Archaeology and History Degree: Jobs, Scope, Universities, Scholarships, Salary

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Archaeology and History Degree

Students having a background in the arts field have a number of diverse courses to choose from. When considering the same, an Archaeology and History Degree is a great option to pursue and build a career.  These offer a number of various courses that the students can choose from. Archaeology is one of the streams in Social Sciences and Humanities that has expanded into interdisciplinary streams and as a result of that, students get to explore other streams like biology and use different concepts to work on new theories and research.  If you are planning to pursue an Archeology and History Degree, then this blog is for you. 


Why Study Archeology and History Degree?

Here are some of the major reasons why you should consider pursuing an Archeology and History Degree:

  • A degree in both Archaeology and History has its own set of advantages. History is basically the study of change over time and it covers all the aspects of human society such as politics, economics, cultural sciences, Social Sciences, etc. 
  • History degree offers a lot of career opportunities including a wide range of fields such as Academic careers, Civil Services, hence, we can say that there is no lack of opportunities in the various branches of history.
  • Archaeology in simple terms, is the study of human activity via the process of analyzing the material culture, the process of tracing and recovering artefacts, biofacts, etc. in order to assess the culture and civilization they belonged to. 
  • A degree in the said discipline will enable the individual to develop skills to record and recover historical artefacts and restore monuments in order to study the history of that specific place. 
  • An Archaeology and History Degree is a dynamic degree that keeps changing as new methodologies are developed.

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Eligibility Criteria

Students must meet specific eligibility criteria to pursue a degree in Archaeology and History. While these criteria may vary from university to university, some basic requirements must be met.

  • The student must have passed 10+2 from a recognized board with a minimum of 50% Marks to pursue a bachelor’s level degree.
  • To pursue a master’s degree in the respective discipline, the student must have Graduated from the related discipline with a minimum of 50% Aggregate marks. 

English Language Requirements

There are some basic language tests that need to be given to pursue Archaeology and History Degree abroad. The same are mentioned below:-

TestScore Requirements
IELTS7.0 Overall, including 6.5 in writing and 5.5 in listening, speaking, and reading. 
TOEFL:100 overall, including 24 in writing, 18 in reading, 17 in listening, and 20 in speaking. 

Documents Required

Studying for a degree in Archaeology and History abroad requires some basic documents, which are listed below:

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Top Universities to Pursue Archeology and History Degrees

There are several top universities that provide students with a degree in Archaeology and History. Some of those universities are mentioned below:-

UniversityDegree LevelQS World University Rankings 2024
Cardiff UniversityBachelor’s=154
The University of EdinburghMaster’s22
University of ReadingBachelor’s=169
Queen’s University BelfastBachelor’s202
University of NottinghamBachelor’s=100
University of BirminghamBachelor’s84
University of ManchesterBachelor’s32
University of ChesterBoth Bachelor’s and Master’s
University of BarcelonaBachelor’s=164
University of SouthamptonBachelor’s=81

Cost of Studying

The cost of studying this course depends on the university, level and country you choose to study this course from. Hence, it is very difficult for us to provide a range. However, we request you to check the official websites of the university you choose to find the fee structure of the course.

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There are a lot of scholarships available for Indian students to study abroad. Some of them are mentioned below:

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Career Prospects, Scope, and Salary

The field of Archaeology and History is evergreen. Developments in technology are opening doors to new methodologies in the fields of Archaeology and History, allowing for even greater advancements in these respective fields. The scope of the same is only going to increase because these advancements will allow the professionals to dig deeper quite literally and look beyond and find answers to the related Sciences. Apart from that, there are a number of wide-ranging opportunities that these fields offer to graduates. 

After completing the degree in Archaeology and History, there are a number of job profiles that one can opt for after completing their education in the said field. Some of those profiles are mentioned below:-

Job ProfileSalary in USD per annum
Heritage Manager10,261
Academic Research3,802
Land Surveyor6,892

Based on different countries, the average salary varies. Some of the countries with average salaries are mentioned below:-

CountryAverage Salary (In USD)

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Q1. How many years in archaeology?

Ans. Depending upon the program the student opts for such as a Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) or B.Sc. ( Bachelor of Science) in the said discipline, the duration of Archaeology can be 3-4 years. 

Q2. Can an art student become an archaeologist?

Ans. Yes, an arts student can become an archaeologist. But you will need to complete a B.A. or B.Sc. Degree in Archaeology. This will make you qualified for lab or fieldwork. If you wish to apply for permits to do your research, that will require a Master’s Degree in the said discipline.  

Q3. How do I start an archaeology career?

Ans. In order to start your career in the field of Archaeology, you will need to complete a Bachelor’s Degree in Anthropology, Geography, History or any other related field. You can also directly enrol in the B.A. or B.Sc. Archaeology program after your 10+2.

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