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BSc Nursing in UK

Amongst the pivotal professions in the healthcare industry, Nurses are an incremental link between doctors and patients. As a medical field, Nursing concentrates integrally on the patient care. As a career, it aims to save lives, ensure the well-being of families and communities as well as comfort those in need. Nurses usually help and support the doctor so that they can perform their treatment proficiently. If you also feel inclined towards this profession and want to attain the highest academic degree in this specialised domain, you must consider opting for doctoral nursing courses. Through this blog, we will provide you with a comprehensive guide on PhD in Nursing, specialisations offered, top universities as well as the career scope it entails.


Through a doctorate degree in Nursing, one can aspire to delve deeper into the varied fields in Nursing as well as their prospective applications. Scholars are made familiar with the theories, principles, public-policies and real-time case studies in Nursing. Also referred to as the Doctor of Nursing (DNP), the duration of a PhD in Nursing usually ranges from 3-7 years, in which students are provided with an in-depth knowledge of high-end service for patients, maintenance of health status, several concepts concerning patient care etc. Once the students cover the theoretical coursework of the program, they have to present their own thesis. The research dissertation submitted in the final year is a major parameter which determines whether you qualify for the degree or not. 

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Curriculum of PhD in Nursing

The advanced level curriculum of the course is efficiently designed to impart the intricate knowledge of the field to the enrolled students. Through the duration of the course, students will be well equipped with the core concepts and principles as well as a platform to carry out in-depth research work. 

  • Nursing Leadership
  • Dominant Health Issues and Policies
  • Theories of Nursing
  • Epistemology 
  • Nursing Informatics 
  • Nursing Therapeutics

Along with a detailed study of the following, above-mentioned subjects students will have to conduct their own researches. Through the coursework of their research candidates will be exploring the surveys to get a firm knowledge about the concept, objectives and statement of the problem. 

Note: The above-mentioned syllabus for PhD in Nursing is just for the indicative purposes. It may differ from one university to another. 

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Top Universities Offering PhD in Nursing

Finding a suitable research institution or university for your doctoral degree can be an arduous task. Choosing the right university for this program is a very important factor in carving your academic journey as they possess the potential to polish your personality and directing you towards the right job profiles where numerous career prospects await. Below we have listed some of the notable universities across the globe providing PhD in Nursing:

Universities QS World Ranking 2023
University of Pennsylvania 13
University of Auckland 87
Oxford Brookes University 438
Massey University 292
University of Surrey 305
University of Southampton 78
University of Canberra  511 – 520
The University of Adelaide  109
Curtin University  193
University of Tasmania  293
Deakin University 266
University of West London

Eligibility Criteria For PhD in Nursing

To enter into the global leading universities of abroad, it is mandatory for the candidates to meet some prerequisites. As doctorate degrees in Nursing are offered by a multitude of universities across the globe, the eligibility criteria may differ from one institution to another and that’s why candidates are advised to go through the official website before apply for the degree. Following we have listed down some of the essential requirements for a PhD in Nursing: 

  • Bachelor’s degree, i.e. BSc Nursing or in some related field of Medical Science.
  • Master’s degree in Nursing. For example, MSc/ MPhil/MRes from any leading medical institution.
  • Candidates must possess prior professional experience in Nursing at healthcare centres or organisations.
  • It is essential for candidates to qualify the English language proficiency exams like IELTS, TOEFL, PTE etc with good scores.
  • Letter of Recommendation (LORs) along with Statement of Purpose (SOP)

Career Scope

Once you have successfully completed your doctorate degree, there are varied options available in the field of Nursing that you can choose from. As the healthcare sector is growing at a fast pace, the demand for well-equipped nurses is a never-ending one. Take a look at the following major job areas you can choose from after concluding your PhD in Nursing degree:

  • Clinical Nursing
  • Cardiac Nursing
  • Gastroenterology Nursing
  • Medical-Surgical
  • Geriatric Nursing
  • Occupational Health Nursing
  • Nursing Labs

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Job Profile and Salary

The following are the popular job profile and salary after pursuing PhD in Nursing:

Job Profile Average Salary
Nursing Educator 5.11 Lakh
Home Care Nurses 5.5 Lakh
Nursing Assistant 4.6 Lakh
School Nurse 7 Lakh
Nurse-Patient Educator 6.5 Lakh

Top Recruiting Companies

The following are the top recruiting companies for nursing:

  • Shanti Gopal Hospitals
  • Dominic & Co.
  • Falcon Multi Services Limited
  • Government Hospitals
  • Apollo Hospital
  • Max Hospitals
What is the duration of PhD in Nursing?

PhD in Nursing usually ranges from 3-7 years, in which students are provided with an in-depth knowledge of high-end service for patients, maintenance of health status, several concepts concerning patient care etc.

What are the top universities for PhD in Nursing?

The following are the top universities for PhD in Nursing:
University of Pennsylvania
University of Auckland
Deakin University

What are the top recruiting companies for nursing?

The following are the top recruiting companies for nursing:
Government Hospitals
Max Hospitals
Apollo Hospitals

Thus, we hope that this blog has helped you understand what a PhD in Nursing comprises of. If you are planning to study your doctoral degree and don’t know which program you should opt for, sign up for a free career counselling session with our mentors at Leverage Edu and let us help you find a suitable degree as well as university that can provide you with the required exposure to delve deeper into your field of interest.

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