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Admission Test

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The Graduate Record Examination (GRE) is an admissions test used around the world to screen graduate school applicants i... Read More

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The GRE is intended to test verbal and quantitative reasoning, critical thinking, and analytical writing ability. The GR... Read More

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Type of test

GRE Basics


Students should have cleared undergraduation before applying for admission. GRE scores would not be valid if the aspirant does not clear undergrdauation.

General Facts

Date and Frequency
You can take the test once every 21 days, up to five times within any continuous rolling 12-month period
Center and Admit Card
The GRE test is conducted in over 1000 tests centres across the world. Applicants can select a test centre depending on their location and convenience.
The GRE test results are usually available within 10 -15 calendar days. Test takers can get their GRE results online or from the test centre where they appeared for the test. ETS, the conducting body of GRE, sends test takers an email notification when their test results are out.
Score Reporting
GRE test takers are allowed to send their scores to four graduate schools. Candidates have to select the four institutions at the time of registration through the Score Select option.
Score Validity
5 Years


Analytical Writing




60 Minutes


0 - 6

Analytical Writing has two sub-sections- Analyse an Issue task and Analyse an Argument task. The time given to complete these sections varies.

Verbal Reasoning




60 Minutes


130 - 170

Verbal Reasoning has two sections. Each section has 20 questions and candidates are given 30 minutes on each section.

Quantitative Reasoning




70 Minutes


130 - 170

Quantitative Reasoning has two sections. Each section has 20 questions and candidates are given 35 minutes on each section.

Fees (USD)

Registration Fees


Rescheduling Fees


Test Center Change Fees


Late Fee


GRE Exam Registration Process

Aspirants can register online for both GRE General test and subject tests, although, registrations via phone and mail are possible. Online registration is the most common way to apply for GRE test.

Step 1

Signup on GRE official portal

Step 2

Submit personal information

Step 3

Profile details submission

Step 4

Selection of Test centre, date and time

Step 5

Payment & completion of registration

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Starting a few years ago, the GRE became an acceptable entrance exam alongside the long-standing GMAT exam for admission to most business school programs, including the traditional MBA. The GRE is increasing in popularity, and more and more students are applying to business school with it instead of the GMAT for various reasons. However, it’s still a good idea to check with the business schools you’re applying to and make 100% sure that they do in fact accept the GRE — and, more importantly, that they’ll view it as an equal to the GMAT when considering your application. While a huge majority of the world’s business schools are now on board with the GRE, but it's advisable to check.
The GRE and GMAT are more alike than they are different. They both test roughly the same mathematical concepts, they both test your ability to comprehend what you read, and they both test your analytical reasoning ability, though in slightly different ways. The difference between the two exams comes in how they test these concepts. On the GMAT you’ll find a unique quantitative question type called Data Sufficiency, for example, while on the GRE you’ll find the infamous Quantitative Comparisons questions. On the GMAT you’ll find an explicit Critical Reasoning section, while the GRE is more vocabulary-intensive with its Sentence Completion questions. And of course the scoring metrics are different as are some of the logistical test-taking options (e.g. you can skip questions and come back to them on the GRE, whereas you can’t on the GMAT). For a full breakdown of the key differences between these two tests, watch the video below so that you can make the best decision for you as to which exam to take.
Registration fees for GRE General test is $205 US, while for GRE Subject tests it is $150