Resume Format for Freshers

Resume Format for Freshers

First impression is the last impression. Especially, when a person shares their resume for their first job. A CV or resume is like a golden ticket that can either make or break your image in front of the recruiters. A quick glance at your biodata is going to decide your position in the organisation. Are you wondering how to create a perfect resume? What are the things that are to be mentioned? What are the ways of making a perfect CV? If yes, then read on to our blog and discover interesting resume format for freshers!

Resume Format for Freshers – Key Elements

The important elements of a resume for freshers are explained below:

(Writer you name in clear and bold letters in a simpler font so that whosoever picks it up, it is easily understandable. Do not forget to mention your complete address, mobile number and email-ID)

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(It is a short section wherein you will quickly explain your personality traits within 1-2 lines )

(Under this section you will have to explain what are your motives and objectives behind joining the organization. Elucidating upon what all better changes you will bring in for the firm)

[For quick tips and trick readout Career Objective for Resume for Fresher in Computer Science]

(Being a fresher, you must make sure that you highlight all your professional skills and extra knowledge acquired through higher education or some professional courses. Some resume format for freshers may lack this heading but through this section, the recruiter will apprehend the amount of expertise you possess of the field)

(Mention all the degrees, certificates and diplomas you have acquired along with the name of the institution and the year of passing. Also, if you have taken any short term course, do mention it here!)

(Even in the resume format for freshers, this is the most vital sections to add. Although, being a fresher some individuals may lack notable full-time experience. In such cases, you can mention about the home tuitions you took and the experience of freelancing)

(Herein you can mention the languages you proficiently know)

(Along with your school and college life, the achievements you have gathered in sports and other extra-curricular activities will be mentioned here)

(Concludingly, in this section you can mention some basic details related to you like interests, date of birth, nationality etc.)

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Sample Resume for Freshers

After this sample format, below mentioned is a sample resume format for freshers through the lines of which you can formulate your own resume:

Akanksha Kapoor
XYZ- 123, New Delhi- __
Mobile: +91 999999999

Highly dedicated, an analytical and meticulous person with an eternal zeal to learn and grow.

To work in an innovative, healthy and challenging environment extracting the best out of me which is conducive to learn and grow at professional as well as personal levels. 

Professional Skills 
-Capabilities to handle manifold tasks in pressured surroundings.
Ability to work effectively despite time and constraints and pressure.
Actively participate and contribute to enhancing team performance and workflow.

Educational Qualification 
-Worked with Aura as a ‘SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING INTER’.
-Higher schooling from Queen Marry’s School, Ashok Vihar, CBSE, Delhi.
Currently working with an N.G.O. (Raunak Helping Hands) as a ‘TEACHER’ and volunteer.
Providing home tuition for classes 1st-10th.

Language Proficiency 
English (Read, Write & Spoken)
Hindi (Read, Write & Spoken)

Extra-Curricular Activities 
-University level participate in English debate competitions
An active volunteer in managing college functions and fests
Participated in college and university fashion shows 

General Information
Interests: Writing, Travel, Music, Workout, Cooking and Reading 
Date of Birth: July 18th, 1995
Nationality: Indian 

Resume Format for CA Freshers

Resume Format for Freshers

Resume Sample for Network Engineering Freshers

Network Engineer Resume

Resume Sample for Financial Analyst

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Tips and Tricks 

Following are some quick tips and tricks to make a resume for freshers looking for the first job.

  • Begin by creating an email ID which looks professional
  • Opt for the usual font size i.e., 10-12. Large fast should be avoided
  • Be consistent in the font and style for heading in your resume. Always use a readable font
  • Skillfully mention the keywords in your resume 
  • Use pointers 
  • Keep your experiences short and crisp
  • Filter the information wisely and put down your essential and latest achievements
  • Do not forget to proofread and edit it

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We hope that this blog on resume format for freshers will help you in making a perfect one for yourself! Are you willing to know tips and tricks in order to make an alluring resume? If yes, reach out to our experts by booking an E-meeting session at Leverage Edu and they will solve all your queries!

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