Convert CGPA to Percentage

Convert CGPA to Percentage

Examinations and results form an important part of a student’s life. One always wishes to secure the best possible marks. Results gain even more important when looking at study abroad opportunities since most universities demand your previous academic scores along with your applications to assess your candidature. While filling out applications or while looking at eligibility criteria for a university, you must have come across the fact that while certain universities demand CGPA, there are others that expect percentages of your scores. These terms can seem confusing at first glance and the process of coming up with the accurate scores can be intimidating, given how instrumental they are to your applications. You don’t need to worry anymore, here are some hacks on how to convert CGPA to percentage.

CGPA to Percentage – CALCULATOR

Convert CGPA to Percentage: What is CGPA?

CGPA is quite a common term that you must have come across during your class 10th results. CGPA stands for Cumulative Grade Point Average which is referred to as the sum total of your grade points in a given semester or academic year of a curriculum. In the CGPA system, grades are allocated on the basis of the range of marks that you score. For example, if you get an A in a subject then the marks range will be from 90 to 95 and your grade point will be 9. If you calculate and add the grade points of every subject in a semester and then divide it by the total number of subjects you will get the CGPA for that particular semester or academic year. Now that we have a fair idea of what CGPA is, let us move ahead and try to understand how to convert CGPA to percentage. 

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Advantages of the CGPA System

The grade point system has an added advantage of maintaining a healthy competition. With no specific rank or marks obtained, you can focus on the holistic development in academics instead of being single-minded and trying to score the highest. 

Further, both these systems are only a way of assessing marks in different ways. While CGPA classifies your marks into grades, the percentage has an aggregate way of calculating your marks.

It is important to learn to convert CGPA into percentage because both the systems are interconnected. You need to look at how both these systems have their own advantages and disadvantages. In order to understand how both these systems work, you need to know the formula as well as the dynamics behind this conversion. 

Some universities still work on the system of percentage while others prefer the grade point system. So, to keep yourself updated with both situations, you should keep in mind the simple formula given above. This formula will be useful while filling application forms for various institutions. This way you can easily calculate the percentage as well as CGPA and fill whatever is required in a specific university’s application form.

Formula to Convert CGPA to Percentage

Now that you know what CGPA is and how it is different from percentage, let’s look at how you can convert CGPA to percentage. It is better to understand it through an example. Let’s assume that the following are the various grade points you have in different subjects: 

  • Let’s say in Subject 1 you have an 8 grade point.
  • In Subject 2 you have a 9.
  • In Subject 3 you have a 7.
  • In Subject 4 you have an 8.
  • In Subject 5 you have a 9 again.

Now, if we calculate the average by adding all the grade points and divide it by 5,

 i.e. 8+9+7+8+9/ 5, then the CGPA is 8.2. 

To convert CGPA into percentage you need to multiply it with 9.5.

If we multiply 8.2 with 9.5, we get 77.9.

So, your percentage here is 77.9%.

Hence, the easy way to remember the conversion of CGPA to percentage is to multiple your CGPA by 9.5 and you will get the total percentage of marks in a specific semester or in an academic year.

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CGPA to Percentage – Conversion Table

10 CGPA95%
9.9 10 CGPA94.05%
9.8 CGPA93.1%
9.7 CGPA92.15%
9.6 CGPA91.2%
9.5 CGPA90.25%
9.4 CGPA89.3%
9.3 CGPA88.35%
9.2 CGPA87.4%
9.1 CGPA86.45%
9 CGPA85.5%
8.9 CGPA84.55%
8.8 CGPA83.6%
8.7 CGPA82.65%
8.6 CGPA81.7%
8.5 CGPA80.75%
8.4 CGPA79.8%
8.3 CGPA78.85%
8.2 CGPA77.9%
8.1 CGPA76.95%
8 CGPA76%
7.9 CGPA75.05%
7.8 CGPA74.1%
7.7 CGPA73.15%
7.6 CGPA72.2%
7.5 CGPA71.25%
7.4 CGPA70.3%
7.3 CGPA69.35%
7.2 CGPA68.4%
7.1 CGPA67.45%
7 CGPA66.5%
6.9 CGPA65.55%
6.8 CGPA64.6%
6.7 CGPA63.65%
6.6 CGPA62.7%
6.5 CGPA61.75%
6.4 CGPA60.8%
6.3 CGPA59.85%
6.2 CGPA58.9%
6.1 CGPA57.95%
6 CGPA57%
5.9 CGPA56.05%
5.8 CGPA55.1%
5.7 CGPA54.15%
5.6 CGPA53.2%
5.5 CGPA52.25%
5.4 CGPA51.3%
5.3 CGPA50.35%
5.2 CGPA49.4%
5.1 CGPA48.45%
5 CGPA47.5%
4.9 CGPA46.55%
4.8 CGPA45.6%
4.7 CGPA44.65%
4.6 CGPA43.7%
4.5 CGPA42.75%
4.4 CGPA41.8%
4.3 CGPA40.85%
4.2 CGPA39.9%
4.1 CGPA38.95%
4 CGPA38%

Hence, learning how to convert CGPA to percentage is an important task when it comes to filling out applications for studying abroad. If you are confused about a particular course’s application, the Leverage Edu experts can assist you in filling out the application with the required details as well as sending it to the university in time and increasing your chances of getting shortlisted.

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