Consolidated Marksheet

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Consolidated Marksheet

Consolidated Marksheet Meaning

Consolidated Marksheet
What is Consolidated Marksheet?

It is a type of academic transcript that compiles all the marks obtained by a student throughout all the semesters. The word ‘consolidated‘ is referred to as the compilation of a number of elements into a single, more effective or coherent document. This typically contains an integrated list of all the subjects in each semester with their grades and CGPA (Cumulative Grade Point Average) and is given out on completion of the program. It acts as an assurance that the student has completed the degree program by giving the necessary exams and has also attended classes, workshops, or seminars as prescribed in the course structure. It is also used as proof of a candidate passing from a particular educational institute. Here are the details mentioned in a Consolidated Marksheet:

  • Yearly academic performance of the student.
  • List of subjects, the grades obtained, and CGPA.
  • Subject Title, and Paper Number/Code
  • Total Credits and Division Obtained


A general consolidated marksheet format consists of the following details:

  • Name and Roll No. of the student
  • Institution name and the program the student is enrolled in
  • Subjects, their codes, and grades obtained
  • Cumulative Grade Point Average

It is then concluded with the signature of the concerned authority, university stamp, division obtained, issuing date, and the date on which the result was declared.

Consolidated Marksheet Anna University

Courtesy: Muhammed Hasan
Courtesy: Abhilasha Vediappan

TNOU Consolidated Mark Sheet

To apply for the TNOU consolidate mark sheet, students need to fill out this application form:

TNOU Consolidated Mark Sheet

Click here to download TNOU Consolidated Mark sheet Application Form

Madras University Consolidated Mark Sheet

Here is the application form for Madras University Consolidated Mark sheet:

Madras University Consolidated Mark sheet

Click here to download Madras University Mark sheet Application Form!

Consolidated Marksheet VTU

Here is the application for for VTU Consolidated Mark Sheet:

Consolidated Marksheet VTU
Couresy: Suresh Jonna

Bharathiar University Consolidated Mark Sheet

bharathiar university consolidated mark sheet
Courtesy: Indian Consumer Complaints Form

Here is the application form for Bharathiar University consolidated mark sheet:

bharathiar university consolidated mark sheet

Click here to download Bharathiar University Consolidated Mark Sheet

Application for Consolidated Marksheet

To get your Consolidated Marksheet, you need to visit your university’s official website and apply there. Moreover, you can also go to your university/college campus and submit an application for a consolidated marksheet and get it issued. Here is how you can write the application to get consolidated marksheet:

Course Name
University/College Name

Head/Controller of Examination

Subject: Application for Consolidated Marksheet


I have recently completed ________ (Name of the degree/course) from _______ (Name of the university) in ______ (year). Please issue my consolidated marksheet at the earliest.

Thank you.
Yours Sincerely,
______ (Name)
______ (Date)
______ (Place)

Consolidated Marksheet vs Transcript

Here is the key difference between a consolidated marksheet and a transcript:

Consolidated Marksheet Transcript
It is proof of a student’s enrollment in a college or university It is a document that highlights a student’s overall academic performance
An official academic document obtained by students after the completion of a course, reflecting their performance for the same Transcripts are more comprehensive documents issued by the university incorporating additional features
Focuses majorly on CGPA and the Divison obtained in an academic year Course Duration, number of hours per week, and an explanation of the grading system followed by the university is what is covered in this
Usually, VISA offices do not accept a Consolidated Marksheet Accepted by almost all the universities, colleges, and VISA offices
This can be submitted when applying for an undergraduate course For masters or higher education, transcripts are necessary

Consolidated Marksheet CBSE

Take a look at the Class 12 Consolidated Marksheet by CBSE:

Is Consolidated Marksheet Same as Consolidated Certificate?

Yes, there is no difference between a consolidated mark sheet and a consolidated certificate. Both record the performance of an individual during the programme duration. It contains semester wise grades of the student along with the comments on their performance while attending the classes. Some highlights of the consolidated certificate are: 

  • Details of the candidate’s academic performance
  • Can be acquired after course completion
  • Semester wise performance is recorded throughout the course.

What is the Difference between Consolidated Marksheet and an Individual Scorecard?

Consolidated Marksheet and an Individual Scorecard
  • Unlike a consolidated marksheet, an individual scorecard is restricted to a specific semester, the marks and GPA (Grade Point Average) of which are added in that.
  • Moreover, in an individual semester marksheet, there are segregated marks for internal and external examinations. However, in a consolidated scorecard, combined overall marks are mentioned.

Types of Consolidated Marksheet

It is crucial for a student to read the admission guidelines of the university or college before submitting any document so as to avoid mistakes that may lead to cancellation. Below are the two types of marksheets which are generally issued by academic institutions and can be used by students to apply for higher studies:

University Consolidated Marksheet Issued on the university letterhead and bears the signature of the Controller or Registrar of Examinations along with the university seal.
College Consolidated Marksheet Issued by the college of the college letterhead and bears the signature of the Principal or Registrar of the college along with the college seal.

Note: There are some universities in the US that ask for semester wise marksheets attested by the university.

What should a Transcript Include?

The following specifications should be confirmed while submitting a transcript as your official document to universities and colleges abroad:

  • A transcript should be printed on the university or college letterhead.
  • Signature of the appropriate university or college authorities like a principal or registrar should be on the transcript.
  • The format of the transcript must be according to university standards and not the consolidated marksheet format, which is usually provided by Indian universities and colleges.
  • The transcript should be sent to the universities abroad in a sealed envelope bearing the stamp and signature of the appropriate authority.

Elements of a Transcript

  1. Medium of Instruction
  2. Total duration of the course in weeks or months or years.
  3. Academic Division/ Distinction: First, Second or Third
  4. Duration of the date of joining to the date of completion of the course by the student.
  5. University Details: Established, Number of Courses Offered, Headquarters and Contact Details

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How can I get a consolidated Marksheet?

The graduates need to apply through the official website of the department concerned for the issue of the consolidated mark sheet. But the process may vary from one university to another.

Is it acceptable everywhere?

No. Not all VISA offices accept the submission of the mark sheets. They usually require transcripts issued by the university.

What is the Purpose of a Consolidated Marksheet?

Having the details of the subjects studied during the duration of the course or in an academic year, a consolidated mark sheet serves as proof of enrollment of a student in that university.

What is the Consolidated Certificate?

It is the same as the marksheet and both highlight the student’s academic performance throughout the course duration.

What is Consolidate Marksheet?

It is an official document issued by the educational institute to state the marks received by a candidate in the course duration.

Do students need to apply for a consolidated marksheet?

Yes, candidates need to apply for the same at the university or college.

Is consolidated marksheet acceptable everywhere?

No, not all universities accept them. Some VISA offices also tend to reject these as academic proof.

A transcript is not merely a consolidated marksheet, nor it is similar to a degree certificate. A degree certificate expresses that you have certain qualifications, but a transcript helps to elucidate several additional details like information about your course of study along with a comprehensive marksheet, a bonafide certificate, the examination scheme and the history and highlights of your university or college.

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We hope that through this blog, you were able to understand what exactly a consolidated mark sheet is and how is it used in the admission and application process across universities and colleges. You may contact our experts at Leverage Edu to know in detail about the other essential documents like SOP or LOR that are needed while applying for a course abroad!

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