MBA Abroad for Indian Students

MBA Abroad for Indian Students

Being a popular postgraduate degree, MBA can transform one’s career and highlight them from the crowd of those aspiring for job prospects in Management. An MBA degree possesses the potential of bringing you immense opportunities especially if it is pursued from a leading international university that can offer you an immense exposure and networking prospects. That’s why a great number of Management students apply to the world’s top business schools every year to get a seat on the flight of their dream career. If you are considering to pursue an MBA abroad, there are an immense number of specializations and courses available across the globe. In this blog, we will explore the merits of studying an MBA abroad for Indian Students along with the leading countries that are renowned for their MBA programs and universities.

Advantages of Pursuing an MBA Abroad for Indian Students

There is a tough competition for getting into the top business institutes in the world with an increasing number of MBA aspirants applying to the world’s leading business schools every year. The curriculum taught abroad is industry-oriented and proffers better career opportunities. Pursuing an MBA program abroad provides you with an extensive range of possibilities. You will get to learn with renowned business leaders along with attaining a globally recognised degree that can spark up your career. MBA graduates of leading business schools are hired by renowned global organisations at higher managerial positions. You can also increase your chances to get international work experience as some of the countries allow students to explore work prospects after the completion of their degree.

Top Countries to Pursue MBA Abroad for Indian Students

Since MBA is a well-known degree program offered around the world, countries like US, UK, Canada, etc. have leading management universities and business schools that offer specialised courses and incredible global exposure to foreign students. Let’s explore more about the various top countries that are popular for their MBA programs across the world:


US comprises of the world’s leading management schools and is one of the most popular countries for MBA among international students. The US tops various ranking surveys and is hailed as one of the best countries for pursuing an MBA degree. A wide range of management specializations, practical teaching methods, and advanced global industry exposure are the major merits for choosing the US to progress towards your career in Management. The education policy of the US also allows you to work for a year in the country in order to gain some experience in the international market. The country is home to globally ranked business schools that get thousands of applications from students around the world. Here are the top institutes for MBA in the US which have an international reputation of providing quality education and extensive exposure into the business industry:


With its student-friendly environment and quality education standards, Australia has become a preferred study abroad destination for MBA abroad for Indian students. Australian universities offer MBA programs that are a perfect amalgamation of industrial experience and theoretical approach. Moreover, affordable living and education costs are another good point why Australia is a popular choice of foreign students. Below mentioned are the major Management schools and universities in Australia:

  • Monash Business School
  • Melbourne Business School
  • Sydney Business School
  • Australian National University
  • RMIT University
  • Curtin University


With its student-friendly environment and economical education costs, Canada is another great option for pursuing an MBA abroad for Indian students. The country has friendly immigration policies and relaxed work permit conditions to help international students progress into the career field by exploring job opportunities after completion of their course. The best business schools in Canada are as follows: 

  • University of Toronto
  • McGill University
  • University of Montreal
  • University of British Columbia


Home to one of the largest international corporates, Singapore has a growing economy that is investing heavily in the education sector. This has resulted in Singaporean universities welcoming students around the world with plentiful courses and hassle-free application process. There is a wide range of Management universities and business schools that are offering specialised MBA programs in a plethora of Management fields. The top colleges in Singapore are as follows:

  • Singapore National University
  • Nanyang Technological Universities
  • Singapore Management School

Thus, there are several countries across the globe that are offering wide-ranging and specialised programs in MBA abroad for Indian students. Let Leverage Edu’s smart AI tool lead you in searching for the best MBA programs abroad and the top global business schools that can equip you with immense knowledge and exposure into the field of Management.

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