How to Write an SOP?

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How to Write an SOP

If you know what exactly is a Statement of Purpose, you would know how important it is while you’re keeping all your documents in place to study abroad. A creatively written SOP can actually help you stand out amongst the pool of applicants and increase your chance of acquiring a seat in your dream university. But, how to write an SOP? Well, this blog is the answer to your question. Continue reading to know striking ways to showcase your skills, ambitions and experience in an SOP. 

What is SOP?

It is a document required by a university abroad that refers to an essay that states your purpose of applying to a particular course. It is needed to justify your purpose behind studying abroad. In order to clearly understand how to write a statement of purpose, let us look at the Sample SOP, structure of SOP, and then check out 11 tips for the same.

Sample SOP 

Education is how the ideas of various generations stay connected. It plays a crucial role in understanding the complexities that life offers as we progress. The crux point of learning is not about knowing, but being able to differentiate what you know and what you don’t. Therefore, one should value the pursuit of knowledge and must be able to follow wherever the quest for knowledge leads them. The world, as we know, today, is becoming smaller and smaller as it is interconnected and is radically different from the world that the preceding generation has witnessed before. People are well informed by different modes of communication and are in the process of taking a giant leap from being a citizen of one country to becoming a global citizen. Globalization has brought people from different continents closer, and at the same time, it has opened up opportunities for a layperson to understand many issues without even going to the library. As an epitome of globalization, there is no multinational company comprising people from different races working in their offices. This throws a challenge for any organization to organize the workforce as people from varied cultures and interests come under one roof to serve their respective companies. The Management of several campuses in the workforce is a challenge for any Multinational Organization. It includes resource allocation on an international scale. Efficient Trans-Cultural Management across the employees holds the key required for the effective functioning of any multinational organization. The thrust to upvote such challenges above had prompted me to look for new avenues to explore. With this level of understanding, I would like to introduce myself as a prospective graduate student seeking out to extend my academics by pursuing an MA/Masters program.

In this era of technological advancements, my decision to pursue postgraduate studies in Luxury Brand Management is a result of extensive research, both online and offline. Browsing through the information available on the Goldsmiths University of London web page and other reliable websites, I believe that postgraduate study Luxury Brand Management holds a lot of promise to me. The breadth and depth of the courses, coupled with a stimulating research environment in the department, seem to be perfect for dissertation work and pioneering research. My Degree subjects have helped me not just expose me to the complex world of Journalism and Mass communication, but also honed my skills of understanding the minute detailing involved in complex processes. The courses on planning and strategy would help to organize the team of members as a part of Management, which is a prerequisite in any arts Student.

Having secured 8 CGP, in High School studies, I took up Commerce as my mainstream in my 12th grade. I secured 70% overall with (English Core, Economics, Business Studies, Accountancy & Computer Science )as core subjects during that period.

 I have furthered my academics with a Bachelors of Journalism and Mass communication from GGSIPU  which is in Delhi – one of the leading schools in the state name.I have graduated from this prestigious college with an 8.37 CGPA..

Soon after my undergraduate studies, I have joined a startup event management company named PS corporate solutions Pvt Ltd, as a social media marketing Intern where my responsibilities include handling their social media pages which were Instagram and Facebook, managing their events, reviewing how an organization works & what are the steps in achieving the final task given. I have also done my internship in a cryptocurrency and blockchain service company as a Content Developer. My responsibilities are to update their website on a daily basis with technical writings which are blogs, articles, and case studies. I have also worked with BCCL Times Group as Digital Marketer in their Zoom entertainment Channel. My responsibilities included managing their youtube along with video content publishing on the website. Analyzing and staying on top of the news & online trends and working on Search engine optimization of content thereby increasing content.

Apart from my academics, Advertising and Branding attracted me more, therefore I did 2 years of Degree full-fledged mass media course, in which I secured first division with 8.37 CGP.

