Professional LOR: Format & Samples

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Professional LOR

If you plan to study abroad to pursue your dream course at your dream university or college, then a Letter of Recommendation or LOR is probably one of the most important documents that the university may ask you to submit for your intake. It acts like a statement or a document of validation for students aiming to pursue postgraduate studies abroad. It can be either provided by your previous institution or university where you have studied or by the company/organisation/firm you have gained work experience. In our previous blog on Letter of Recommendation, we studied two types of LOR, namely Professional LOR and Academic LOR. Now let us know about Professional LOR in more detail.  

What is a Professional LOR?

Those who are planning to study abroad must know about the importance of the letter of recommendation. The majority of the universities and colleges abroad ask for prior work experience. A Professional LOR is an important document, especially for a master or any other PG program admission. Such letters can be provided by your seniors such as supervisors, managers, heads, etc. or colleagues. Students must know that the professional LOR must be stated on the letterhead. It focuses on determining the candidate’s ability to work in diverse environments and teamwork and cites their exposure to the domain.

LOR Format

There a proper format for a professional LOR. Your professional LOR must cover 5 important things:

  1. A brief and well-written introduction should state the relationship you are having with the LOR writer.
  2. An overview of the applicant’s strengths, qualities, and experiences.
  3. A summary of the applicant’s journey in the organization.
  4. A closing paragraph where the writer must recommend the applicant to the university.
  5. Signature and Name of the writer, accompanied with the designation, organization’s name and contact information. 

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Professional LOR Samples

After knowing about professional LOR, let us have a look at the professional LOR samples that we have provided for your reference and help. Here are the samples:

Sample for MBA/MIM

We first begin with a sample professional LOR for an MBA/MIM. Take a look here:

To Whom It May Concern,

I am extremely pleased and delighted to write this letter of recommendation for Mr Ajmal Khan. He is a perfect living example of a prospective research student who should be given a chance to prove his potential in the desired field of study. In my role as a manager, I have known Ajmal for over two years. During these 2 years, Ajmal was part of my team and was under my mentorship and guidance. He was an essential part of my team at IBI Holdings Pvt. Ltd., in Noida, he was subordinate to me on various projects.

Ajmal is a professional Research Analyst of the highest calibre. His meticulous implementation of the projects, allowed him to receive the highest praise from all his teammates, along with other colleagues and elders. Ajmal has a strong analytical, strategic, and organizational background. He also has a thorough knowledge of management, finance, marketing, market research, accounting and strategic management. 

Ajmal solely implemented a variety of market structure reports and analysis and also contributed to improving the performance of the record management team. I received many positive and noteworthy feedbacks from my senior managers who were impressed by his helpful nature and professional approach to the job. He has the innate ability to deal with pressure properly. He works overtime voluntarily and rarely misses deadlines. In fact, he was recognized as the best performer of the quarter within three months of his arrival.

Given our interaction, I am confident that Ajmal will be a valuable asset to any organization or institution he will join. Thus, I highly recommend him for admission into an MBA program of his desired specialization at your reputable and honorable University.

Richa Grover
Manager, Marketing
IBI Holdings Pvt. Ltd.
Email: [email protected] 

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Sample Professional LOR for MS

We now move on to a sample professional LOR for an MS course. You can have a look here:

To Whom It May Concern,

With immense pleasure, I am writing this Letter of Recommendation in support of my subordinate Ms Tazmeen Amna who is aiming to pursue the Masters of Science program at your esteemed and honourable University. I have known Tazmeen in my capacity as her Manager for over three years now. In these three years and as per my best observation, I would like to say that she is attentive. Besides, Tazmeen has also gained experience and expertise in many simple concepts and applications during its mandate in our organization that are valuable to the future generation.

Tazmeen is always ready to take responsibility and face new challenges. She performs her tasks with tremendous dedication and concentration.  Throughout these years, Tazmeen has been a respected asset to our organization and a mature colleague who has always supported her peers. I am confident that Tazmeen will continue to do great creative things in the future and stand out as an outstanding individual in your university. 

I have the most profound respect for her personally and professionally. I truly believe that Tazmeen will bring her dedication, optimism, passion, and untiring creativity to your class and the university. Hence she has my highest approval for admission into her desired specialization in the MS course at your university. 

