Countries with Best Education System

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Countries with Best Education System

Do you know education systems around the world differ in terms of facilities, levels of education, methods of teaching and many more factors? Every country has its own system of education which is set on the standards that well suit the students and society. When you are planning to study abroad, it is essential to understand the education system of your study destination. Through this blog, we aim to highlight countries with best education system.

United Kingdom

The United Kingdom has been the choicest study destination since the 19th and 20th century. The renowned educational institutions of the country have nurtured globally acclaimed scholars and thinkers. The UK is internationally known as one of the leading countries with best education system and has remained at the top since the initial years of its establishment. The education system in the UK is divided into four sections, i.e. Primary Education, Secondary Education, Further Education and Higher Education. The country has made primary education compulsory. During the secondary level of education, students have to take the General Certificate of Secondary Education (GCSE) or some other national-level certified exam to qualify for the next stage. Moreover, the levels of Further Education and Higher Education are optional and clearing their secondary education, they are provided with options to study further or to directly get placed into the industry.

The United States of America

Being a federal district housing 50 states, the USA has a distinct education system which is not regulated by the country’s government. Instead, the higher education apparatuses are either managed by independent groups of people or trustees or distributed between state and local governments. Amongst one of the world’s prominent countries with best education system, it has formulated four levels of schooling, namely, elementary school, middle school, junior school and high school. The students are evaluated with grades rather than marks. The country’s higher educational institutes and universities have strived to maintain excellence in terms of teaching and learning methods.

Countries with Best Education System- Australia 

In Australia, the education system is bifurcated into three central levels, i.e. Primary, Secondary and Senior Secondary. The primary stage of education comprises of seven to eight years of schooling, the secondary constitutes of three to four years and senior secondary is mainly of two years. for seven to eight years, secondary runs for three to four years were as senior secondary runs for two years. The reason why we have added Australia to our list of countries with best education system is that the country has formed the unique Australian Qualification Framework under which the majority of its universities are registered. This framework regulates the higher learning institutions of the country and ensures that they impart quality education at affordable rates.


Germany’s education system is based on the principle of ‘Grundgestez’ which is an integral law of the Federal Republic of Germany. The country has developed a disciplined educational apparatus and imparts education that is coupled with the teaching of morals and values to its citizens. If you are planning to study in Germany, you should know that education is divided into 5 levels, i.e. Early Childhood Education, Primary Education, Secondary Education, Tertiary Education, Continuing education. It is also amongst one of the renowned countries with the best education system and has a six-mark grading system in which 1 denotes outstanding and 6 signifies very poor.

Countries with Best Education System- Canada 

Managed by the country’s provinces, the Canadian Education system is propounded by the federal government which ensures that the quality and standards are maintained par excellence. The country has invested heavily in its education sector and this has been evident with the fact that it has emerged as one of the top countries with best education system. Further, the federal government of Canada offers high subsidies to students in order to promote educational opportunities for everyone. The education system of Canada is divided into three parts: Primary, Secondary and Post-Secondary. The children usually start their schooling at the age of 5 and the concluding stage of education happens at the age of 18-20. Home to over 90 higher learning institutions, the diversity in programs and costs makes Canada a hotspot of the international students.

[BONUS] Education Systems of Other Countries

Apart from the above mentioned list of countries with best education system for Indian study abroad students, there are some more countries that are well known for their quality education. Have a look at their education systems: 

Countries with Best Education System: Top Academic Institutions

Here is a list of the prominent universities of the above-mentioned top countries with best education system:

Countries Institutions 
UKUniversity of Oxford
University of Cambridge
The University Of Worcester
The University Of Westminster
University of Liverpool
USAStanford University
Harvard University
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Columbia University
University of Michigan
AustraliaUniversity of Sydney
University of Melbourne 
James Cook University
The University of Sydney
Central Queensland University
GermanyTechnische Universitat Munchen
Ludwig Maximilians- University Munchen
Saarland University
University of Wuppertal
University of Würzburg
Canada University of British Columbia
McGill University
Universite Laval
Concordia University of Edmonton
University of Ottawa

Thus, the unique characteristics that distinguish the above-mentioned countries with best education system from others are their uniquely formed teaching and learning apparatuses that ensure the quality of education and equal opportunities to everyone at the same time. If you are planning to continue your academic journey in any of these countries, our Leverage Edu experts are here to help you select a suitable course and universities as well as throughout the admission process to get you successfully shortlisted to continue your academic journey abroad.

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