Living in a country of heterogeneity of 1.3 billion has allowed me to experience a plethora of different cultures, languages, and food habits. I was mesmerized by the beauty of nature and human-made wonders, but they overshadow significant problems of India, which I am desperate to change or end.

 My short-term goal is to work in a larger MNC company or any big organization so I can be ahead of the pack and get to know things as an insider which can be helpful for my long-term goal of starting my own company in India. Because of this, I can’t help myself to create a better future for myself & my family. A good education is the foundation of a better future. Therefore I want to study and gain more education.

An MA from the Goldsmiths University of London will broaden my skills and would equip me with the right skills and network and thus help me with my quest of becoming a leading entrepreneur. Courses offered at the University aimed at imparting technical education required by current market leaders, and well-distinguished faculty will bring me closer to my dreams. Also, students of diversified backgrounds from various countries would put me into a situation analogous to the working atmosphere.

Structure for Writing SOP

Understanding what to include or what not to include is of utmost importance. A simple structure of SOP would help you in drafting information in SOP consisting of different pieces of information in a flow. 

Introduction General Introduction & not a personal introduction
Introduce the academic field of Interest
How & Why
Aspirations in the same domain
Background Academic information
Traning experience if any
Professional experience if any
For UG & MBA – include extracurricular
For MS – extracurricular is non-mandatory
About Course Specify why this course
Discuss the course curriculum
Explain the skills you’d enhance during the course
Career Goals Clearly specify goals for pursuing the course
Write your long term plans
Don’t talk about residing in foreign for long
Why this University Specific features of the university
How it will help you in achieving your goals
Conclusion Sum up what you have written
Don’t write anything about financial assistantship

Importance of an SOP

The admission committee at the concerned university enquiries to know a valid reason as to why you are inclined towards a particular course or your intention of joining their university. But, with lucid writing style, you can easily prove your calibre. Therefore, it is important to describe your profile with clarity. Giving a gist of who you are, your qualifications, skills, hobbies, interests, goals, expectations from the university, etc. is what should be briefly included in your SOP.

A best-written SOP can give you wings to fly to your desired university apart from your previous academic performance. Before we move on to understand how to write an SOP, let us take a look at some of the essential tips and trick to keep in mind while crafting an SOP

  • Your Statement of Purpose should be free from grammatical errors. The transparency in the language is mandatory.
  • A good vocabulary in SOP will impress the selectors. Your command over sentence construction and punctuation is essential. The redundancy in sentences should be avoided.
  • Your writing should tell a unique side of you with your interests, goals, talent and experience. Being familiar with the university process will help you.
  • You can use Times New Roman font while writing your SOP and ensure to keep 1-inch margins on all sides and 1.5 line spacing.
  • The writing should not exceed more than 2 pages and not more than 500-800 words. Also, you can refer to the website of the university you are applying in, for the prescribed SOP format

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11 Tips on How to Write the Perfect SOP

It is important to write in wonderful ways to draft your statement of purpose. If you want your SOP to sound brilliant and original, that you need some strategies to form it: 

  • Avoid Statements & Write Stories: Explain a short but great narrative that what made you select this course & university. State your strong reason why you want to pursue this field and impress the committee with your creative storyline. 
  • Write stories that are both Qualitative & Quantitative: It should not only be appealing in the eyes of a reader but also contain measurable quantities so the viewer can get into its depth. 
  • Specifically written: Whatever you write, you really have to dig into details and not just write for the sake of writing. Be introspective. Find your reasons and then state down your memorable way to say it. 
  • Use a Formal but conservational tone: Your statement of purpose should be read like a novel which means slightly formal but still a tinge of fun & uniqueness. That is what you need. It shouldn’t sound super formal & super friendly, just decide the right approach and balance it out. 
  • Portray Yourself: It should follow some criteria that will tell the university officials what made you so passionate about moving abroad for studies. Decide you want to be portrayed and most importantly it should be in an indirect manner. 
  • Write great stories only if you have great stories: Some people might have normal academic backgrounds & normal lives and that’s the reason you should only be simple while writing. Otherwise, if you do have any spectacular to write, go ahead & be narrative.
  • Customize your essay: Do not exactly copy everything & replace your details. It is never a good idea. Every university is vastly different from the others. Know about their values, visions, mottos, strengths & weaknesses, etc. 
  • Address your queries & problems: Try to be honest and if there’s any issue regarding your past academics, it is a great opportunity to address your issues. Like a gap in your college life or have had any work-related problems, you can address them to make them reassured. 
  • Know about Universities details: You should be thorough with all the universities in detail you are applying to & list down all the things you like about each university. 
  • Upgrade your Essay: Reach out to families & friends before submitting it. Because they are the ones who know you better & are experts on you. This is why you should definitely approach them in case you are not missing out on certain important things to mention. 
  • Reach out to Professors: Just like families & friends, they are also the important people where you can get your guidance from. After all, “A professor knows what another professor looks for in a prospective student”. 

