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Want to pursue a diploma program in Australia? Home to many globally acclaimed universities, Australia has established itself as a sought-after study destination and offers wide-ranging diploma programs for students to choose from. The mesmerizing land of kangaroos attracts scores of international students every year for its specialised full-time as well as short-term courses as well as affordable costs of studying and living. Studying in Australia, you will get to experience immense academic, research and professional opportunities at an international level! If you have been considering a short-term program to pursue at an Australian university then you have certainly come to the right blog! Here is a comprehensive guide on diploma courses in Australia, from the top programs and areas of study available to the best universities you can choose from!

Why Study Diploma Courses in Australia?

Pursuing short-term courses abroad is the best budget-friendly option to get global exposure in your chosen area of study in an affordable manner. When it comes to the question of why study in Australia, there are numerous advantages to choosing the country for your academic degree or diploma. The Australian academic institutions are internationally recognized with many of them featuring among the top universities in the world as per the QS and THE World University Rankings. The universities in Australia offer career-focused diploma and certificate programs that aim to nurture the learner’s interests and equip them with the necessary skills and knowledge to thrive in their field of study. The academic institutions in the country have been at the forefront of global research and academia and offer vast scope in terms of research opportunities. Apart from this, the Australian education system emphasises promoting transformative ideas of learning and avails meticulously designed programs that focus on critical thinking and innovation across varied fields and disciplines.

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Best Diploma Courses In Australia

The Australian universities offer a long list of diploma courses in a plethora of specialisations and areas of study. From Graphic Designing, Ethical Hacking to STEM programs, you can surely find the best-fit diploma course as per your interests and preferences. Below is the list of top diploma courses in Australia.

Diploma of Laws Graduate Diploma in Land Surveying Diploma in Exercise and Sport Science
Diploma in Endogenous Policy Development Graduate Diploma in Professional Psychology Diploma of Science
Diploma in Emergency and Disaster Management  Diploma of Counselling Diploma of Psychology
Diploma of Clinical Pharmacy Diploma in Engineering Diploma in Arts
Diploma in Biostatistics Diploma in Marine and Antarctic Science Graduate Diploma in Aviation Medicine
Diploma in the Digital Enterprise Diploma in Australian Law Diploma in Business (Commerce)
Diploma of Legal Practice  Diploma of Business  Administration Diploma in Pharmaceutical Science
Diploma in Journalism  Diploma in Network Engineering Graduate Diploma of Mental Health
Diploma in Health Research Diploma in Data Science Graduate Diploma in Environmental Planning

The following sections elaborate upon the prominent features of some of these diploma courses in Australia and their prospective universities:

Diploma in Network Engineering 

A Diploma of Network Engineering introduces learners to the basic knowledge of this specialisation and gears them up for entry-level network engineering jobs. You will get to know about the intricacies of designing and working on network systems that play a crucial role in the framework of various industrial and government associations. By studying this diploma course in Australia, you will be familiarized with the foundational knowledge of system designing, including information systems and their usage. Here are the popular universities in Australia for Diploma in Network Engineering:

Diploma in Journalism

A diploma in Journalism explores the essentials of news media, be it print media, digital media or broadcast media. Students are equipped with the skills of journalistic writing as well as recording, editing and producing news. By pursuing diploma courses in Journalism and Media in Australia, you can also explore training opportunities at some of the global news channels while learning from an international faculty. Here are the major academic institutions offering Diploma in Journalism in Australia:

Diploma in Mental Health

Mental Health is emerging as an intriguing area of study in Psychology and studying for a diploma in this field, you will get to know about key aspects of mental and psychological well-being and the major methods which can be utilised to help those struggling with mental disorders ailments. There are numerous universities and colleges in Australia which offer diploma programs in Mental Health and Counselling and some of the popular ones include:

Diploma in Australian Law

If you are interested in pursuing law in Australia, then this diploma program is the suitable one for you. It enables students with the basic and foundational knowledge to learn about the Australian laws and frameworks and further meet the prerequisites to practise law in Australia. Offered by several law schools and universities in the country, it covers the study of the Australian Legitimate Framework followed by the Centre Law Unit and Law Elective Units. The number of credit focuses and determination of centre units to be finished will rely upon the area where the student received their current law aptitude. Take a look at the major universities offering a Diploma in Law in Australia:

