How to do MBA from Abroad?

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How to do MBA from Abroad

The boom in businesses and the emergence of new start-ups have led to the rise in the demand for professional business managers. Top recruiters around the world are on an expedition to look for the best talent in the market. A business professional who is adaptable, dedicated and skilled, is what every company searches for. But besides these managerial skills, if you have a degree from the reputed business schools, you will be given a preference for the job. An MBA is a professional degree in business that teaches you all the required knowledge and ethics to run a business and progress in it. In the fast-changing environment, the trends in business are changing. The top business schools in the world have curated their curriculum to meet the challenges in the field of business management. If you want to study a professional degree like an MBA, you might consider choosing reputed institutions in the world to pursue your dream. In this blog, we will attempt to address the question of how to do MBA from abroad.

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Why MBA in Abroad?

An MBA degree can be your ticket to a luxurious career in the growing world of business. A lucrative salary package along with a corporate work environment it offers makes it one of the most studied courses in the world. If you’re planning to study abroad, then pursuing an MBA can give you an opportunity to interact with scholars from different cultures around the world. This would not just add to your experiences of learning but actually help you build professional contacts. The business schools outside have direct links with the top recruiters in the market allowing students to browse through an array of available options for internships and extensive training programs.

Moreover, the universities and colleges abroad have a robust curriculum besides the humongous amount of resources that encourage deep learning and research in the management field. Your study experiences in a foreign nation is unmatchable and the scope of MBA it offers during the course is something you should be looking for. With an enormous growth in the business industry internationally, it is highly beneficial to know how to do MBA from abroad.

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How to do MBA from Abroad – Procedure

Getting admission in one of the top MBA colleges around the globe is like a dream come true for most of the business graduates. But few students, fail to secure admission in an MBA degree program. So, here’s a comprehensive guide to understanding a stepwise procedure to help you understand how to do MBA from abroad?

Eligibility Conditions

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Since the admission procedure varies for countries, you should first go through the eligibility criteria set by the university. Prior to that, you need to check the program you wish to study on the university’s official website. Once done with that, ensure that you meet the required eligibility measures. Almost every university would require you to have finished the bachelor’s program from any recognized university with a minimum required grade or percentile.

The primary evidence to prove your educational credentials are your academic transcripts and semester-wise marksheets.

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Language Proficiency Tests

If you have met the primary eligibility criteria, the next milestone in the admission process is to prove your language efficiency when planning to study abroad. You will have to qualify any of the language tests like IELTS, TOEFL, PTE, Cambridge English or all of these to demonstrate your efficiency in the English language. 

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There are some universities and colleges that have an option for an ELS (English as a Second Language) program for students who are unable to meet the required minimum IELTS score. Other alternative can be a certificate issued by your last institution proving English to be the MOI (Medium of Instruction) for the course.

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Business Management Aptitude Tests

When it comes to offering admissions, business schools abroad are selective. To ensure that they are enrolling the best students, they conduct aptitude tests like GMAT, GRE or CAT. Traditionally, GRE was more specific for MS applications while GMAT score was an important factor to pursue MBA courses. However, many business institutions have now started accepting GRE scores.

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Admission Application

There are various universities and business schools to help you further in your research on how to do MBA from Abroad. Clearing the above three milestones makes you ready for applying for an MBA program on the university’s ‘admission page’. Fill in the general information that is asked of you on the university page correctly. This will include your qualifications, score and other activities. Some applications may ask you for you CGP, GPA or percentile of your academic grades.

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Writing MBA Essays

This part of the application process might not seem that important to you but the admission committee at the concerned universities evaluates your application by the quality of your essay. Make sure that you take your time to make the essay rich, succinct and engaging. Your knowledge of the subject and clear writing style should reflect in your MBA essay.

These essays include several questions focusing on what you’ve done so far in your career, why are you planning to pursue an MBA at this stage, your post-MBA career goals, your strengths – weaknesses and other questions to see you as a real person and not a bunch of statistics. 

There may be a word limit for questions (usually, 200-500 words) or it may be open-ended. Every business school has its own recommendation format, thus it important to refer to the official website of the b-school.


A Statement of Purpose or SOP is a personal description written by an MBA applicant, which allows the admission committee at the concerned university to get a clear perspective of the applicant’s personal interests, goals and motivation and academic progress. 

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A Letter of Recommendation forms an essential part of the admission process. The universities require you to have a LOR to gain a comprehensive insight into your suitable candidature for admission in an MBA program. The aims to get a favourable picture of your past experience, qualifications, achievements, contribution and skills communicated by the recommender.  LOR is generally of two types namely Academic LOR and Professional LOR.

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Work Experience

There are a lot of universities and business school abroad, offering MBA courses that has a pre-defined work experience requirement. Applicants are required to submit a professional LOR along with an updated resume or CV. A management course requires students to have managerial skills along with technical expertise of the business world. While addressing the question of how to do MBA from abroad, you should start building a strong portfolio to increase your chances of getting an admission.

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Some institutions may also look at exceptional applicants willing to pursue an MBA degree and do not have work experience.

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A management degree opens the door to endless possibilities and lucrative career options. Offering a great variety in subjects and multicultural environment, an MBA degree abroad is all you need. For assistance on how to do MBA from abroad, you can reach out to our career experts at Leverage Edu, with an impeccable record of successful admissions in the top universities abroad.

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