Dos and Don’ts of SOP Writing

Dos Don’ts
Highlight your purpose of taking the program and the opportunities you wish to explore. The statement of purpose is an essential component of your application package. Don’t underestimate how important it is to sway the admissions odds in your favour.
Your SOP should be double-checked for grammar, spelling, and punctuation. Don’t give out any information that isn’t necessary and unrelated to your field of study. The purpose statement should be concise and logical.
Keep your SOP personal, one-of-a-kind, and one that brings out the best in you. Admissions committees look at these from the standpoint of an ethical and well-written statement of purpose. Don’t use the SOP samples online to create a general personal statement. Because you’ll need to tailor it to each of the schools/colleges you’re applying to.
Prepare to write several SOP samples, edit them, and rewrite them to ensure they are well written. In addition, adhere to the standards, and stay inside the word count. On your SOP, don’t include all of your academic background and professional accomplishments. This information will be included in your CV/resume and transcripts.
Make use of this opportunity to share any anecdotes that pertain to your application. Also mention how they impacted you personally or professionally. While you can seek advice from specialists and online sites, you should not have someone else write it for you. Only you can honestly portray the greatest image of yourself. It will not only be from an ethical position but also from a personal standpoint.
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How to Write SOP for UG and PG Courses?

Undergraduate Postgraduate
Your purpose of taking the program and the opportunities you wish to explore Your short-term and long-term career and personal goals
Your academic journey and accomplishments Evidence of professional achievements
Extracurricular activities Anecdotes of teamwork, leadership and other corporate qualities
Motivation and career aspirations Career expectations from the institutions
Assignments undertaken during studies Noteworthy projects undertaken at work
Internships, if any Volunteer work, if any

Course Specific SOPs

We are giving you few links with sample SOP so that you can get an actual idea of how the aforementioned strategies have been incorporated in a real SOP.

Reference Books

 Given below are some of the best books that can be considered to write amazing SOP:

Books Links
Hacking Your Statement of Purpose: A Concise Guide to Writing Your SOP  Click Here to Buy!
50 Successful Harvard Application Essays: What Worked for Them Can Help You Get into the College of Your Choice Click Here to Buy!
Graduate Admissions Essays, Fourth Edition: Write Your Way into the Graduate School of Your Choice (Graduate Admissions Essays: Write Your Way Into the) Click Here to Buy!
Statement of Purpose, Structure and Research Goals Click Here to Buy!

Hopefully, we have geared you with the best tips on how to write an SOP. If you still have doubts or need any assistance, you can always reach out to our Leverage Edu experts and we easily help assist you throughout the admission process, be it selecting a suitable course, university or drafting an impressive SOP for you.

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  1. Hlo sir my name is Harpreet Kaur.from punjab India. Iam 12 pass student of 75%.i a good people.iam interested study form korea.please request.

  1. Hlo sir my name is Harpreet Kaur.from punjab India. Iam 12 pass student of 75%.i a good people.iam interested study form korea.please request.

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