MUSB PGP TBM Admission 2023

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Masters’ Union School of Business is a new-age business school that aims to provide industry-immersive business education led by top industry leaders and practitioners. The Post Graduate Program in Technology and Business Management (PGP-TB), the flagship program offered by MUSB is a 16-month comprehensive course which has been intended to provide students with industry-related expertise and exposure to global business using a balanced practical and theoretical curriculum. This course is a rare combination of classroom involvement, training tours and boot camps, structured to educate students in every area of the corporate world. This blog brings you an exclusive guide on MUSB’s PGP TBM program.

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Masters’ Union Announces Internships at Mckinsey, BCG, Tata, BMW and More!

About Masters’ Union School of Business

Masters’ Union School of Business is a first-of-its-kind business school, where influential leaders from all aspects of life come together to reimagine teaching experience in a way that constructs successful career leaders for an ever-changing world. At Masters’ Union, each class is structured to feel like an internship, with hands-on learning at its heart. The course is guided by live ventures, boot camps and simulations, and is focused on new technologies.

About the MUSB PGP TBM

The faculty of MUSB PGP TBM consists of CXOs, MDs, Influential Public Figures, and even Members of Parliament, with the exception of the esteemed multinational instructors of the top B-schools who frequently consult Fortune 500 firms. 

Duration16 Months
Fees22.06 Lakhs INR
Specializations OfferedCore: 4
Industry: 7
Basic Eligibility Criteria Bachelor’s Degree
Basic Admission Criteria MU-BAAT followed by PI
Core SubjectsManagement and Strategy
Finance and Fintech
Marketing, Branding and Design and Computing
Business Analytics and Statistics

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Dates and Deadlines

MUSB PGP TBM exam dates are tabulated below:

UG TBM Application Deadline12th July 2023
UG TBM Cohort Starts August 2023
PG TBM Interview 2nd RoundApril 2023
PG TBM StartsJune 2023
Executive PGP TBM Round 3 Application Last Date 20th June 2023

Eligibility Criteria for MUSB PGP TBM 

The applicant must meet the following criteria to qualify for MUSB PGP TBM: 

  • A bachelor’s degree from a reputable institute. 
  • Candidates with previous work experience would be given higher priority, but professional experience is not a necessary requirement. 
  • Having passed the GMAT, GRE, CAT or NMAT exams would give you the high ground over all the other applicants. 
  • Students are expected to take the Masters’ Union-Business Aptitude and Admissions Exam (MU-BAAT) mandatorily. The following parts will be included in the test:
  • Candidates who qualify for the entrance examination will be nominated for individual interviews which will be conducted by the MUSB Masters and other core members. These interviews will be conducted in Delhi, Mumbai & Bangalore and, if necessary, via Skype.

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How To Apply For MUSB PGP TBM?

Application Forms are available online on MUSB’s official website. Here is a step-by-step process to apply for MUSB PGP TBM:

  1. Visit the official website of MUSB
  2. Click on the “Apply Now” tab
  3. Create a profile
  4. Register and Log-In 
  5. Fill in the application form
  6. Add the required documents
  7. Pay the application fee and submit the final application.

Selection Process for MUSB PGP TBM 

Candidates who want to apply for the MUSB PGP TBM would have to go through the following selection process:

  • It is essential to clear and have MU-BAAT ranking to get admission into MUSB PGP TBM. In extraordinary conditions, the admission panel may suggest suspending it. 
  • Candidates will be chosen on the basis of their marks in the entrance test followed by a personal interview. 
  • Selected students would be called to an in-person interview. The interviewing panel will be made up of esteemed masters from academia and business, as well as members of the core committee. Interviews will take place in Delhi, Mumbai & Bangalore and Skype in special situations. 
  • Candidates will then be given a case study to tackle as part of the application process.
  • Once the Admissions Office collects input from the jury, the applicant will be re-assessed and sent to the Admissions Committee, which ultimately decides on each nominee. 
  • Applicants will be informed of the ultimate decision on their submission via e-mail. The whole acceptance process (from the Submission Deadline) can take up to four weeks.

MUSB Admission Test (MU-BAAT) 

Masters’ Union has its own 90-minute appraisal exam, which involves: 

  1. Analytical Assessment (Subjective): A case-by-case analysis to assess the candidate’s distinctive reasoning and problem-solving skills. No previous or specialised information is needed on this topic. 
  2. Verbal Reasoning: A list of multiple-choice questions to test the language skills and verbal reasoning skills of applicants.
  3. Quantitative Reasoning: A series of multiple-choice questions that evaluate the candidate’s abilities to interpret and compare evidence through their analytical and logical abilities.
  4. Data Interpretation: A set of multiple-choice questions to test the candidate’s ability to read data presented in different formats and analyze it accordingly.

Why MUSB PGP TBM Stands Out Uniquely

MUSB’s Post Graduate Program in Technology and Business Management (PGP TBM) insists on creating a hands-on educational experience for its students. Curated under the mentorship of an experienced faculty, this program emphasises practical business education as every student is guided by CXOs, administrators, managing directors and board members who have spent several years addressing difficult challenges for the corporate sector and demonstrating the way ahead for those in the field. These professionals bring their extensive knowledge to the classroom, passing on genuine narratives about how to successfully tackle significant problems.

Here is the recorded webinar of the Masters’ Union PG Programme in Technology and Business Management information session which was presented by Pratham Mittal. 

Weekly Schedule

Weekly Schedule - MUSB PGP TBM
Credits – MUSB

Career Development

Over the duration of the eight terms of the course, MUSB will arrange a number of events for students who study to earn their PGP-TBM degrees, including seminars, educational meetings, panel meetings, community and one-on-one consultation sessions, and collaborate to establish tailored career progression plans for each student. These sessions start from Term 1 which is the KSA assessment (One-on-one diagnostic with the CS team, Psychometric assessment), 1:1 Mentor Allocation and Case and Business Plan Competition Workshop to Term 8 where you have Placement Drives. 

Scholarships for PGP TBM

MU Scholarship for Young LeadersCandidates will be required to submit a 250-400 word essay detailing the leadership roles(s) assumed by him/her and the quantifiable outcomes achieved to be eligible for the same.Upto 75%
MU Scholarship for Technology LeadersThe candidate must submit a 250-400 word essay detailing a proven track record of accomplishments in the technology domain at the national or international level, and be prepared to substantiate it further at the interview stage.Upto 75%
MU Scholarship for EntrepreneursEntrepreneurial experience for over a year. Candidates must submit a 250-400 word essay describing their entrepreneurial journey. This will be used to evaluate their candidature.Upto 75%

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The Masters’ Union Investment Fund and Innovation Lab


What is the application deadline for PGP TBM Admission 2023?

The last date for application is 20th June 2023.

What are MU BAAT subjects?

MU BAAT has questions from four fields: Analytical Assessment, Data Interpretation, Quantitative Reasoning, and Verbal Reasoning.

Which scholarships are available for Masters’ Union School of Business?

MU Scholarship for Young Leaders, MU Scholarship for Technology Leaders, and MU Scholarship for Entrepreneurs are offered by MUSB.

We hope you found all the essential details on the MUSB PGP TBM Program. Interested in signing up for this excellent program? Get in touch with Leverage Edu experts and begin your application process today!

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