BA French: Syllabus, College, Scope, Fees, Admission Process

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Does your inclination lie toward different languages and cultures, specifically French? Wait no further, the BA French course is for you. It will get you engulfed in the culture, language, and literature of the French. Learning a language besides your mother tongue may seem daunting at first, but there are tips to learn French quickly and master the language! Also, the study abroad exposure to people who know French or are learning along with you will enrich your daily life with numerous experiences.  

Name of the Course BA French 
 Study Level Undergraduate 
 Duration 4 years 
 Mode of Delivery  Offline 
 Career Scope  Translator, Educator, Journalist, Diplomat,   Guide, Travel Agent, Hospitality Professional,   Legal Translator, Cultural Interpreter

Why Should You Study BA French?   

The rewards of studying BA French are multifold and holistic. Here are some more reasons why you should pursue an undergraduate degree in French.  

  • Proficiency in Language: The course for this program makes you extremely capable of understanding, reading, speaking, and writing French. This program offers practical perks in preparing you to work and live abroad. The BA French program also makes you even more appealing to contenders for jobs that have necessary criteria for bilingualism or lets you be multilingual with a global mindset and cultural awareness.  
  • Understanding the Culture: You may learn about the history, economy, political systems, and modern culture of France, along with other countries where French is spoken. This degree certainly prepares you to understand, work with, and live among people from France and other places that are linked to the country. 
  • Opportunities for your Career: A BA in French course will lead you to numerous career opportunities. Graduates can work as teachers, translators, diplomats in international business settings, or even have a career in the travel industry. Since French is a global language, there will be various employers who will value your educational background. A BA in French degree will lead you to careers in education, government, global business, and translation services. Moreover, the knowledge you get from the program is transferable to a number of other professions. You will be able to successfully work in the fields of fashion design, architecture, and literature.
  • Personal Enrichment: Learning French can be an enriching experience in itself. French literature is one of the largest in Europe, and your knowledge of French will facilitate your appreciation of the writings of authors such as Proust, Camus, and Baudelaire. Even French thinkers like Rousseau, Voltaire, Sartre, and Simone de Beauvoir. Once you read their work in French, the experience will be much more significant. 
  • Opportunities to Study in French-Speaking Countries: Multiple institutes offer a study abroad opportunity for BA French students. This puts forth a chance for you to immerse yourself in the culture and language of French-speaking countries, which altogether will be a transformative experience. 

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Top Universities for BA French Abroad 

Universities QS RankingFees
University of Surrey,UK 305$27500
Brock University,Ontario, Canada1001-1200NA
York University,Canada 456$37000
University of Toronto,Canada21$45000
Arizona State University,USA219$61500
Northwestern University,USA31$60000

Admission Process  

As there are various universities in the world that offer a BA in French, the admission process would vary from institute to institute. Though some criteria and documents that would apply to all and would be necessary for you.  


  • Completion of your 10+2 or an equivalent qualification with a foundation in French.  
  • You must have a good command of the French Language.  
  • Your test scores of DELF or DALF might be necessary along with TOEFL or IELTS.  
  • You would need to take an Entrance Examination particular to the university to qualify for admission to the BA French program.  
  • A Personal Interview might be taken to assess your suitability for the program. 
  • Some BA French programs would require you to complete a year abroad in a French-speaking country, necessary preparations must be taken.  

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Documents Required 

BA French Syllabus  

The BA French program that aims to covers a scope of topics related to French literature, language, society, and culture. Here is an overall view of the BA French syllabus at the University of Texas at Austin

  1. French language: You learn to read, write, speak, and understand the French language. They learn grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation, and syntax. 
  2. French literature: You will study French literature from distinct periods, including poetry, drama, and fiction. You will also learn to analyse and interpret literary texts. 
  3. French culture: You will learn about French culture, history, and society. Moreover, study French art, music, cinema, and other cultural expressions. 
  1. Translation: You will learn how to translate from French to English and from English to French. 
  2. Linguistics: You will learn the structure and function of the French language. And also learn about phonetics, phonology, morphology, syntax, and semantics. 
  3. Study abroad opportunities: Many BA in French programs need you to spend a year in a French-speaking country. The University of Texas at Austin offers a departmental Summer Study Program in Lyon, France. 

Job Opportunities 

  Translator Educator Journalist 
Diplomat Guide Travel Agent 
Hospitality Professional  Legal Translator Cultural Interpreter 

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Top Recruiters

  • Embassies 
  • Consulates 
  • Diplomatic Missions 
  • Government Agencies 
  • International Organisations 
  • Private Companies 
  • Education Institutions 
  • Media Outlets 
  • Tourism Industry 
  • Publishing Industry 
  • International Law Firms  

Why Should You Apply for the BA French Program in 2024? 

French is the 5th most spoken language in the world with 274.1 million speakers in 29 countries in 2024. There are multiple dialects and people spread all over the world who speak French. The overtake of internationalisation has led to an increase in demand for multilingual speakers and moreover, translators whether it comes to tourism or business. Thus, the job opportunities around the globe are immense, and experiential learning would lead to personal growth too. 

If you want to gain a deeper understanding of the French, there is no better way than to actively collect knowledge about its rich culture and heritage. The various authors, artists, literature, and history will help you dive into the world of French. Furthermore, French is a relatively easy language to learn, and learning with a friend would be even better! 


Is BA French a good degree? 

Since French is a global language with a global and limitless reach in all aspects of life, BA French is a good degree to pursue. There are many opportunities in multiple fields which will definitely help you with your interests and goals. 

What is BA French? 

BA French is an undergraduate degree of 4 years that is an all-encompassing degree into the world of the French. It includes literature, language, society and culture. 

Who is eligible for BA French?

The eligibility for BA French depends upon the university that is offering the course, though, most institutes do prefer it if you have a basic foundation in French and even have certifications.  

Lastly, I hope that you have found the necessary information relating to BA French that you have been looking for. If this blog was helpful and you want to begin your language journey, you can contact us at, Leverage Edu and our mentors would be happy to guide you through the process and help you understand the field.  

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