Top Reasons to Pursue Arts after CBSE Board Result 2023

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Top reasons to pursue arts

The main question a student asks themselves after the CBSE board result 2023 is the choice of the stream they want to take up. The humanities stream is one such option. Humanities is a wide stream that offers plenty of career options to students.  The course also offers the most creative options. For example, a humanities student can become an art director, journalist, lawyer, graphic designer, curator, film director, psychologist, digital marketing strategist, and international relations specialist, among others. Keep reading to know more about the top reasons to pursue arts after the CBSE board results 2023.

Reasons to Pursue Arts after CBSE Board Result 2023

There are several reasons to choose the Humanities after the class 10th and 12th CBSE board result 2023.

  • Gain several skills –One of the main reasons to pursue arts is the skills a student would acquire. It includes critical thinking skills, communication skills, empirical and quantitative skills, teamwork, personal responsibility, and social skills.
  • A variety of career options – Humanities offers the most creative fields. It is one of the reasons to pursue art. Depending on his/her interest a student can choose several career fields. From becoming a lawyer, or graphic designer, to an international relations specialist, there are plenty of career options available.
  • Most creative career options-Humanities offer the most creative career options for students. For example, Fashion design, photography, animation, and architecture, among others.
  • Develops critical thinking skills–  Humanities assists a student to understand human behaviour. Thus, it enables a student to think both creatively, and logically.
  • Develops understanding of foreign languages and cultures- Humanities stream offers the study of several languages which helps a student to learn and understand different languages and the cultures of the countries the languages originate from.

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Reasons to Pursue Arts: Humanities Stream Subjects a Student Can Choose After 10th CBSE Board Result 

Here are the main humanities stream subjects that a student can choose to study after the 10th CBSE board result in 2023. Getting to study these subjects is one of the reasons to pursue arts.

 A Humanities student can study these subjects in their 10th and 12th. Do note that many of these subjects are optional. 

Arts Stream Subjects 
Political Science
Physical Education
Home Science
Fine Arts
Hindi and other regional languages

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Reasons to Pursue Arts: Humanities Subjects a Student Can Choose after Class 12th CBSE Board Result 

Depending on their interest a Humanities subjects student can choose the following subjects for Bachelors. Getting to study these subjects is one of the reasons to pursue arts.

Career Options After Class 12th Arts 
B.A. (hons.) Sociology
B.A. (hons.) English
B.A. (hons.) Economics
B.A. (hons.) History
B.A. (hons.) Political Science
B.A. (hons.) Journalism and Mass Communication
B.A. (hons.) Fine Arts 
B.A. (hons.) Geography
B.A. (hons.) Hindi and other language courses
B.A. (hons.) Performing Arts 
B.A. (hons.) Film Studies
B.A. (hons.) Liberal Arts
B.A. (hons.) Psychology
Bachelor of Interior Design 
B.A. (hons.) Philosophy
Bachelor of Travel and Tourism Management
B.A. Digital Media and Communication 
Bachelor of Event Management
B.A. LLB. 
B. El. Ed or Bachelor in Elementary Education 
B. Lib. Sc. 

Reasons to Pursue Arts: Career Options after 12th Humanities CBSE Board Result 2023

Humanities career options after class 12th CBSE result 2023 are several. Students can choose a career depending on their interests. 

Career Options After Class 12th Humanities 
Civil Services
Lawyer (Corporate Lawyer, Criminal Lawyer, Judge, etc)
Public Relations
Clinical Counseling/Sports Psychology
International Relations
Hospitality/Event Management
Language Translator
Digital Marketing
Content Writer/Editor
Commercial Artist
Human rights activist
Market Research Analyst
Policy Maker
Intelligence Specialist
Risk Advisory Associate
Human Resource Specialists
Life Coaches
Art director
Foreign language teacher
Graphics designer
Data linguist
Gym Instructor
Yoga Teacher

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Reasons to Pursue Arts: Highest Paying Careers in Humanities 

Among the countless career options that the Humanities stream offers here is a list of the most paying careers in Humanities. It is one of the reasons to pursue arts.

DesignationSalary Per Annum (USA)
Art director$140,597/ INR 1.14 cr
Regulatory affairs manager$130,000/INR 1.06 cr
Historian$68,689/ INR 56 lakh
Content marketing manager$74,051/INR 60.55 lakh
Foreign language teacher$74,000/INR 60.51 lakh
Psychologist$101,457/INR 82.95 lakh
Technical writer$64,604/INR 52.82 lakh
Travel agent$40,985/INR 32.51 lakh
Copywriter$58,665/INR 47.96 lakh
Hospitality manager$57,159/INR 46.73 lakh
Diplomatic agent$55,792/INR 45.61 lakh
Brand Manager $78,039/INR63.82 lakh
Professor$97,737/INR 79.93 lakh


Q. Will boards 2023 be tough?

A. The CBSE board 2023 examination level will range from moderate to difficult.

Q. Will CBSE release merit list 2023?

A. Yes. CBSE will release the merit list in 2023.

Q. Which course is best after 12th for arts students?

A. After class 12th some of the best courses a student can pursue would include Bachelor of Arts [BA],  Bachelor of Business Management [BMS], Bachelor of Business Administration [BBA] , Bachelor of Fine Arts [BFA], Bachelor of Hotel Management [BHM], among others 

Q. What are the career options for humanities students?

A. Some of the career options for Humanities students include graphic designing, technical writing, sign language interpreter, travel agent, and high school teacher, among others.

Choosing the Humanities stream after the 12th board result is a wonderful idea. The stream offers several career opportunities in various fields. It also enables a student to gain several skills such as communication skills, personal responsibility, teamwork, and critical thinking, among others. Students can also find the most creative fields in the Humanities stream. These are some of the reasons to pursue arts. To discover more CBSE board result 2023 articles visit the study abroad experts at Leverage Edu.

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