MSc in Advanced Computer Science: Universities, Fees, Scope, Syllabus

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MSc in Advanced Computer Science

A Master of Science (MSc) in Advanced Computer Science is an advanced academic program that delves into cutting-edge topics within the field of computer science. This intensive program equips students with advanced technical skills and knowledge in areas such as artificial intelligence, data science, cybersecurity, and software engineering. Students engage in research, hands-on projects, and coursework that explores the latest developments and trends in the rapidly evolving world of technology. Graduates are well-prepared for careers in research, development, or leadership roles in industries ranging from software engineering to machine learning, making a significant impact in the digital era.

Course NameMSc in Advanced Computer Science
Mode of studyOnline and Campus-based
Fees Range27-40 Lakh INR
Job ProfileSoftware Developer/Engineer, Machine Learning Engineer, Data Scientist, Cybersecurity Analyst, AI Researcher
Average Salary Range$50,000 to $100,000 /year (depending on various factors)

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Why Study MSc in Advanced Computer Science?

Pursuing an M.Sc. in Computer Science is an ideal choice for those seeking to advance their knowledge beyond a bachelor’s degree. This program offers specialized expertise critical for senior positions and research roles in the tech industry. It also opens doors to lucrative job opportunities and potential teaching positions in higher education institutions. Here are some key reasons:

  • Financial Reward: Computer science professionals command high salaries, with senior roles averaging around $142K annually.
  • Growing Industry: The field is projected to grow at a rapid rate, creating numerous job opportunities. Data science, cybersecurity, and software development are particularly in demand.
  • Specializations: You can specialize in areas like Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Data Science, and more, expanding your career prospects.
  • Preparation for PhD: An M.Sc. in Computer Science provides a strong foundation for pursuing a PhD, enabling further research and academic opportunities.

The program covers a wide range of topics, including computing, data analysis, robotics, ethics, and programming, preparing you for various tech-related roles. Moreover, computer science finds applications in daily life, from information technology and manufacturing to healthcare and weather forecasting. In summary, pursuing an M.Sc. in Computer Science offers not only financial rewards but also abundant career prospects and the chance to make a meaningful impact in the tech industry.

Source: Northumbria University

Top Universities & Fees

S.NO.University NameQS RankingTuition Fees
1University of Oxford3Euro 32,760
2The University of Manchester32Euro 33,000 
3King’s College London40Euro 31,080
4University of Birmingham84Euro 27,540
5The University of Liverpool176Euro 26,350
6University of Strathclyde276Euro 23,200
7University of Essex459Euro 20,350


In the first year of the MSc Advanced Computer Science program, students undergo a comprehensive curriculum covering essential computer science fundamentals. This includes subjects such as

  • Data Structures,
  • Operating Systems,
  • Programming in C++,
  • Computer Organization and Architecture,
  • Design and Analysis of Algorithms,
  • Computer Networks, and
  • Database Management Systems.  

Practical skills are honed through laboratory work in areas like Unix and Shell Programming, Computer Graphics, and .NET Programming.

The second year focuses on more advanced topics like:

Students also engage in Project Work, enabling them to apply their knowledge to real-world challenges. Additionally, they delve into specialized fields such as Information Security, Soft Computing, and Data Compression, ensuring a well-rounded education in advanced computer science.

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To apply for an MS  In Advanced Computer Science, specific eligibility criteria exist, varying based on the course and university. Here are the fundamental prerequisites you should be aware of: 

  • Applicants are typically required to have a prior degree in computer science for eligibility. However, those with an equivalent degree in engineering, science, mathematics, or a related quantitative field can apply if they can demonstrate substantial relevant preparation.
  • GMAT/GRE scores are typically needed by many universities.
  • Proficiency in English is essential, demonstrated through scores from exams such as IELTS or TOEFL.
  • Having two to three years of work experience can enhance your profile.

Please note that these eligibility requirements can vary depending on the specific university. Students should review the course details and requirements on the official university website for precise information.

Application Process

As a general guideline, it’s essential to meticulously adhere to several key procedures when seeking admission to top-tier universities offering MSc In Advanced Computer Science. Here are some of the stages within the application process:

  • Collect your college transcripts before starting the process.
  • Make sure you have your passport handy cane to fill in all the information according to the same.
  • A Statement of Purpose with one or more essays will be required to understand your reason for studying advanced computer science at a particular university.
  • The first step will be to decide on the college or university along with the course you wish to study. The AI Course Finder of Leverage Edu can help you with this!
  • Register on the website of the University and start your application process by filling in all your information.
  • When you are offered a seat in the course you applied to, accept the offer and begin arranging for the funding.
  • After this, the visa application process begins. 

Documents Required

Before you start applying, ensure you have all the necessary documents ready. Here are the typical documents you’ll need:

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Career Scope

The field of computer science offers abundant global job prospects due to its foundational role in various computer-related topics. Specializations like data science, computer languages, and cybersecurity provide diverse career opportunities, reflecting the limitless reach of technology and digitalization in today’s world, making it. highly attractive to students worldwide. Below lies the table listing the job opportunities along with the average salary they offer:

Job RoleAverage Salary
Computer ScientistUSD 157,000
Data Scientist USD 155,000
Lead DeveloperUSD 112,000
AI and ML SpecialistUSD 108,000
Full Stack Developer USD 98,700
Information Security EngineerUSD 90,500
Software EngineerUSD 91,900
ProgrammerUSD 89,600
Network EngineerUSD 83,200
Blockchain DeveloperUSD 81,400


Q1. What is an MSc in advanced computer science?

Ans. MSc Advanced Computer Science is a postgraduate degree focusing on advanced topics in computer science such as machine learning, verification computer security, etc.

Q2. What are the benefits of doing an MSc in computer science?

 Ans. It enhances expertise, opens lucrative career paths, fosters innovation, and enables research.

Q3. Which specialization is best in MSc computer science?

Ans. Specialization choice depends on career goals, but AI, data science, and cybersecurity are in high demand globally.

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