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Political Science is one of the most fascinating and widely opted courses for people interested to make a career in fields related to politics. Focussed on building a strong foundation by imparting knowldege in areas such as Globalization, Liberalisation, Civil Rights, Human Rights, Political Development, Public Policy and Foreign Policy, a program in Political Science aims to nurture human nature and the moral purposes of political association. With an aim to stir ideas and in turn debates, Political Science courses include an in-depth study of governments, public policies, political theorists and their theories, and political behaviour which is done via a series of lectures and discussions. Hence, if you are considering to pursue a career in this field, then through this blog, we would shed some light on the Political Science syllabus to help you understand what this course entails. 

Bachelor’s Degree Syllabus

A Bachelor’s degree like BA Political Science, BSc Politics, etc, is crucial to understand the rights and duties of being a citizen of a particular country and the first thing that one learns through this 3-4 year-long course is to be aware of the major political issues and how the government decisions can be shaped accordingly. The Political Science syllabus of undergraduate programs sheds light on the topics necessary to understand the socio-political scenario and the political processes happening around the world. You can pursue this degree with certain specializations such as Government and International Politics, Conflict Analysis and Resolution, Public Policy, Global Studies, Public Administration, International Economics and Commercial Diplomacy amongst many others. To get a better hold on the key concepts covered under a course in Political Science, here is a list of subjects that form a crucial fragment of the syllabus: 

Political Science Syllabus for First Year

  • Foundational Understanding of Political Science 
  • Understanding Classical Political Thought 
  • Politics; A Vocation 
  • International Relations – An Introduction 
  • Understanding the Political Economy 

Second Year Political Science Syllabus

  • Political World Analysis 
  • Different Political Thoughts – Modern & Feminist 
  • Comparative Politics 
  • Diplomatic History After 1945 
  • Foreign Policy Comparison 
  • Global Governance 
  • Roar and Fall of a Superpower – Soviet Union 

Third And Fourth Year 

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  • World Politics 
  • Body Politics: Security and Economy 
  • Gender in World Politics 
  • Politics and Social Justice
  • Capitalism and Welfare State Models 
  • Politics of Diaspora, Migrants, and Refugees 
  • Contemporary Politics in the light of Populism

Note: This is a general overview of the major subjects covered in the Political Science syllabus of the undergraduate courses and may vary from one university to another.

Political Science Syllabus: Master’s Level

On a Master’s degree level, one can pursue courses such as MA in Political Science, MSc International Migration and Public Policy, International Security and Development, Human Rights, Race, Media and Social Justice, International Affairs, Diplomacy and Global Governance, Peace and Conflict Management Studies, International Law and Energy Politics, etc. Most of these degree programs, which generally run for a duration of 1-2 years, are built to provide a fundamental understanding of different socio-political and economic thoughts that lead to different systems of policies, political structures and governance. The Political Science syllabus of these postgraduate courses enriches a student with an understanding of various forces and factors that help in shaping society through different political decisions. Mentioned below is the year-wise division of major subjects which form a part of these programs: 

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1. World Politics
2. Political Theory
3. Comparative Politics
4. Administrative Theory
5. Political Philosophy
6. Ancient Political Thought7. Political Thinking Since Marx
8. International Relations Theory
9. Political Sociology
10. International Political Economy 
1. Public Administration
2. Western Political Thought
3. Research Methodology
4. Comparative Political Analysis
5. International Political Economy
6. Political Institutions; Democracy Social Movements and Revolutions
7. International Relations; Post-Cold War Parties, Elections, and Political Process   

Note: This is a general overview of the major subjects covered in the Political Science syllabus of the postgraduate courses and may vary from one university to another.

Political Science as a Career 

A career in Political Science opens the door to innumerable opportunities across industries. Not only do the programs impart extensive knowldege in various subjects but also equip you with excellent communication and leadership skills, broadened sense of understanding, and critical thinking. This, in turn, will help you become a refined writer and a debater. The Political Science syllabus prepares the students to be well suited for the profiles such as Policy Analyst, Political Consultant, Academician, Campaign Organizer, Political Commentator, Political Writer, Corporate Social Policy Issues Analyst, Public Opinion Analyst, amongst many others. Apart from these jobs, there are a whole lot of career prospects in the field of Political Science where one can enter through government exams of the State, Union Public Service Commission, United Nations, other national and international organizations as well as non-governmental organizations.  

We hope that this blog helped you in grasping the coursework that forms an integral part of the Political Science syllabus. If you are planning to kickstart a career in this field but are confused about which course to pursue then take the assistance of Leverage Edu’s AI-based tool that gauge through your skills and help match your interests to the courses and colleges that are perfect for you. Thus helping you take an informed step towards a rewarding career!

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