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Bachelor of Event Management (BEM)

Remember the story of Bitto and Shruti from Band Baja Baarat? With their picture-perfect planning and organising skills, their start-up Shaadi Mubarak skyrocketed from rags to riches. Be it a wedding, birthday party or corporate event, we often get mesmerised by the lavish decorations, installation art and the palatable food whereas mismanagement and chaos during such events can often make us go grumpy about it. Imagine there is a family celebration and you are in-charge of checking decorations, food catering, location, etc. handling this all by yourself will surely make you go head over heels.  This is where an Event Manager or Planner comes into the picture. Whether personal or corporate, gatherings must be entertaining and the credit for the same should go to professionals trained in the field of Event Management. If you are aspiring to establish your career in this springing field, here is a blog elucidating all the essential details about it.

What is Event Management?

Event Management is the art of the organising and executing large or small gatherings. The events can vary from personal to business wherein the common ones are weddings parties, birthdays, conferences (B2B), corporate festivals (B2C) etc. The role of an Event Manager generally requires well-planned execution of events in which you would be handling different responsibilities like selecting the appropriate venue, decors, meals, transportation, sound systems etc. for the client. Being a broad domain, there are plenty of exciting roles available in this domain such as Space or Venue Manager, Party Planner, Sports Event Manager, Cultural Event Manager, Travel Manager etc. 

Entry Requisites

To acquire overseas education in this domain, it is essential for students to have formal schooling of 10+2 from a recognized institution. Along with this, you have to take language proficiency examinations like IELTS, TOEFL etc. Apart from this those wanting to pursue postgraduation in this domain must have the requisite bachelor’s degree in the same or relevant fields. Also, LORs (Letters of Recommendation) and SOP (Statement of Purpose) are also required by major academic institutions. 

Note: The above-mentioned details are general requisites thus, students are advised to check the official website of the university before applying for a course. 

Skills Required To Become An Event Manager

To brush up your innate zeal and acquire the niche, it is beneficial to catch up on some skills that are essentially needed in the field of Event Management. Multitasking is the foremost prerequisite but you never know what awaits you thus, by clubbing various abilities together you will be able to handle whichever difficulty may come your way. To manage the upcoming situations, it is advised to learn and gain some skills. If you are planning to begin with your career in Event Management, below mentioned are some of the key skills:

  • Learn to be a people’s person: Jobs in this industry will require you to deal with a variety of people with peculiar demands. Hence, to cop-up with a multitude of people, you must remain calm and composed and have excellent communication skills to actualise their demands into striking events.
  • Be all ears: Satisfaction of the clients is of utmost importance and to achieve this, it is necessary to apprehend what they want. Pay attention to the wants and only then you will be able to deliver your best.
  • Teamwork: You will be the sole connector between your team and the clients, thus there should be a healthy communication within the team and clients to deliver the best.
  • Be Organised: Maintain check-lists and handy tools through which you can maintain a record of the pending and accomplished tasks.

Event Management Courses

Event Management is a vast field and many prominent industries have their roots well versed in it. Thus, courses aiming to train the aspirants with great multitasking skills are available in the majority of universities. The bachelor level Event Management Courses will make you well-versed with the foundations and basic knowledge of the entire field. Calling upon your interests and choices, you can pursue a postgraduate course wherein, you can select a specialization field and be a master of it! Following are some of the programs in this field:

Education Level Event Management Courses
Diploma Diploma in Event Management 
FdA Events Management
Undergraduate BSc Tourism and Events Management
BSc Event Management
Bachelor of Business in Event Management
Bachelor of Hotel Management
BS in Event Management 
BA Creative Design 
BA Event Marketing 
BSc Event Operations and Production Management 
BSc Sports Events Management 
BA Business and Events Management  
Postgraduate MSc Event Management
Master of Business in Event Management
MBA in Sports Management
MSc Events Management 
Event Management- PG Certificate
MSc International Events Management
MSc Global Meetings and Events Management
MA in Marketing Management for Events, Hospitality and Tourism
Doctorate PhD in Convention and Event Management

Top Universities

A variety of esteemed institutions across the globe provide lucrative degrees in the evergrowing field of Event Management. To kick start your dream career, it is important to choose the right study destination which provides you with a great platform to showcase your talent. Mentioned below are some of the leading universities across the globe offering a plethora of specialised degrees and diplomas in this field:

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Career Scope  

Events like wedding, talents hunt shows, birthday parties, cultural and fashion shows are now an integral part of the high-end lifestyle, opening the gateway to a plethora of career options in this field. As per your inclination, you can also specialise in related domains like Hotel Management, Hospitality Management, Sports Management, wedding planning. Here are some of the frequently opted job profiles in Event Management: 

  • Wedding Planner: One of the fastest-growing industry is that of Wedding Planning with a niche to accommodate a variety of individuals. Wedding is ‘The Special Day’ of a couple and as a part of their job, wedding planners advise the clients in decision making and then devise a plan of action of the big day. Ultimately the complete ins and outs like decorations, catering, sound systems, outfits etc are all taken up by wedding planners.
  • Event Planner: Whether personal or professional, events are to be handled with intricacies to avoid chaos. Being an Event Planner, you would be expected to take care of everything from food to decor and transportation etc. The role of an event planner or manager may seem to be arduous but the feeling of accomplishment and achieving things flawlessly is invaluable.
  • Venue Manager: If your forte is organising big events in a limited space then, this could be your dream job. Executing great events within a limited arena like a hall, banquet, ballroom etc. may seem to be bewildering but it can be easily tackled by the professionals by paying great attention to the layouts, logistics etc. 
  • Catering Service Manager: Food is one of the most essential elements which contribute towards the success of an event. Thus, catering needs to be handled accordingly as per the type and gathering of the event. If you are a connoisseur and also inclined towards event management, then you can be the ideal fit for this profile.

Other than the above-listed profiles, below mentioned are some of the popular employment areas and work profiles:

Employment Areas Job Profiles 
-Corporate Areas
-Media Houses
-Travel & Tourism Companies/ Agencies
-Fashion Houses
-Social Media
-Event Management Companies
-Educational Institutes
-Exhibition Organiser
-Stage Decorator
-Sponsorship Coordinator
-Social Media Event Coordinator
-Communications or Marketing Manager

Thus, we hope that this blog has familiarized you with the key essentials of establishing your career in Event Management. If you feel aligned with the insights, skills and career prospects of various profiles under event management and want to pursue a course in this field, let our Leverage Edu experts guide you in finding a suitable course and university that aligns with your interests and aspirations and equips you with the necessary knowledge and exposure to build a rewarding career in this domain! turn it into a full-time business.

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