How to Become a Diplomat in India?

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A diplomat is a member of the public who promotes and aids in implementing a nation’s foreign policy. Diplomats may occasionally serve in their own nation, although they are typically posted abroad, specifically at an embassy or consulate. You might find it helpful to learn more about the skills and responsibilities listed in the job description if you are interested in this position.

Are you also wishing to become a diplomat? If the answer is yes, then this blog will help you greatly as this article contains information on how to become a diplomat, Who a diplomat is, the skills required to become a diplomat, the advantages of becoming a diplomat, etc.

Job Designation Diplomat (IFS officer) 
Eligibility Class 10+2 from a recognised boardMust be in between 21-32 years of age in order to give the UPSC exam and also the candidate should have completed graduation from a recognised university. 
Entrance Exam UPSC exam 
Skills Required Negotiation, Written Communication, Verbal Communication, Foreign Language, Cultural Awareness, Diplomatic Tactics and Knowledge about International Relations.
Benefits of being a DiplomatLucrative Salary, Fee of cost travelling, Immunity from certain laws, Additional free amenities, etc. 

Who is a Diplomat? 

Diplomats are people who go to different countries around the world to promote good relations between the nation they represent and the one they are visiting. A diplomat might visit a nation to develop an already-existing relationship. A diplomat may also go to a nation at war to aid in conflict management. A diplomatic services officer may also concentrate on the operational sides of diplomacy, dealing with foreign policy and the provision of services in other nations. Additionally, diplomats have the authority to shape regional, national, and international sociopolitical relations.

A diplomat is most frequently referred to as an Indian Foreign Service (IFS) officer in India. IFS officers work in the executive branch of the government’s Central Civil Services, which is the administrative and diplomatic branch of the civil service. IFS Officer is one of the positions that members of this service may occupy. These officials are hired by the Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) of the Government of India (GoI).

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Roles and Responsibilities of a Diplomat 

become a diplomat

The nation’s external affairs, which include diplomacy, economic, and cultural ties, are handled by an IFS officer. One of the duties and responsibilities of Indian Foreign Service officers is the establishment and implementation of policies that govern India’s interactions with other countries. A primary responsibility for those who choose to serve in the Indian Foreign Service is representing their nation in embassies, high commissioners, consulates, and permanent posts to international institutions like the United Nations Organisation (UNO). Additionally, when visiting another country, they endeavour to promote friendly relations with the local administration and preserve the national interests of their own nation.

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How to Become a Diplomat? 

The Civil Services test can be taken by someone who wants to work for the IFS. The exam is extremely competitive; only about 800 people out of more than five lakh applicants succeed. The civil service exam to become an IFS officer is only passed by about 15% to 20% of applicants yearly.

After graduating, applicants for the IFS take the civil services examination. Graduates from any discipline are eligible to become IFS officers. If you wish to work as an IFS officer, you can take the courses you are interested in grades 11 and 12 to make the most of your career options as a diplomat. Following are the three steps that you need to go through in order to become a diplomat:

  • Complete class 12th from a recognised board in India. 
  • Complete graduation from a recognised university.
  • Sit for the UPSC exam and choose IFS as your preferred service
  • After clearing the UPSC exam, you have to complete training

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Eligibility Criteria 

In order to become a diplomat a candidate must give UPSC exam and clear it with a good rank so that they are able to join IFS services. Following are the eligibility criteria that a candidate must fulfil in order to be able to sit for the UPSC exam:

  • The candidate should be an Indian citizen. Tibetan refugees, who moved permanently to India before January 1, 1962, can also give UPSC. People who are citizens of Nepal and Bhutan are also eligible. Also, the people who have migrated and permanently settled in India can give UPSC exam in order to become a diplomat.
  • The candidate should have completed their 10+2 from a recognised board in India with a minimum of 60%.
  • The candidate should have completed their graduation in any discipline from a recognised university.

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What are the Skills that a Diplomat Should Have? 

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Diplomats need to be highly skilled in some of the areas as they need to represent their nation at a global level. Following is the list of the skills that a Diplomat should possess:

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Benefits of Becoming a Diplomat 

Once you become a Diplomat there are many benefits that you will be able to enjoy. Following is the list of Advantages that come with the prestigious post of Diplomat:

  • They are able to enjoy legal protection as they are not bound under local rules and laws.
  • They get the honour of representing themselves as an ambassador of their country.
  • They get free housing facilities.
  • They get to enjoy travelling that too free of cost.
  • They can make new cultural connections easily. 


What are the qualifications to be a diplomat?

In order to become a diplomat you need to first clear 10+2 from a recognised board in India. After that, you need to sit for the UPSC exam and make sure that you clear it with a good rank so that you are able to get IFS service. The next and final step is to complete the training. 

Can an Indian become a diplomat?

Yes, an Indian can become a diplomat, but for that, you need to clear the UPSC exam and opt for IFS services.

Do diplomats earn well?

Yes, Diplomats earn quite well and in addition to the lucrative salary they also get free amenities like a house, free-of-cost travelling, etc.

This is everything you need to know about the process to become a diplomat. Make sure you follow Leverage Edu for more such informative articles.

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