for this course. The course duration is 177 hours.

Diploma in Travel and Tourism Consultant

The minimum eligibility criteria for this course is also 10+2. The course is suitable for graduates in travel and tourism, travel agents and reservations and sales employees. By the end of this course, the candidates will be able to do consultancy on international travel and tourism destinations, give advice on travel and tourism products, interpret IATA resolutions that apply to accredited travel agencies. Further, they will be able to follow BSP procedures to construct complex airfares and manage ticket exchanges. The duration of this course is 154 hours.

Advanced Cargo Rating and Marketing Course

You’re eligible for this course once you complete the graduate degree. This course is for sales and marketing staff at cargo agencies and at air freight forwarders. They can also try out job roles like sales, reservations, and acceptance staff at airlines. These professionals can take up job roles as junior and middle management staff at airlines, cargo agents, and freight forwarders.

Aviation Security Screening Diploma

This Diploma level course is the best for you if you’re an entry-level security agent to become junior managers and for security staff from airports and other navigation organizations. The course will also help you to identify common weapons and access security threats, to perform security measures and access control duties as per industry compliance. Further, you’ll also be able to perform basic X-ray screening operations and read X-ray images. Bonus! You’ll also be able to supervise the security operations at the checkpoints.

Ground Operations Diploma

Ground Operations Diploma is a course that when you finish it, you will be able to gain Excellent management skills and operational knowledge about the different ground operations for airlines and other ground service providers. This course will further teach you to formalize ground operations as per international standards. They also develop integrated operational and management skills on all ground functions.

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Benefits Of IATA Courses and Diplomas 

Every course you do, provides you with really good opportunities right? But IATA courses are providing you the best. You’ll get the opportunity to work all around the world! What else do you need? Also, it studies travel and tourism and one’s work will revolve around that only!

The courses of the IATA covers the following areas:-

  • World geography
  • IATA city codes
  • Flight bookings and PNR creations
  • Airline ticketing and CRS
  • Airfare and ticketing fare constructions
  • Itinerary planning and customer service
  • Facilitation management
  • Customer service and relationship
  • Aviation Operations 
  • Aviation Marketing 
  • Entrepreneurship in Aviation business 
  • Weight and balance 
  • Quality management
  • Revenue management 
  • Safety and security 
  • Sales maximization 
  • Infrastructure standards 
  • Customer services 
  • Emergency response 
  • Weather operations, forecasting, and planning, etc.

Eligibility Criteria for IATA Courses

The basic educational criteria for the course is the 12th standard or a graduate degree for regular courses. The candidate should also have basic skills like good English reading, writing, and speaking skills. Good knowledge of the basic geography of different countries, continents, and oceans is also expected from the candidates.

If you aspire to be an IATA consultant, you’ll have to do the Diploma course. To become eligible for this course, you need to have a minimum of two years of industry experience. If you want to do the advanced cargo marketing course, you will need to have three and a half years of experience in the cargo industry. The IATA also offers courses through distance learning programs as well for working graduates.

Institutions Offering IATA Courses

India has some good and reputed institutes which provide IATA courses. The best ones are:-

  1. University of Petroleum and Energy Studies, Dehradun 
  2. Bird Academy, Delhi 
  3. Aircraft Aviation Training and Management Institute, Patna
  4. Vidya Bharathi, Kalamassery, Kerala
  5. Akbar Academy, Thrissur
  6. Travelshiksha Academy, Lucknow
  7. Jyoti Nivas College, Bengaluru
  8. Christ University, Bengaluru

The fees vary between courses and institutions. Although if you ask about an average amount then it’s ₹70,000 to ₹1,20,000 including taxes and registration charges. 

Career Opportunities after IATA Course

A qualified IATA Student will have excellent opportunities both at entry-level and front-level operations of airlines and travel agencies. Getting a job for professionals is easy. They can get jobs like airport service executives and managers, ground handling officers, ramp staff, travel agents, airline city office representatives, reservation and ticketing officers, international ticketing officers, tour operators, destination specialists, destination and travel content writers, and marketers, Travel Journalist etc. 

Graduates and postgraduates in travel and tourism taking the training can get direct entry to mid-level management and take up job roles as operations manager, billing and settlement officer, travel agency manager, airport managers, etc. They can also get a job in the public sector like the Department of Tourism (DoT), Indian Tourism Development Corporation (ITDC), State Tourism Corporations, etc.

Note: The average salary for these professionals varies between Rs 30,000 to Rs 2,50,000 per month depending on their expertise and the position they take up.

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So this was all regarding the IATA courses. If you still need to know things and give us a comment below, we are happy to resolve your problems. Confused about your study abroad journey and finding the best university? Don’t worry and let our revolutionary AI Course Finder took help you choosing the right course and best-fit university abroad according to your requirements and needs. Keep following Leverage Edu for more engaging educational content.

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