Australian Higher Education Graduation Statement

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What is Australian Higher Education Graduation Statement

Studying in Australia is the dream of various students around the world. It provides them access to some of the best educational institutions in the world and a number of employment opportunities. However, in order to get a job, one needs the AHEGS. An Australian Higher Education Graduation Statement or AHEGS is a statement issued at graduation by an Australian institution that provides details about the graduates’ qualifications which helps them in seeking employment or continuing further studies. This blog provides you with all the information about the Australian Higher Education Graduation Statement!

What is the Australian Higher Education Graduation Statement?

An AHEGS or Australian Higher Education Graduation Statement provides information about a students’ higher education qualification along with the institution where the qualification was obtained and the Australian higher education system. It is given to the students upon completion of their course by the institution they were studying at. The statement acts as an easy, understandable and reliable way of providing relevant information to potential employers or any other person interested in knowing about the student’s qualifications. 

Students pursuing undergraduate certificates, diplomas, advanced diplomas, associate degrees, bachelor degrees, graduate certificates, graduate diplomas, masters degrees and doctoral degrees from an Australian institution are eligible to receive an AHEGS. Students graduating from a dual degree program receive a separate AHEGS for each qualification. Institutions may provide the AHEGS through a letter or upload it on their websites.

Who issues an AHEGS?

An AHEGS can be issued by an accredited Australian higher education institution. As a legal requirement, each institution has to enter into a licence deed with the Australian Government prior to providing an AHEGS to students as the words and logo for the AHEGS are trademarked.

In case, a student is pursuing a  jointly-badged qualification where multiple institutions are involved then the same approach is followed as the issuing of academic transcripts by the institutions. If students receive a transcript from both institutions, an AHEGS may be issued by both institutions. If one institution takes the lead and issues the documentation, only one AHEGS should be issued. 

Students graduating through Open Universities Australia also receive an AHEGS. As Open Universities Australia (OUA) students graduate from an institution and not OUA, that institution will issue the AHEGS.

Benefits of having an Australian Higher Education Graduation Statement 

An AHEGS is globally recognisable. It helps graduates from Australia to enhance their international mobility and increase credibility and competitiveness in the international higher education market. The AHEGS provides employers with a clear understanding of the candidate’s qualifications and increases their chances of landing a job. 

What does an AHEGS include?

The AHEGS presents the graduate’s academic achievements relating to a particular award and may include special awards and achievements beyond the course details. In addition, the AHEGS includes details on the type of award, the awarding institution, and a description of the Australian higher education system. 

AHEGS Format

The AHEGS is divided into 5 sections which provide details for different areas. These sections cannot be reordered. They are mentioned below: 

Section 1: The Graduate

Includes personal details such as name, student number

Section 2: The Award

Includes details of the award, including admission requirements, duration of the study, the language of instruction and Australian Qualifications Framework level.

Section 3: Awarding Institution

Includes details of the institution, including establishment, provider category and listing on the Tertiary Education Quality and Standards Agency National Register of Higher Education Providers.

Section 4: Graduate’s Academic Achievements

Includes details of the individual graduate’s achievements, including details of units of study undertaken toward this award.

Section 5: Description of the Australian Higher Education System

Includes a comprehensive summary of the Australian system

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