Write a Letter to Your Friend How You Celebrate Holi Festival: Check Samples & Format

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Write a Letter to Your Friend How You Celebrate Holi Festival

Every year, Holi approaches the neighborhood and brings buzz with excitement. The festivities bring colors and excitement into the lives of people. Laughter fills the air, and the streets are filled with joyous gulal and drenched with colorful water. To share exciting experiences, school teachers ask the students to write a letter to your friend how you celebrate Holi festival. Writing about such experiences enhances the writing skills of students as well as teaches them how to pen down the memories.

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Sample 1: Write a Letter to Your Friend How You Celebrate Holi Festival

Building Number- A 45
Pioneer House
Noida – 201300

27 March, 2024

Dear Ruchi,
I hope this letter finds you in high spirits. As the vibrations of the Holi festival are still in the air, I wanted to share with you the exciting and eco-friendly ways in which our community celebrated this year. It was a truly delightful experience that brought joy and harmony while mindful of our environment.

This Holi, our society made a conscious effort to minimize the harmful impact on nature. Instead of using synthetic colors which often contain toxic chemicals, we turned to natural and organic alternatives. 

To serve the purpose a group of enthusiastic volunteers gathered together to prepare the organic colors from various petals and herbs. The smell and texture of turmeric, beetroot, and henna leaves created a stunning palette that not only looked beautiful but was also gentle on the skin and biodegradable.

The preparation process for the festival was itself a heartwarming experience. People from all walks of life came together and shared stories and laughter into the fine powders of vibrant colors of happiness. Furthermore, the fragrance of natural colors filled the air, which also reminded us of the beauty and abundance of nature.

On the day of Holi, our community gathered in the central park where we had made a set-up area for playing with colors. Instead of picking up water balloons or plastic pichkaris, we used eco-friendly alternatives like terracotta or bamboo canes to spray the colors. The joy on everyone’s faces was truly vibrant and infectious.

After the color, there was an arrangement of a special eco-friendly feast, where we were served delicious dishes made with traditional methods. The food stalls were different in styles of serving the food. The practice of bringing recycled materials, reusable plates, and utensils to minimize waste served the purpose of the environment-friendly festival. 

I hope this letter has inspired you to consider adopting an eco-friendly practice during your celebrations of Holi. Together we can create a world where festivals and environmental consciousness can go hand in hand ensuring a vibrant and sustainable future for all.

Warm regards,

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Sample 2: Write a Letter to Your Friend How You Celebrate Holi Festival

2, Sai Sadan,
Thane (West)
Maharashtra – 400604

29 March, 2024

Dear Maya,

Greetings of the season. The festival of Holi has just waved goodbye but still, its vibrations are in the atmosphere. The strong reason for this beautiful experience was the abuzz and exciting preparations that our community did for us. This year, our society decided to celebrate the occasion by weaving together the richness of poems, stories, and traditions that have been passed down through generations.

The events kicked off with a special storytelling session, where elders from our community gathered to delight us with tales and legends associated with Holi. The air was filled with the melodious voices of the storytellers as they narrated the ancient stories of Lord Krishna´s playful antics with the Gopis. The burning of the demoness Holika, and the triumph of good over evil were lessons learned. 

Following the storytelling session, there was an arrangement for a poetry recital, where local poets and writers shared their compositions inspired by the festival of colours. The fascinating part of the event was the participation of the children and the demonstration of their writing skills. You will be glad to know that I was appreciated for my writings by the members of our community. 

Furthermore, the particular dancing based on the theme of Holi by the elders of our society was adored. They were adorned in traditional attire and gracefully performed on the famous poems of Surdas. Some captivating acts also depicted the eternal love between Lord Krishna and Radha. 
As the sun began to set, we gathered around a bonfire where we continued our celebration by singing the traditional songs of Holi and folk tunes. The crackling flames gave a warmth and glow to our faces as we joined hands and danced in a joyful circle. 

Maya, the celebration of Holi this year was just not a vibrant display of colors but a profound celebration of our rich cultural heritage. It was a beautiful reminder of the importance of the passing down of the wisdom and narratives that have shaped generations.

I hope this letter gave you a glimpse into the unique and culturally rich way in which we celebrated Holi this year. The memorable experience that brought our community together, celebrating the themes of love, unity, and triumph of light over darkness.

Warm regards,

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Write a Letter to Your Friend How You Celebrate Holi Festival: Check Format

Write a Letter to Your Friend How You Celebrate Holi Festival

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1. How do the people of India celebrate Holi?

Ans. The people of India celebrate Holi by playing with colors and water balloons, dancing, singing, and gathering with friends and family for feasts and celebrations.

2. How to celebrate Holi with friends?

Ans. To celebrate Holi with friends, organize a color play session, prepare traditional sweets, and enjoy Holi music.

3. How to celebrate Holi uniquely?

Ans. To celebrate Holi uniquely, incorporate eco-friendly practices, storytelling sessions, poetry recitals, cultural performances, and activities that blend tradition with creativity.

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