Best Foreign Language to Learn

Best Foreign Language to Learn

If you are a person who is fascinated by the magic of words, learning one or two languages is never enough as there exists an undiscovered world full of possibilities that you haven’t even unravelled! Though different in script, pronunciation, and writing, languages of the world have one thing in common, they have multifarious stories to discover. Moreover, with globalization and springing opportunities in terms of education and employment across the world, learning a new language has become a phenomenon. So, if you want to pursue a career in Foreign Langauge, want to develop a strong command over a particular dialect, or simply want to explore the “in-demand” languages, then here is a blog that lists down some of the best foreign languages to learn!

Why Learn Foreign Languages?

From Korean and Arabic to Italian and Chinese, there are scores of foreign languages to learn. Let us have a quick look at the reasons for pursuing such courses or programs. 

  • With the world becoming more connected, learning a new language will make you better suited for the global environment.
  • If learning German or Japanese is your passion, then you can convert it into a full-time opportunity. You can work as a language translator for publishing houses, interpreters for foreign nationals, or a teacher/professor with academic institutions. 
  • Scores of MNCs and IT companies, which are spread across the world take on board those who are adept in speaking a native language. 
  • A person well versed in a foreign language can also work in the diplomatic service or as an immigration officer.
  • Learning international languages will improve your cognitive thinking ability. 
  • Last but not least, it helps in building connections across cultures. 


(“If you work hard enough at it, you can even grind an iron rod to a needle,”)

As the oldest form of the Chinese language, Mandarin is one of the best foreign languages to learn. Not only limited to China, but it has a large number of speakers throughout the world, including Thailand, Taiwan, and Mongolia. Learning Mandarin will help you discover Chinese literature in-depth and will also nurture you professionally. However, it is advised to pursue long term programs so that you develop a strong command over the language. You can also enrol in Mandarin classes!


“La acción es la clave fundamental para todo éxito.’
(“Action is the foundational key to all success.”)

With its presence rooted in scores of countries of the world, Spanish is counted amongst the top 10 spoken languages and as one of the best foreign languages to learn. Also referred to as the “Language of Romance”, Spanish is inspired by the Latin script. Since it has a similar word syntax like English, it is a popular choice amongst English speakers. Additionally, with easy vowel pronunciations, Spanish is much easier to learn than other foreign languages.


“Aller Anfang ist schwer.”
(“All beginnings are hard.”)

German is the most spoken language in the European Union making it an ideal pick for all those wishing to learn a new foreign language. It opens a whole new world for its speakers with better educational options and employment possibilities. Belonging to the same family as English, learning German is an easy feat. 


Bonjour, Mates!
(Hello, mates!)

Another entry to our list of best languages to learn is French. Counted amongst the 5 languages of love, French has evolved over the years. It drips culture, has an undeniably beautiful accent, words are easy to understand, and promotes linguistic diversity. Moreover, it is also one of the 6 official languages of the United Nations. Thus, making it an excellent choice for those who want to establish a career in International Relations.


(I understand you.)

A strong economy, scores of renowned MNCs, top academic institutions, and the land of technological innovations, Japan has become an ideal place to establish a career abroad. This has opened up a plethora of opportunities for both, students and professionals. So, if you are exploring best languages to learn, Japanese can be the ideal choice. It can be a tad difficult to master the language, however, it paves way for a well-established career in multifarious industries!


До скорого!
(See You Soon!)

Another entrant to our list of best languages to learn is Russian. Intriguing culture, copious career opportunities, diverse literature, and an important part of the world economy, learning Russian can open the door to numerous employment opportunities not only in the Asian continent but also across the world. Moreover, you can be a part of various international organisations that have Russian as one of their official language or different companies in the capacity of a translator, interpreter, consultant, Project Manager, Assessment Officer, etc.


ride bene chi ride ultimo
(Who laughs last laughs the best)

Endearingly referred to as the language of Romeo and Juliet, Italian should also be in your bucket list of best language to learn! It can be a little difficult than Spanish but is similar to English in terms of phonetic sounds and verb tenses. The best part of learning Italian is that you will get to know about the various non-verbal gestures used in Italy to convey different expressions!


“Mais vale um pássaro na mão do que dois voando.”
A bird in hand is worth two in the bush.

If you want to build a good foundational knowledge to learn languages like Spanish and Italian, Portuguese is the right one to begin with. With Latin America gaining immense popularity in the world music and cultural scene, Portuguese has become a popular language to learn and can take you places afar! There are various language schools across Latin America and Europe which you can explore to find short-term courses or full-fledged degree programs in Portuguese!


التكرار يعلّم الحمار. (it-tikraar yi3allim il-humaar.)
Practice makes perfect

Amongst the most challenging languages to learn, Arabic is a perfect one for those aiming to explore a historically rich language, with multifarious dialects and striking calligraphic forms of writing. If you are interested in knowing the origins of Hebrew, Phoenician and Aramaic, then Arabic is the best language to learn for you! Discover the history of Pyramids and immerse in the rich past of the Semitic languages which originated in the Arabian Peninsula!


반갑습니다 – Ban-gap-sum-ni-da
Nice to meet you!

As Korea has emerged as an economically and culturally prominent country, Korean features as another key mention in our list. The Korean Hangeul Alphabet can be easily learned in a basic manner and you can also gain a stronghold over the language in a simpler way as it has no gender nouns or intonations. Further, you can always practice your grasp over Korean through popular K-pop music and master this lovely language in a fun way!

Hence, when it comes to the best foreign languages to learn, there are scores of options to explore! Attaining world-class education from the best universities abroad is a dream of many and we, at Leverage Edu, have helped many in making their dream come true!  From helping you write an impeccable SOP to completing the modal formalities related to admission, our experts will provide assistance at every step!

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