Diploma of Business Administration

Diploma courses in Australia are majorly experienced-based and career-focused as they help students explore the global business sphere, its prevalent problems, patterns and difficulties, amongst others. You will get to know about the basics of management and administration, financial management, global business, organisational behaviour, etc. The course curriculum also incorporates business studies and seminars and discussions from visiting business pioneers. Take a look at the major universities in Australia for Diploma in Business Administration:

Diploma Courses in Australia: Universities 

The internationally recognised universities in Australia avail a plethora of diploma programs at the undergraduate and postgraduate levels in almost of all fields of study. The diploma courses in Australia offer flexibility in terms of core and electives and the fee structure is also reasonable. We have enlisted some of the prominent universities in Australia for the aforementioned diploma programs:

Eligibility Requirements to Study Diploma Courses in Australia

You must fulfil the academic requirements of the university and submit an English language proficiency score to apply for a diploma programme at an Australian university. What you need to study for a diploma in Australia is listed below.

  • The minimum age requirement is 16 years old. If your age does not fulfil the requirements of some colleges, entrance may be delayed.
  • IB diploma includes 25 points for applied data science and engineering and 24 points each for the arts and information technology.
  • At least 50% and 55% for the arts and IT, and 65% for engineering and applied data science, respectively, are required for the Indian secondary school XI and XII certificates, respectively.
  • You all need to complete additional necessary coursework equating to an Australian year 11.

Always keep in mind to check the university website for the prerequisites for the preferred course of study.

Admission Process to Study Diploma Courses in Australia

Below is a description of the application procedure for diploma programmes in Australian universities.

Step 1

You must carefully investigate the subject, the university, and the area before applying to any university. Additionally, consider your areas of expertise, the offerings of each course, and which speciality best suits your long-term professional goals.

When you have it, you may pick the university that most closely matches your requirements. Don’t forget to look at the university’s campus size, amenities, and support system for international students.

Step 2

Before beginning or submitting an application, remember to confirm your eligibility. Visit the university’s website to see whether you are eligible. Check your eligibility for the course you wish to take. Because your application can be rejected if you don’t match the qualifying requirements.

If you have any inquiries, get in touch with the institution. And inquire about any additional issues, such as English proficiency exams and application deadlines. Additionally, keep in mind that the requirements vary by university. Before applying, you should confirm your eligibility with each school.

Cost of Diploma Courses in Australia

The number of optional courses you choose to take will determine the price of your graduation. Each elective has a set cost since the more expensive the elective you choose, the more it will cost you to graduate. But you should aim to spend between $4,000 and $8,000 annually. Before beginning your course, double-check all of your information because some degrees cost more than others.

Jobs and Salary for Diploma Courses in Australia

In Australia, there are several opportunities available for diploma candidates, with an average income of $66,000 per year. That works up to nearly $34 an hour. Competitive earnings for entry-level jobs start at $61,000, while experienced professionals make $99,000 annually. The pay ranges from AUD$26 to AUD$29 per hour for a variety of positions, including those for early childhood instructors or educators with a certificate. In mental health programmes, registered nurses with graduate diplomas can make up to $89,000.

Scope After Diploma Programs in Australia

  1. Many international students are considering their next moves as the academic year comes to an end. Do you need any advice to aid you in your endeavour? Following your certificate programme in Australia, you can undertake some of the things listed below.
  2. Continue your education. To increase and improve your prospects in society, you might choose to further your education and earn a better degree.
  3. Return home. We recognise that you might have missed everyone at home and be impatient to go. Additionally, that is a smart decision if you know that your graduation would get you a better career at home.
  4. Continue to remain. To work or on vacation, you can prolong your stay. There are many visas for which you may apply.

Australia is a great place with some of the best universities and programmes available to international students everywhere. Indian students may choose certificate programmes for a variety of reasons, such as making the most of their financial aid or learning more about what their chosen career has in store for them. This essay should provide you with all the information you need to make a well-informed choice, we hope.

We hope this blog has provided you with all the essential details regarding diploma courses in Australia. Unsure about finding the right Australian university for your chosen diploma program? Our Leverage Edu experts are here to help you select the best university as well as assist you through the admission process to ensure that you get successfully shortlisted! Sign up for a free session with us today.

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