Provisional Degree Certificate

Provisional Degree Certificate

Freshly graduated students with gleaming dreams are full of zest to complete every goal and ambition of theirs. Whether you want to join that big office in your desired role or enter your dream university, you will require your past qualifications to help those recruiting you or the admission panel to understand your strengths and weaknesses and your academic performance. Your degree is one of the first documents that establish an achievement in your academic journey. Therefore most recruiting bodies or admission panels first ask for your degree. However, a degree takes some time to get issued and therefore when you plan to move forward right after you graduate, it might take some time to submit your degree. This is exactly where a Provisional Degree Certificate steps in. Let us have a detailed look at what a Provisional Degree Certificate really is. 

What is a Provisional Degree Certificate? 

Provisional Degree Certificates are issued by different universities and other equivalent institutes and continues to be a valid certificate until a degree is issued to the students. It has no expiry date per se. However, the day your degree is issued by your institute, the Provisional Degree Certificate will no longer hold any importance. Most of the institutes are expected to understand that this certificate is proof of the fact that the degree has not been issued yet. 

Importance of a Provisional Degree Certificate 

When you are applying for higher studies or for a job, your qualifications are extremely important. A degree is a document that establishes how you have successfully completed a particular course or program. The degree also acts as proof of how you have completed the base level education in your chosen field. However, a degree takes some time to be issued in any university, which is why Provisional Certificates are important. When you want to move to the next phase of your life, a degree’s importance is fulfilled by a Provisional Degree Certificate. Therefore, it is considered your temporary degree and assures those trying to hire you or give you admission of the fact that you have successfully cleared all the levels of the mentioned course or program. It is helpful for both you and for those trying to assess your academic background. 

Is the Certificate Valid for Work for Opportunities Abroad?  

There are several documents required when you are planning to study abroad. The documents required are: 

  • Entrance Test Scores
  • Application form from the University 
  • Academic Certificates- 
    • Grade Transcripts and Certificates of 10th Std
    • Grade Transcripts and Certificates of 12th Std
    • Diploma Certificates and Transcripts  
    • Bachelor’s Degree and Transcripts 
    • Master’s Degree and Transcripts

These are some of the academic documents needed when you are applying to an institute. However, in case your degree has not been issued, you can make use of the provisional certificate to apply. Provisional Certificates can be used for any purpose that requires the submission of degree copy. However, for usage in UAE, an Indian Provision Degree Certificate needs to get attested from the country the candidate wishes to study. In other countries, the attestation can be done from the country it is issued from. But, the degree is important as any institute around the world will definitely require the degree at some point of time later.

Provisional Certificate is quite essential for jobs as well as higher studies application. It is quite easy to apply for a Provisional Degree Certificate and you can receive it quickly to move to the next step of your career. Most of the times, a Provisional Degree Certificate is accompanied by the last semester’s marksheet. 

Hopefully, this blog has given you clarity about Provisional Degree Certificate. With the information provided in this blog, planning the next steps of your career will become easier. For better understanding and for the best plan regarding the next steps of your career, the experts at Leverage Edu are a phone call away. Call today for the best career advice in your choice of field. 

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