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Engineering Management

Engineering is one of the most sought-after career fields in India. Bringing an interdisciplinary combination between two different disciplines, engineering and management, Engineering Management encompasses the study of basics of management, behavioral science, quantitative analysis as well as functional management. It is a specialised field of study that essentially reflects the increasing demand for efficient managers and engineers equipped with the managerial as well as technical skills to lead technology-driven enterprises. While it was initially offered as a specialisation for a master’s degree, a wide range of universities are now offering it at bachelor’s level and doctorate level as well.

In this blog, we will walk you through the quintessential features of building a career in Engineering management including the major courses offered, top universities as well as career prospects.

What is Engineering Management?

Focusing on the efficient administration of engineering-led and technical projects, Engineering Management aims to impart students with technical knowledge as well as theoretical and practical knowledge of leading managerial projects. Further, students explore the multidisciplinary study of managerial theories as well as engineering disciplines altogether. It comprises of the study of product development, materials management, production processes as well as workforce management, amongst others. 

A multitude of undergraduate and postgraduate programmes are offered in this multidisciplinary field that one can choose from. The following sections elucidate upon the major Engineering Management courses that you must consider:

Bachelor’s Degree Courses 

Bachelor of Engineering in Mechanical Eng.- Mgmt. SciencesBachelor of Engineering in Civil Eng. – Management Sciences
Bachelor of Engineering in Electrical Engineering – Mgmt. SciencesBachelor of Applied Science in Civil Engineering – Eng. Mgmt. and Entrepreneurship
Construction Eng. Mgmt. BSc (Hons)

Master’s Degree Courses

Master of Management for EngineersMSc/Master of Engineering ManagementAdvanced Eng Mgmt. MSc – Project Management
Master of Engineering in Construction Eng. Mgmt.Master of Engineering – Manufacturing Engineering and Management and Master of Eng. Mgmt.Master of Engineering – Cyber Security Engineering and Master of Eng. Mgmt.
Master of Science in Civil Eng. Mgmt.Master of Eng. Mgmt and Master of Business AdministrationMaster of Science in Industrial Engineering / Master of Eng. Mgmt.

Doctoral Courses

Doctor of Philosophy in
Eng. Mgmt.
Doctor of Philosophy in Civil Engineering – Construction Eng. and ManagementPhD, MPhil, Industrial Doctorate Design, Manufacture and Eng. Mgmt.- Materials
Doctor of Philosophy in Civil and Environmental Eng. – Construction Eng. and ManagementDoctor of Philosophy in Environmental Chemistry and Technology – Construction Eng. and ManagementDoctor of Philosophy in Industrial Engineering and Management
Doctor of Philosophy in Industrial and Systems Eng.-
Management Systems Eng.
Doctor of Philosophy in
Systems and Eng. Mgmt.
Doctor of Philosophy in Engineering – Eng. Mgmt. and Systems Engineering

Note: Engineering Management has been abbreviated above as Eng. Mgmt.

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Eligibility Criteria

Read the information provided below to get to know about the eligibility criteria of studying engineering management.


For the undergraduate level, note the below points.

  1. The student must have passed higher secondary education with an aggregate of 55% and above, in a science stream.
  2. Specific academic exams, per each university must be qualified for.


For the undergraduate level, note the below points.

  1. A bachelor’s degree certificate from an accredited university in a relevant field along with a good CGPA.
  2. GMAT or GRE scores, in most cases, are required.
  3. A statement of purpose
  4. Letter of recommendation
  5. Academic Transcripts
  6. English language Proficiency Scores such as IELTS, TOEFL.

Top Universities Offering Engineering Management Courses

There are numerous universities around the world that offer specialised programmes in this field. Take a look at the following table enlisting the major universities for Engineering Management courses.

University Country QS Ranking 2023
Ryerson UniversityCanada
University of ManchesterUnited Kingdom28
University of SouthamptonUnited Kingdom78
RMIT UniversityAustralia190
Queen Mary University of LondonUnited Kingdom125
University of GreenwichUnited Kingdom801-1000
Ulster UniversityUnited Kingdom601-650
Virginia TechUnited States363
Ontario Tech UniversityCanada
Oklahoma State UniversityUnited States801-1000
University of CanterburyNew Zealand 284
Institute of Technology CarlowIreland 
IUBH University of Applied Sciences – OnlineGermany
University of AucklandNew Zealand87
Cardiff UniversityUK166

Job Prospects 

As it is a crossover between the popular domains of Engineering and Management, graduates can explore a multitude of opportunities in IT and business administration. Since most of the businesses are technology-driven in contemporary times, there is an increasing demand for Managers with the knowledge of technical domains. Here are the major job prospects available for a graduate with a degree in Engineering Management:

  • Automation Engineer
  • Chemical Process Engineer
  • Client Services Analyst
  • Construction Project Engineer
  • Design Engineer
  • Firmware engineer
  • IT Manager
  • Cost Engineer
  • Material Logistics Professional
  • Plant Manager
  • Processing Engineering Manager
  • Product Engineer
  • Structural Engineer
  • Technical Consultant
  • Technology Licensing Specialist

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Skills Required

The below skills make the professional that engineering managers are:

  1. Leadership Skills
  2. Technical Skills
  3. Analytical Skills
  4. Communication Skills
  5. Multitasking
  6. Time management
  7. Problem-solving
  8. Self-motivation

Some of the hard and practical skills are mentioned below.

  1. Software and computer knowledge
  2. Engineering science
  3. Mathematics
  4. Workflow development
  5. Knowledge of manufacturing processes
  6. Java
  7. Project Management
  8. C++

Top Industries for Engineering Management

The following industries are known most to hire engineering managers:

  1. Manufacturing
  2. Architectural
  3. Engineering
  4. Scientific research and development services
  5. Electromedical manufacturing
  6. Aerospace engineering/manufacturing
  7. Spectator sports
  8. Oil and gas industry
  9. Educational support
  10. Optical Media

Average Annual Salary in India and Abroad

India: INR 25 lakh.

United Kingdom: £63,074 (INR 63.5 lakh)

The United States of America: $142,552 (INR 1.1 crore)

Australia: AUD 155,000 to 175,000 (INR 86 lakh to 96 lakh)

Canada: $139,358 (INR 84 lakh)

Top Employers

Making a list of the top employers of engineer managers, we provide you with below:

RankName of Company
4Uber Technologies
8Texas Instruments
10Expedia Group


What job can I get with a masters in engineering management?

The jobs of a project engineer, structural engineer, or automation engineer, are some that you can get with a masters in engineering management.

What is the career path of an Engineering Manager?

The career path of an engineering manager can go as follows: Engineering Manager -> Director of Engineering -> VP of Engineering -> SVP of Engineering.

What do you do in Engineering Management?

In engineering management, you are responsible to plan, design, direct, and help execute engineering projects within engineering companies.

Hence, opting for a career in Engineering Management, you can choose from multifarious opportunities in both these popular domains. Are you apprehensive about which course to choose to make a career in this field? Sign up for an online e-meeting with our Leverage Edu counsellors and we will assist you in selecting the right course and university that can equip you with the necessary knowledge and explore to build a successful career in this field! Call us immediately at 1800 57 2000 for a free 30-minute counselling session.

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