Bonafide Certificate: Application Process & Documents

What is a Bonafide Certificate?

A Bonafide Certificate is a document issued as proof that you belong to a particular educational institute or an organisation. For a student, it is a certificate of evidence showcasing that an individual belongs to a particular class and course in the institution for a specific time period. A bonafide certificate is generally required for varied purposes such as visa applications, while seeking employment or applying for an educational loan, amongst others.

Bonafide Certificate Format

Derived from a Latin word, ‘bonafide’ means ‘in good faith’. It is defined as a formal certificate that you might have stumbled across during the admission process. The bonafide certificate format can differ as per the purpose for which you need this certificate. Thus, it varies for students and employees as both of them require the document to fulfil different purposes. Here is the Bonafide Certificate format for students as well as for employees:

Bonafide Certificate Format
Bonafide Certificate for Students
Bonafide Certificate format
Bonafide Certificate for Employees

Purpose of Bonafide Certification

A Bonafide Certificate plays a crucial role in an array of documentation purposes, be it applying for education loans to study abroad, seeking a new job or availing benefits of governmental schemes. Now that you know the meaning of what is a Bonafide Certificate, let’s understand what purposes it is usually asked for:

Bonafide Certificate For Students

  • Passport application and visa extension
  • To apply for educational loans 
  • To attend a seminar and workshops at other academic institutions
  • To visit an industry for project work
  • To avail travel concessions
  • To join a public library

Bonafide Certificate For Employees

  • To open a bank account
  • To avail a bank loan
  • To attend a conference or an official seminar

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Application Process of a Bonafide Certificate

Now that you are aware of what is a Bonafide Certificate and when it is required, let us understand its content and application process. To begin, you must first make an application to the head of the institution/organisation you want this certificate from. Though the essentials of an application for Bonafide Certificate may vary as per the purpose, some places already have a prescribed format and in cases where there is no application form, the individual is generally asked to write a letter instead. 

Bonafide Application Format For Students

Before providing you with the bonafide application format for students, let’s first understand what does Bonafide student means?

Bonafide Student

Bonafide student refers to an individual enrolled in a recognised school, college or university or a student of a state-operated technical college or institute in a sufficient duration as well as a certain number of classes and subjects in an academic institution in order to be deemed as a full-time regular student by the institution. A bonafide student can also be a student of an off-campus college work-study course or academic program in a proprietary institution of higher education as specified in Section 102 (b) of the Higher Education Act of 1965, as amended. Moreover, a bonafide student can also be less than full-time students if they are working as a full-time employee at a recognised organisation. Also, any bonafide student is allowed to be so during breaks which can happen between the academic sessions, such as summer breaks. Further, universities and colleges are also allowed to employ their own full-time students as well as part-time students as bonafide students.

To get a student Bonafide certificate, you need to contact the administrative department of your institution. You will have to apply in writing to the head of the institution, requesting them to issue you the certificate. For the submission of application, you will be required to enclose the following documents:

  • Photocopy of your ID Card
  • Application Form
  • Fee Receipt

While every institution may have its own format for this certificate, it mainly contains particulars like the institution’s name printed on the letterhead, the date of issue, the applicant’s details and the signature of the head of the institution. Thus, the following format has been provided as an example of what the application for a bonafide certificate for students would look like:

What is student bonafide certificate?
What is a Student Bonafide Certificate?

Note: If you are a college student currently in the first or the second year and applying directly to another institution, you will also have to attach a leaving certificate with your application form. In case you are seeking a loan, the Bonafide Certificate should also mention the fee structure of the organization.

Bonafide Application Format For Employees

In case, this certificate is issued to an employee, it should contain the contact information of the prospective individual, their job profile and the details of the employer. In some cases, the date of birth of the employee might also be provided in the certificate based on the nature of the document and its requirement. The essential documents you need to present for an employee bonafide certification are as follows:

  • Copy of Payslip
  • Copy of Employee ID Card
  • Date of Birth Certificate (optional)

To get this certificate issued from the company, you need to send a letter addressed to the head of your department or the organization. Here is a sample of an Employee Bonafide Certificate:

What is employee bonafide certificate?
What is an Employee Bonafide Certificate?

Bonafide Application Format for Passport

While applying for a passport, you might be required to show proof that you are studying/have studied at a particular institution or are an employee of an organisation. Here’s the application format you can follow to draft your application to ask for a bonafide certificate for passport:

Application for Bonafide Certificate for Passport
Bonafide Certificate for Passport

Bonafide Application Format for Aadhar Card

While applying for an Aadhar card, a bonafide certificate might also be required as a residence proof or student ID. In order to write an application for a bonafide certificate for Aadhar card, the first and foremost thing is that it is usually written by the student requesting the principal or the director of their college to issue them this certificate. So, take a look at the application format to obtain a bonafide certificate for your child’s Aadhar card application:

Application for Bonafide Certificate for Aadhar Card
Application for Bonafide Certificate for Aadhar Card

Application for Bonafide Certificate for Internship/Apprenticeship

While applying for an internship or apprenticeship, students might also need bonafide certificate to validate about the college or institution they are studying at. Here’s the application for bonafide certificate for internship/apprenticeship:

Application for Bonafide Certificate for Internship or Apprenticeship
Application for Bonafide Certificate for Internship or Apprenticeship


What is a Bonafide Certificate?

It is an official document that acts as a proof that an individual belongs to a particular educational institute or an organisation. For students, it mainly specifies that an individual belongs to a specific class and course at an institution for a particular time period. While for employees, this document elucidates that the concerned person is a part of a certain company/organisation working under a specific job profile.

What is the use of a Bonafide Certificate?

This certificate can be asked for multifarious purposes, which can vary for students as well as employees.
-As a student, you might need Bonafide Certification while applying for educational loans, attending seminars or workshops at academic institutions, visiting any organisation for project work, availing travel concessions or joining a public library.
-As an employee, you might require bonafide certification in order to open a bank account, to attend an official conference or seminar or for any other company-related activities.

What is the difference between a Bonafide Certificate and Study Certificate?

Bonafide Certificate and Study Certificate differ as per their content as well as the purpose they are required for. While a study certificate only shows that an individual is studying at a specific academic institution and comprises their name and class or course details, a bonafide certificate elucidates that a student is/was studying at a school/college/university for a particular time and resided in a specific location.

Thus, a bonafide document not only includes the class/course that the person is pursuing but also details like their address, date of birth, etc. which are required to verify their candidature for educational loans, scholarship, government schemes.

How long is a Bonafide Certificate valid for?

It is generally valid for a duration of three months and is issued on a letterhead of the educational institution or the company with a duly signature and official seal.

Who issues a Bonafide Certificate?

Mainly, for a student, the head of the administrative department/the academic institution issues this certificate while for an employee, the manager of their concerned department/organisation gives their final seal of approval.

Thus, we hope that through this blog you have gained clarity about what is a bonafide certificate, how it is written and where you might need it. The importance of certifications and documents is paramount whether you are joining a new organisation or applying for admissions at the universities abroad. Supplementing your admission application, the documents are an inseparable component of the whole process. If you need assistance at any step of the application process of your chosen course, reach out to our experts at Leverage Edu and we will guide you throughout the admission procedure, helping you with write engrossing an SOP, LORs and essays that can get you successfully shortlisted.

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