Vipul Mahajan
Manager, R&D Department
IBM Company Pvt Ltd.
Email: [email protected] 

Sample Professional LOR for MTech

Our next sample professional LOR is for an application of an MTech course. You can read it here:

To Whom It May Concern,

I am Ashita Sharma, Head of R&D Department at IBFC Ltd. It gives me great pleasure to draft this letter of recommendation to support my subordinate and employee of IBFC Ltd., Mr Ateesh Gupta. It has come to my knowledge that he aims to pursue a Master of Technology program (MTech) from your esteemed and honorable University. Therefore, I am writing this letter to recommend my colleague Mr Ateesh Gupta for your esteemed university position, in support of and his job, he has been an outstanding employee and an asset to IBFC Ltd.

Ateesh Gupta has been an outstanding, hard-working and diligent member of our organization. His has good adaptability skills to a new environment and he is all-time ready to face obstacles in life nature separates him from the crowd. Apart from being a good subordinate, he is also a great team player who has incredible sportsmanship and team-leading abilities. 

Ateesh, along with his team of 6 members, has collectively worked on a project of making a solar-powered portable light fan. The project has been highly evaluated by our investors, and the prototype works great too. 

He possesses excellent communication and presentation skills. Ateesh also aspires to be a scientist and develop low-cost solutions and inventions for society. His passion for technology and science can be reflected in his research, findings, invention, and work. I am proud to have guided him on his journey and would like to recommend him for a place at your University for a Masters of Technology course.

Ashita Sharma
Manager, R&D Department
Email: [email protected] 

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Sample Professional LOR for Masters of Engineering 

The final sample of professional LOR for you is for Masters of Engineering. You can give it a read here:

To Whom It May Concern,

I’m Aman Oberoi, the branch manager for Apple Technologies Pvt Ltd., headquartered in Hyderabad. I want to recommend one of our firm’s employees, Neeti Sharma, for a place at your prestigious University, seeking a Master of Engineering program with the specialization of her choice. Hence, it gives me great pleasure and joy to draft this letter of recommendation in support of my subordinate and employee. 

Neeti Sharma completed her BTech specialization in chemical engineering at one of India’s best-known colleges, IIT Madras. After completing her undergraduate studies, she joined Apple Technologies Pvt Ltd. in 2018 as a trainee. She completed the training and has since taken on the role of Chemical Production Supervisor. 

Neeti is an honest, hardworking, ambitious individual I know. Her ambitions and targets are always very high, touching the sky. She enjoys meeting new challenges in life and overcoming these obstacles with a calm attitude. She aspires to complete a postgraduate in Master of Engineering to boost her career opportunities even more. I have worked closely with her as her mentor on various projects. 

Based on all my past and recent observations, she is an instrumental human being who is always ready to achieve her targets and learn something new. She has been a significant asset to our organization in exceeding our turnover targets over the last two years. 

She has excellent communication skills and is a proven team leader who is always committed to motivating and inspiring other fellow employees to excel. It is her dream to complete a master’s course in engineering from a renowned university abroad, and the University of ______ was her first choice. Hence, I would like to recommend Neeti Sharma for the Masters of Engineering course at your University and wish him/her all the very best for her studies and future. 

Aman Oberoi
Head, Production
Apple Technologies Pvt Ltd.
Email: [email protected] 

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How do you get a professional LOR?

You can consult your HOD or project guide in this situation and any professor with whom you get along well. You won’t have to exert much pressure on them to give you a sincere LOR. On the business front, you can request a LOR from your reporting manager, team lead, or project lead since they are already quite familiar with you.

What should a formal letter of recommendation contain?

A letter of recommendation ought to explain who you are, how you know the person you’re suggesting, why they should be trusted, and what qualities they have in particular. Specifics. It’s beneficial to give particular stories and instances to support your position whenever you can.

How long should a LOR for a professional be?

It would be ideal if the individual recommending the candidate had previously worked or studied with them. The letter should include three sections: an opening, a body, and a conclusion. It should be about one page long.

We hope that the above samples for professional LOR will prove to be helpful for you all who are aiming for higher education abroad. Reach out to our study abroad experts and they will guide you in writing impressive LORs and SOPs to ensure that you get shortlisted for your dream course and university. Hurry up and book your free session today! 

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